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Hi Everyone! I'm Karen and I'm from the Kansas City area. It's pretty exciting around here at the moment because of the Chiefs super bowl win. I'm not usually a football fan but enjoyed watching the game Sunday. My hubby and I have 5 grown kids and 6 grand kids who I love to scrap about. I've been digitally scrapping on and off for around 12 years now. I'm looking forward to meeting you all here. Thanks for letting me join. smiley

Welcome to the community, Deb and Karen! We're so glad you're here and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourselves! smiley Congratulations on your win, Karen!

Hey everyone! My name is Jacqueline and I am so happy to be here.

Hi everyone! Sharon from Australia here. I am originally from Tacoma, WA but married an Aussie and relocated to the land Down Under! I have just gotten into paper crafting after stuffing around with vinyl and HTV projects.

I am in total awe of all the talented designers here and thank you so much for providing a number of these items for free! I decided to subscribe because I feel that you deserve some "formal" recognition of all your hard work.

Hello pixel scrappers!
I'm a newbie to making digtal scrapbooks.. but googling it I found this website. I'm a mother of three girls. Most of the photo's I'll be scrapping will be about them.. I hope to find a lot of nice things here smiley

Hi everyone, I'm Carol from New Zealand. I'm new to digital creations, although I have been using made digital images to colour and cut for a few years for cardmaking. In the last few weeks I have just made my first completely digital card and have gone on to make several more … it's a bit addictive isn't it? Thanks to Pixel Scrappers for introducing me to it. I am not very computer savvy, but find if I bumble around I get there in the end. I think everyone who puts stuff in here is so talented - great stuff!

So fun to have so many new faces this morning! Let us know if you have any questions and looking forward to seeing your projects in the gallery!

Hi. My name is Diann Hayes. I truly enjoy digital scrapbooking. For many years I have made, and still am making, Powerpoint Presentations for my grandchildren from birth through their high school graduations: all digital. I turn the Presentations into DVDs and give the DVDs to them as gifts. My children have used these DVDs to play during their graduation parties. I have recently joined "Bible Journal Love Circle" which is a group that journals through Bible verses and lessons and creates Memory Dex cards which I do all digitally as well. It was through this group I was introduced to; and I am enjoying this already. Looking forward to enjoying and using all your wonderful creations, and learning more, and perhaps contributing to this community.

Welcome, Diann! So glad you're here in the community! smiley

Thank you. I am new to a lot of this, and so far having fun just browsing through everything, have downloaded some elements. Everyone here is so talented.