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Thanks, glad to be here!

Welcome Heather. Did you know that Adobe offers a subscription plan? For almost $11/month, I get unlimited access to several programs such as photoshop and lightroom. It makes it simpler than buying a $600 program that needs upgrades every year! Welcome to the site!

Kari, welcome! Sounds like you have a lot of cool things to scrap!

Thanks Laura! Was looking at your gallery and you have beautiful pages and designs!

Thanks @Kari Dorsher

Welcome to the community, Heather! We're so glad you're here. smiley

Hello, My name is Laura. I love this site. I wish I could purchase kits as I can afford them. The time, effort and work put into each design are amazing. I have done graphic and web design, I also miss scrapbooking which doesn't seem to have taken off in the UK as it has in the USA. Happily, though I have been using the images for my own use in making and decorating my planner pages, and I plan to use some for my cookbook when I get the time to actually work on it. I have been married two other times - on the third - keep fingers crossed. I have three families two in the USA and one here in the UK. The design didn't take off for me here so I am a mobile freelance hairdresser with three shit Tzu's and trying to learn gardening. I volunteer and help people out a lot, I design a lot of stuff for my self. I just got a silhouette cameo for Christmas from my hubby. I bake, craft, read and play games for hobbies. I am now a grandmother, and I have some mental health problems that I am being treated for. Honestly though best site ever! Keep up the good work. I am 45 and been in the Uk 6 years now and married for that long. smiley I have my own page on Facebook called hair at home by Laura. So there ya go.

Hi!!! I'm kyra from greece!!i am a designer painter and photographer!!!!i love scrapbooking and painting...i love to share some of my designs with you!!

Hi. love your story. I used to Minnesota and miss the snow.

Welcome everybody! Thank you for taking the time to stop by and say a bit about yourselves. smiley

@Laura - you sound like a fascinating person! What a cool range of interests. smiley

@Kyra - I want to visit your country some time! I hear it's so beautiful smiley

Hi @Laura and @Kyra. Welcome! You have found a very supportive group.

Hello there!
My names Hayley! I’m a single mama with an adorable 4 year old named Felix. He keeps me busy. But in my free moments of the day I love digital planning! So I actually use the elements from here in my planner to spruce up my pages!
I’ve also just started to work on a digital scrapbook/baby book for my son. I hope to be able to print out the 12x12 pages to add them to his existing book I started when he was in the nicu!

Welcome Hayley! Thanks for saying hi. I've started work on a book for my son as well, although I'll probably just hoard the pages until I have enough for a photo book. Printing out the individual pages definitely has the benefit of quicker gratification!

Welcome Anita! Looking forward to seeing your layouts.

I thankfully live super close to a print shop! And actually use to work there! If I'm feeling lazy I can always email them a pdf and print my pages that way for super cheap!
Which I think may be the route I go whenever I get around to doing some designing.


I just want to say hi again after years of inactivity. Glad to be back here. smiley

Welcome Tracy! Glad to have you back.

Hello all.

I have been involuntarily routed into a series of major lifestyle changes over the last 3 years, but I am adaptable. In some ways, I am coming full circle in my creative endeavors, back at a computer. My main strengths are researching and designing. I got started in digital scrapbooking with photo album designs that were planned to be themed books. I also designed full game boards meant to be printed and assembled by the buyer. The company that commissioned them dropped the projects and I got to retain all my designs. A new computer and file sorting brought them out of storage and has given me a new push into daily creativity that fits my need to create.

Thank you. smiley

Welcome Lynde! I know several board game enthusiasts, and I'm curious what kind of designs you created. Very unfortunate that the company couldn't follow through with it.

Hi Diana, I have just joined and I am also from Alberta, Canada. I live in St Albert. I also do paper scrapbooking. Not so much now as I have fibromyalgia and sitting or using my hands for too many hours becomes very painful. Digital scrapbooking is easier on the body and hands so I hope to do more and more of it as I learn. Where in Alberta do you live?

EDIT: Oops! I somehow thought I was responding to someone else and it showed up here. No idea how! I can't even remember where I was when I decided to reply to "Diana". Actually don't even know Diana, just noticed that she lived in Canada also and thought I would say Hi! smiley

My Favourite Quote: "Of all the things I've lost, I miss my brain the most".

Thanks Marisa. smiley

A candy land style themed for Valentine's Day. Several different chutes and ladders/snake in the grass boards. Was working on a cross country one that was state specific when all came to a halt. Then there was the alphabet books I did full layouts for that cancelled, a seaside one had ever letter different due to a lighthouse and birds needing to be placed due to space.

@Brenda: Thanks for saying hi. Love that quote!

@Lynde: Sounds like some cool projects. Good luck finding a new outlet for your creativity!

My name is Margaret, and I’m a born and bred Texan but have been a die-hard Anglophile since I was about 11 years old. I blame my dad's Beatle obsession. I've never been, and it's on my bucket list.

I've been scrapping since 1997 after being invited to a Creative Memories party by a co-worker (decorative scissors, anyone?). I'm a watercolor dabbler, art journaler and devoted papercrafter. I do both all digital and all paper layouts, but my true love is being a hybrid scrapper because I don't believe in limiting oneself. Why not take advantage of the best that both of these fabulous creative worlds have to offer?

Anything related to England and rainy days make me happy (I hate the sun). Yes - I'm a proud pluviophile and anglophile! I've really had to rein in my love for the Union Jack before my house ends up looking like a tourist shop. Luckily, I have an understanding hubby.

One day I'll make it to The Cotswolds, hide in a quaint pub on the village green, and never leave!

I'm also a coffee addict and hoarder. I firmly believe you can never have too many shoes, Union Jacks, or scrapbook supplies. It's an illness. Seriously.

You can find me around the web as londoncuppa and on Instagram as the.creative.cuppa.

Thanks for saying hello London! I will confess to being something of an Anglophile myself and not a huge fan of the sun. Luckily we get a good mix of weather in Oregon, but I imagine Texas is a challenge if you don't like sunny days.

Welcome, Margaret! We're so glad you're here at Pixel Scrapper. My family is full of Anglophiles so it's always fun to meet another smiley I hope truly hope you get the chance to visit there soon!!!

Hello from Texas! My name is Machelle & I am fairly new to digital. I have been scrapbooking for over 15 year though. I make cards, a few home decor pieces and scrapbook albums. I have made a few digital layouts and used digital elements in other projects and love the look. I am trying to wrap my head around a complete digital book that I want to do of old heritage photos.

I am looking forward to diving more into the forums and learning more about using digital. I recently started a blog & am on several social media sites as well, all as Small Town Scrap.

Thank you for all the beautiful content you provide!

Welcome London! The weather has finally turned here were I live and we've been getting some good rainy days. It's been feeling really cozy.

Hi everyone, this is Elaine smiley I'm so excited to be a part of this community, I've been a fan for a long long while and happy to be here with you smiley