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Thanks @Thani - we are staying safe and obeying the rules!!

Hello. I am Dorothy. Mother of 4 teens(14, 16,16, and 18..yep a pair pf twins. I love papercrafting. I also, have found a new passion in Junk Journaling. I am from Indiana, but actually live on the Indiana/Ohio line. I look forward to seeing all the designs that are added!Thanks

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper, Dorothy!!

Been pixel scrapping since the early 2000's but took a long hiatus and just recently came back with a new account. I'm an artist in Cali and currently I'm trying to launch my shop where I make and sell you guessed it DIY PopUp Journaling Bible supplies !

A warm welcome to you, Vikki!! Looks like you got some sweet stuff going smiley

ty so much! ididn't upload the higher resolution versions but oh well! smiley have a great day pixel scrapping! smiley

Hello! I'm a thirty-something teacher who is just getting BACK into digital scrapbooking after a few years of not doing anything!! Needless to say, I'm busy catching up! :p The templates on this site have been a godsend, making my scrapping life soooooo much easier! (And faster!) Thanks for having me! smiley

So glad to have you with us Meg. Looking forward to seeing some of the layouts you're making.

I thought I had introduced myself before - but I got a notice to do it - I have been on this site since October 2012.
I do not say alot but enjoy seeing the layouts and the many ideas.
I work from home - and no longer have a little one at home to care for smiley - she has outgrown the need for my care, or so she thinks. I worry about my mom who has been diagnosed with dementia and I am too far away to see her regularly.
Thank you to the designers and all the users that share information and layouts completed.

Hello everyone!

So happy to be here. I just joined this morning. I stumbled into this site after encouraging a friend of mine to start digital scrapbooking. I told her to pick up some digital kits to get started by searching on Google and lo and behold, here you were!

I'm a 50+ yo mom with twin 16 yo daughters and a wonderful Norwegian husband. I haven't really scrapbooked in a few decades but now that we have been mandated to stay home, I suddenly have a LOT of time on my hands. Scrapbooking was my addiction for many years but then I got so busy between getting married, raising kids, and working that I couldn't afford to spend hours creating layouts. But I'm back now and hope to keep going for the foreseeable future. So many scrapbooking sites I used to peruse have gone by the wayside over the years, so I was pleasantly surprised to see an active scrapbooking community still alive.

Anyway, I'm looking forward to getting involved, sharing layouts and strolling through the gallery, dropping in on a little conversation, taking on some challenges to keep me motivated and inspired, and just hanging out.

See you around!

@Diann - thanks for reintroducing yourself. 2012! You've been around longer than me by a few years. smiley Blessings on you and your mother during the difficulty of being away from each other amidst these health issues.

@Linda - welcome and thanks for saying hello! We're so glad that you found us and look forward to interacting with you around the site. Happy scrapping!

Hi smiley My name is Gina and newbie to digital scrapping, so I'm looking forward to learning new things smiley