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Hello Pixel Scrappers!

I don’t remember if I’ve introduced myself here before... I joined up WAY back when it was Pixeled Memories and then rejoined when it became Pixel Scrapper. I love the variety of styles, the generous CU licenses and the encouragement for everyone to have a go!

I have been getting back into scrapbooking and designing, so I have applied to the Commons. (I’m a graphic designer but haven’t worked since having kids.) Love the community approach here. Thank you all, and especially Marisa.

I’m Christian, I’m married (can’t believe my profile photo is now over 15 years old) and we have two children, 8 and 3. I am a stay at home Mum (oh yeah, and we’re Australian).

I am a bit different in that I started with graphic design and then started scrapbooking. I had to research scrapbooking as part of my job smiley I had always loved the paper designs but hadn’t really understood scrapbooking. I did a few pages for work, but I still didn’t really “get” scrapbooking. However, I really loved the designs, so outside of my job I was always looking at scrapbook pages and kits online. I started designing my own papers and then of course I had to see if they worked so I made some digital scrapbook pages. I already knew Photoshop, so the learning curve was with understanding scrapbooking, not with the software. Soon I was less interested in designing and more interested in scrapbooking!

Later I moved on to physical Project Life and now I mainly do Project Life in the app. With the amazing apps now available for iPad I have started doing a few more “traditional” digital pages as well.

And now I have come full circle back around to designing. The amazing design apps, and Apple Pencil for iPad (not just iPad Pro) mean I can design anywhere, I don’t have to be at my computer.

I hope to give back a bit by sharing some designs in the Commons here. Such a wonderful community of inspiration and encouragement.


Hi. I'm Stephanie and I'm a total beginner. I just download the free trial version of ScrapMax! software, and just finished making my first image for my very first digital scrapbook. It's nothing all that great but it's my very first attempt. I think I'm going to really like digital scrapbooking.

Welcome Rachel & Stephanie. It's so fun to have old and new faces say hi!

I just finished my very first page. I'll upload it when I get enough points.

I just ordered Scrapbook Factory Deluxe.

Looking forward to seeing it Stephanie!

Hi I'm Ruth from a small town in Kansas. I have been scrapbooking for over 20 years and designing for about 18 years.

Welcome Ruth! So glad you found us.


I've been following this site for quite some time now, but I don't believe I have ever gotten around to introducing myself.

My name is Amber, I was born, raised, and still live in Oregon. I primarily scrapbook my family history, being an avid amateur genealogist. (My blog is called the Heritage Huntress.) I like to write my family history on my blog, and then go back and scrapbook my stories, publishing them in Shutterfly photo books, and give them as Christmas gifts to my family. It's a lot of work, so I don't always manage to complete a book every year, but I always have a project or two in progress.

Pixel Scrapper has been a huge boon to my projects! Until I discovered PS, I would have to constantly search the internet for digital scrapping tools and designs, and even when I found them I was often uncertain of the legal uses for the items. I would find something here, another thing there, and so on, and by the time I finished a page I would have lost track of where each item came from. Was I supposed to have given credit for this or that item? Was I allowed to post on my blog a completed page containing this or that item? I couldn't be sure. Now, with PS's generous license, I can scrapbook with confidence that I am not unintentionally breaking any copyright laws!

Hello, I'm Kelly. I live in Pennsylvania. I have been scrapbooking for about 20 years now. I mostly do paper scrapbooking and junk journaling. I love anything crafty.


@Amber: Where is Oregon do you live? I'm currently living in Waldort, on the Coast, and have also lived in Corvallis.

@Kelly: Love junk journaling!

Greetings and Happy New Year, Amber and Kelly! Thanks for taking the time to introduce yourselves on the site. We're so glad you're here with our community. smiley

Hello! My name is Jill. I'm recently retired at 55 due to the generosity of my boyfriend! Go him! I taught paper scrapbooking in two different stores for a total of seven years.

My 24 year old daughter passed on March 14, 2019. 71 days later my ex husband passed leaving my remaining children spinning in a world that no longer made sense. (16 21 and 30) I started looking at digital scrapbooking as a way of preserving pictures of Samantha.

I'm in love. I'm on page 30 of a Disney World trip that Samantha, Sage and their dad took in June of 2018. Sage (16) kept saying she was the only one left from the trip. She did not even have photos of it because she's not a camera person. We found 500 pictures of the trip on Samantha's phone.

I look forward to learning and sharing.

I should have included that I live near Dayton, OH

Thanks for saying hello Jill. So sorry to hear about your recent losses. What a difficult time for your family. Glad you have found a small creative outlet with scrapbooking.

Thank you! I'm looking forward to uploading and downloading a lot in the future.

'ell'OH (((((((((dear piXelscrapperz))))))))) ... n' a HAPPY 2020 EVERY thing to ALL!!! ... otherz have iNtroduced ~me~ az an ARTizt ... paper being my FAVOR!TE ... n' now adobe photOshop eLementz Editor iz very addictive ... enJOYing ALL the freeBiez here n' hOping to "pay it forward" by sharing ideaz, dezigns, n' more ... echOez of thanX n' jOy ~juzt me~ lyNN mariE

Happy New Year (should all of that be capitalized, proper noun? lol) I love watching this community grow! Welcome to everyone!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hi.

Hi, I live in Pennsylvania and have scrapbooked for about 15 years. I have been digitally scrapbooking for the last 5 years and I am so thankful that it has given me an opportunity to learn photoshop. We have 4 kids so I try to scrapbook all of their activities so we can remember the fun we had together when they get older. I love the idea of Pixel Scrapper and how I can just search terms for elements.

Welcome Kelly! Looking forward to seeing your layouts.

I am returning to pixelscrapper after a long time of not scrapping. Had a bit of trouble getting my account up and running again after discovering that I had subscribed through an old deleted email address - so could not even reset my password - the last layout I made was in 2017. I was shocked to realise how much time had passed. Equally amazed to see familiar faces from my previous years involved with pixelscrapper. Thanks to the team that have helped me retrieve my old account and reconnect with my history here. I have had fun today browsing my older work and the comments and interactions. So far today I have been sorting out my old tired laptop a bit so it behaves better and backing up photos from ipad and iphone to our central drive. I might even get time to start a layout today - not sure yet as I am having too much fun reacquainting myself with the forums. I am thinking of updating my PSE this year. I am live in NZ, rural Northland with husband, dog and cat. We are still renovating the old church in the country that we have made home. Our three adult kids and one grandson are living somewhere else in NZ so we are now spread not quite the length of NZ, but almost with us way up north and one family in the South Island. Good to be back again.

I am Tineke and I live in Holland I am married and we have two boys and three grandsons and ofcourse my daughters in law.
I 65 yeaers old and I am enjoying my free time since I retired three years ago.

I am a ctmember of ThriftyScraps

@Debra: Glad you found us again and an old hobby!

@Tineke: Welcome!

my name is Petra and I am from the Netherlands as well. I am a mom of 2 kids (boy 2010 and girl 2008) and a catmom of 1 European Shorthair. I used to be an active scrapper (back then when Scrapgoods existed) and about 13 years ago I used to scrap digitally as well. Due to lack of time and busy with work I haven't been scrapping for years.
During my working hours I am a computational science teacher at a middle/ highschool. Last october I went to Jordan as a treat to myself for my 50th birthday, so now I am making myself a digitally scrapbook, which will be printed out.

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, everybody! We're so glad you're here for the first time or for the first time in awhile! smiley

@Petra - hope you enjoyed Jordan! I lived there for 7 years and it's a country I love!

Hi Guys,

I've been a lurker on the forums for a long time, and finally I've taken the plunge to say hi. I'm Katelia and I'm a scrapbooker and beadworker based in the UK. Finding time to craft lately has been tough as a stay at home mum with a toddler kicking at my ankles. Which might just have been the push I needed to say hello.

Hello! I have been a fan of Pixel Scrapper for quite a while and took advantage of the free membership until December when I upgraded to a paid membership and am loving it. I have only peeked around a little bit in the forums, but would like to start getting more involved, so here is a brief introduction.
My name is Kristi and I live in northern Indiana with my husband, Mark, a very spoiled Bichon Frise, Tucker, and a cockatiel, Hannah. We have two grown sons, Adam & Jared. Adam is just in the process of buying his first home and the Jared is married to Emily and are the parents of my two sweet Grands, Calvin & Rosie who are the subject of the majority of my scrapbook layouts.
I was a long-time physical scrapper following the trends found in magazines such as Creating Keepsakes and even had a few of my layouts published. Life got busy and physical scrapping got pushed to the back burner. About 4 years ago I discovered the Project Life app and now have transitioned to using the Over app sometimes in combo with a Project Life template. I am loving learning new techniques and with the Over app am able to get back to more of my paper scrapbook style instead of just always creating pocket type layouts. I do all of my digital scrapping on my iPhone so don't have any of the more advanced apps or software at this time.

Thanks for introducing yourselves, Kat and Kristi! It's always fun to hear a little bit about some of the members that have been around for awhile. smiley

Hello all!

First of all, I am a follower of Jesus Christ and am so thankful for his love and forgiveness. I was married to the love of my life for almost 36 years before he went home to be with the Lord in November 2017. My free time is spent either in Bible Study, Bible Art Journaling, Scripture Writing, going to my niece's volleyball games or hanging out with friends and family. I love crafting and especially digital as I can work it and re-work it as many times as needed and never use up my supplies!

I believe I was introduced to Pixel Scrapper probably about September or October of 2019. I availed myself of the free downloads quite a few times and then decided I wanted to be really in, so I upgraded to the paid subscription in December. I love coming here and finding just what I'm looking for. Thank you so much for this wonderful site.

Hi Everyone! I'm Karen and I'm from the Kansas City area. It's pretty exciting around here at the moment because of the Chiefs super bowl win. I'm not usually a football fan but enjoyed watching the game Sunday. My hubby and I have 5 grown kids and 6 grand kids who I love to scrap about. I've been digitally scrapping on and off for around 12 years now. I'm looking forward to meeting you all here. Thanks for letting me join. smiley