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Hello everyone! My name is Heather and I've been a scrapbooker since 2004, doing more hybrid since about 2007-2008. I'm excited to have discovered this incredible resource and can't wait to get more familiar with the site and all of you!

Hello all. I'm Tracey and I've been a digi designer for about 15 years now. I am passionate about design and love that doing this work lets me do what I want and not what some art director is asking of me. Love that this site has an open gallery so that we can admire layouts from all sorts of sources and not just from one store. Our community needs that. Back in February, I moved my designing to Sweet Shoppe Designs and I'm pretty thrilled about that since now I get to create with some of my favorite designers! It is great fun to see how our styles blend in kits! I am also a very big scrapbooker and yes, I love using my own kits! You will see my daughter in most of my layouts - she is actually 20 and going into her 3rd year of college now - In 2 years she will graduate with a masters in accounting. So yah, I am passionate about design and I am rasing a child passionate about numbers - LOL.

Hello, my name is Carolina but I go by Caro at all galleries and socials! I've been digitally scrapbooking since 2009ish. Been a fan of the site for a while but first time commenting smiley I have two kids, 12 & 14 and I work part time as a cashier! Looking forward to learning more about the site and getting my gallery goin smiley

Hi Im Tracy!! Long time stalker but new poster smiley from New Zealand!

Welcome everyone! So fun to have so many new faces.

Hi! I'm new to Pixel Scrapper and have joined the Discord and thought I had better come here and say hello lol


Hi - I'm Lazara, a semi-retired longarm quilter just getting back into scrapbooking. Two young grandsons and a love of travel give me lots of reasons to scrap. I've decided to go digital with more recent memories, but I may use up my paper stash to finish up layouts from when my kids were growing up. I am so glad I found PixelScrapper and joined as a subscriber - love the talent that is shared here.

Hi, I'm Ronnie. I live in Arizona. I love digital scrapbooking and genealogy and often combine both. I am my family's Heritage keeper. I've been digital scrapbooking since the beginning of home computers. I also make videos of my scrapbook pages. I love this group's manifesto. My aim is to share, and learn...not make money. Thank you for being here for us.

Welcome Ronnie and Lazara!

Hi, my name is Marcia and I'm from The Netherlands.
I've learned of this wonderful website through a facebook group about creating digital photo albums.
Until about a number of years ago I used to make my own Christmas cards, and now my creativity is in my photo albums of the places I have visited.
The creativity on here is amazing! Several styles, so to each its own. From shabby chic to modern.
Once we're allowed to travel again (to the countries we like to go to), then I will be able to use what I've found!
Thank you.

Welcome Marcia! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi everyone. I am Brenda. I am retired and enjoying the freedom to create every day without work interfering. I have one daughter who has a lovely husband and two daughters. My hubby and I have been together going on 60 years and married 51 of those. I enjoy all types of papercrafting, stamping scrapbooking, junk journals. You name it. I tried digital scrapbooking about 12 to 15 years ago and between the learning curve and working I gave up trying. I am looking at digital programs now so I can scrapbook my granddaughters' lives and leave them something to remember me by. Any help in finding a good program would be appreciated. So far I have fallen in love with this sight and hope to visit often and share when I can.

Welcome Brenda! I'd recommend using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements. But we have some other recommendations here if you're interested.

Hi Everyone,
I'm Patty. I have been a digital scrapbooker before I knew there was such a thing. Starting in 2000, I was taking my digital photos from my "1 MegaPx" camera and making very crude page layouts. I used a program that doesn't even exist now. I purchased PSE 1 and then upgraded to Photoshop about 5 years ago.

I am a communications director for my church which means I get to do what I love - create! I create all the printed materials as well as maintain the website, social media, and now, due to the COVID crisis and having church online, I have learned how to edit videos and create animated graphics.

Outside of work, besides creating digital art and scrapbooks, I love to art journal both digital and by hand. I use Photoshop, Illustrator, and Adobe Bridge (to help keep track of my digital artwork and elements.) I love learning all these programs have to offer.

I am in the Detroit area, although I have also lived in California and Colorado. I am married and have one adult daughter who also loves art and painting. We attend multiple scrapbook/quilting/art retreats every year which I find are my favorite get-aways.

I look forward to learning from and sharing with all of you.

Welcome Patty! So fun to have an "original" here with us smiley

I don't think I ever posted here, and I meant to! I'm a retired lady who has always enjoyed digital graphics and paper crafts. Right now I'm into snail mail and mail art, and your beautiful site has given me so much inspiration and many lovely elements to include in my artistic attempts. Thank you!

Thanks for saying hi!

Hi! My name is Esther. I've been scrapping for almost 20 years (traditionally). Attempted digital about 14 years ago and wasn't overly impressed. Then 7 months ago decided to give it another spin (since I'm only behind 13 years in my scrapping) and I fell in love. I'm love vintage, mixed media and pops of color. I think my style tends to be more artsy and eclectic...definitely my own. I'm very interested in designing and happy to see that this is a place where I can get my feet wet with it. I just discovered art journaling and have decided to give up traditional scrapping and do all my photos between scrap journaling and digital scrapping. I like to use my silhouette to make elements and import them into my layouts....also enjoy regular paper crafting for making flowers and love DIY projects......most things crafty....I seem to enjoy.....except for sewing.... LOL.

Welcome, Esther. I glad to hear that I'm not the only one behind in my scrapping! smiley

Hello everyone,

After lurking around for a while I felt it was time to "show" myself. smiley
I'm Petra, 53 and I'm from a small town in the south-west of the Netherlands.
Started scrapping quite a while ago, first paper... then digital. But then life got in the a good, but also not so very good way.
Picked things up again a couple of months ago when I felt the need to channel my emotions in a creative way.
At the moment not as productive as I would want to cause I have a lot to deal with....but I'll get there in time.

Hi and Welcome, Petra - keep moving towards the creative activities. I find that it is so healing for me. I hope you are filled with peace soon.

Welcome to the PxS family everyone!

Thanks for saying hi!

Nice to meet you. I'm Ingeborgh, an urban sketcher and beginner herbalist. I have three kids, two of them are homeschoolers. We live in a beautiful city of Montreal, Canada. I started to explore scrapbooking as a tool tokeep memories of our family life and my faith journey, so it was a tangible way to live, love and say thanks. Now I use both digital and classical paper scrapbooking, sometimes mixing the elements to create what I need at the moment. I love both methods, because the paper one is deeply therapeutical and contemplative, but the digital is more versatile and minimalistic. Wish you joy in your creative time and experiments. Have a blessed day:)

Hi everyone. I'm Cheryl Brightman. I live in Lynchburg VA. I have several hobbies (Quilting, Crochet, Knitting, and now Journaling. I am really enjoying working on ephemora and journal cards and such. I have been making Journal's with (Just Julie Julie) on fb. As I am new to journaling, I am still trying to find my favorite place in that hobby. Good thing, I don't write books - too many "I's" in this little story. lol. Pixelscrapper is a great place for free downloads. If anyone is interested in a PenPal/sharing relationship, let's talk.

Hi, I'm Sue and live in Ontario, Canada. I have been producing journals and planners for my customers using PowerPoint and have created a really nice business out of that. I recently started digging into digital planners and came across scrapbooks. I love the creativity of the designs and would love to learn more about how to create these in Photoshop, still finding my way around that program. Came across this site and looking forward to using many of these elements and hopefully I can add more items to my Etsy store as well - that is my hobby site.

Thanks for saying hi!

@Ingeborgh: I do both physical and digital scrapbooking as well! Can't get enough smiley

@Cheryl: You may want to post a separate thread here to see if anyone is interested in being a penpal.

Morning Everyone, I am Anita from Texas. Yes it is HOT!! lol I am really enjoying digital scrapbooking. So fortunate to find this site.
Thanks to all who share their work and talent.

@Anita Welcome to Pixel Scrapper. I hope you settle in and enjoy being here.