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Welcome to the community, Deb and Karen! We're so glad you're here and thank you for taking the time to introduce yourselves! smiley Congratulations on your win, Karen!

Hey everyone! My name is Jacqueline and I am so happy to be here.

Hi everyone! Sharon from Australia here. I am originally from Tacoma, WA but married an Aussie and relocated to the land Down Under! I have just gotten into paper crafting after stuffing around with vinyl and HTV projects.

I am in total awe of all the talented designers here and thank you so much for providing a number of these items for free! I decided to subscribe because I feel that you deserve some "formal" recognition of all your hard work.

Hello pixel scrappers!
I'm a newbie to making digtal scrapbooks.. but googling it I found this website. I'm a mother of three girls. Most of the photo's I'll be scrapping will be about them.. I hope to find a lot of nice things here smiley

Hi everyone, I'm Carol from New Zealand. I'm new to digital creations, although I have been using made digital images to colour and cut for a few years for cardmaking. In the last few weeks I have just made my first completely digital card and have gone on to make several more … it's a bit addictive isn't it? Thanks to Pixel Scrappers for introducing me to it. I am not very computer savvy, but find if I bumble around I get there in the end. I think everyone who puts stuff in here is so talented - great stuff!

So fun to have so many new faces this morning! Let us know if you have any questions and looking forward to seeing your projects in the gallery!

Hi. My name is Diann Hayes. I truly enjoy digital scrapbooking. For many years I have made, and still am making, Powerpoint Presentations for my grandchildren from birth through their high school graduations: all digital. I turn the Presentations into DVDs and give the DVDs to them as gifts. My children have used these DVDs to play during their graduation parties. I have recently joined "Bible Journal Love Circle" which is a group that journals through Bible verses and lessons and creates Memory Dex cards which I do all digitally as well. It was through this group I was introduced to; and I am enjoying this already. Looking forward to enjoying and using all your wonderful creations, and learning more, and perhaps contributing to this community.

Welcome, Diann! So glad you're here in the community! smiley

Thank you. I am new to a lot of this, and so far having fun just browsing through everything, have downloaded some elements. Everyone here is so talented.

Hello Everyone! I am Karen, currently living in Newfoundland, Canada. I been a digital scrapper for over ten years. I stopped for a while, but I'm also quilter, so I didn't stop all things creative! I'm back at scrapping, relearning stuff, it seems to be intuitive.

Thank you for the papers I've downloaded, I'm having a great time playing with them, and getting creative again. My old supplies that are living on my EHD seem so out of date, I need a refresh. smiley

Thanks again,
I look forward to getting to know members here, and learning new techniques.

Hey everyone! I'm Beverly and I'm a digital artist and photographer. I love abstracts, textures and macro photography. I'm very much enjoying Pixel Scrapper! smiley

Welcome, welcome, Karen and Beverly! We're so stoked you're here. smiley Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

My name is Deana and I live on the coast in Oregon, USA.
I'm very new to PS but and proficient in PSP old and new.
I am loving this forum and want to learn so I can make kits.
This is like a candy store and I want to learn a few

Welcome, Deana! My family loves the Oregon coast and spends a lot of our RnR time there when we can make it. smiley Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Everyone,
I'm Jackie I'm from West Virginia, but spending most of my time in Ohio right now. I've been using Photoshop for about 12 years now and just recently taught myself Daz3d..I've been doing digital scrapbooking for about 12 years or longer (time flies)..

Welcome, Jackie! We're so glad you're here with us at Pixel Scrapper. smiley

I tried to introduce myself yesterday, but it seems not to be here so I will try again.

Hi, I am a digital scrapper, I love to travel and take photos. I travel around in Australia a lot and overseas as much as I can.

I sis. You beat me. I'm looking forward to seeing your layouts.

Welcome Jody ! So cool to see you around here !

Hi all I'm Kelly and I'm now addicted to Pixel Scrapper once I saw Marisa download off the website and right into Photoshop, I use it all the time instead of Adobe Bridge since I haven't tagged everything yet. It's really such an awesome concept and I love the calibration. I'm excited to see if the privacy filter on the galley will happen then I can post all of my pages. I have 4 kids, 2 through foster and adoption so we don't like to post their pictures on the web publicly but to a small group would be okay, so I can't wait. I'm excited to upload some things to the commons. My husband and I are trained to train parents with kids who have experienced trauma and we have found that scrapbooking for the them is a great tool. Thank you for this amazing site.

Welcome Kelly !

Hi, all!
My name is Jeannie. I am so excited to be here! I have been a freebie downloader for a while. When I saw the words "help" I couldn't help myself, fulfilled a wishlist item, and joined. Looking forward to doing more scrapping and crafting with your beautiful graphics and templates. Now, with the extra home time I am working on learning my way around and doing a little "shopping".

Welcome Jeannie !

Hey everyone! Thank you for allowing me to join your community. I really have no idea how to use the graphics on this site, I have never created a digital scrapbook before but I am very intrigued! I love all of the bundles!! You all work so hard, thank you.

I am a 35 year old woman, I live in Las Vegas and I am going back to school mid-life. Yikes! I know! I am getting my CMA certificate, Phlebotomy/Lab Assistant certificate, EKG certificate... possibly Medical Billing and Coding certificate and HIPPA certificate. My goal is to work as a doctor office manager or phlebotomist supervisor/instructor.

I have a cosmetology license but my body does not agree with the demands of creating beauty everyday. I really miss working with people face-to-face and helping them feel better about themselves.

Check out my profile to see more about me!

Thanks for stopping by and introducing yourself, Shannon! We're so glad you're here. Good luck with school! Sounds awesome. smiley

Hi, I am Tiffaney. I have been into papercrafting for over 20 years and am totally addicted to all things crafty. I am new to the world of digital and have just started using elements to make my own embellishments. I mainly print all of the things I find. Can't wait to see how much this opens up my world of craft!

Welcome, Tiffaney! So glad you're here. May you find it to be a place of warmth that inspires your art and creativity to a new level! smiley

Hi I am Claire, I am English, but I live in NYC with my Hubby and Clint Catwood! I have been a Pixel Scrapper member for a while, but it's only in 2020 that I have really started getting involved in hybrid and digital scrapbooking. I am loving the gallery, very inspirational! And I really love the products available, thanks Marisa for all the hard work you so obviously do.

Welcome, Claire! Thanks for saying hello. smiley Trust you're doing alright and staying safe over there in NYC!

Thanks @Thani - we are staying safe and obeying the rules!!