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Welcome Elyot! So happy to see a creative teen join in! As a mom to 4 teens, I know it really important to have hobbies and to be involved in them, makes for a more well rounded adult in the future. Always good to have many perspectives and styles, and to meet the young and old! So happy you are here!

Welcome to everyone else as well! Can't wait to see all of your digital/hybrid creations!

Thanks, and i agree smiley
I can’t wait to share my creations, but I’ve been waiting for approval for 2-3 days now :’(

Hi, Im's Emily. I am from Deep South Texas (just a few miles from the Mexico Border). It's a tropical area on the gulf and is always hot, hot , hot and windy.

Ive been around for a month or so. I love all the beautiful work. I can see how much you all love what you do.

Thanks so much! She's a stinker, but a cute one smiley Right now she's taking all our vintage Green Goblin and Spiderman toys and stuffing them with pom poms for pumpkin bombs. Can't get better, or more crafty, than that!

Hi Emily!

It has recently been brought to my attention that I haven't really posted since my first post in 2017! smiley Whoops, not sure how that happened, so I thought I'd post a bit of an update...

I still live in country Victoria, just more country than before -- we often have cows for neighbours haha!!
I am now a mother of a teenager (13y.o.) and we were granted permanent care of my nephew, he is now 5 (he will be 6 in January). Mr 5 has also in that time been diagnosed with non-verbal autism and requires a lot of 1:1 care and therapies.

It was after his diagnosis that I decided I needed to put my study on hold to be at home for him and to also allow my partner the opportunity to grow at work, he had a lot of unfilled potential and had held back from opportunities while I was studying. Since making that decision in 2019, my partner was promoted twice and is flourishing at work. Both my boys started new schools in 2020, Mr 13 at high school and Mr 5 at primary school; yeah that year didn't go to plan haha!!

I really want to learn to make better digital scrapbooking pages. I want to learn to use photoshop better and use it for more things. I still have plans to make story books for my boys for when they are older. I need to take more photos again, something I didn't do a lot of in 2020.

I hope to do better in 2021

Haha, I thought she had a cheeky face 😉 (endearingly not in a rude way. I hope it comes off right, I had trouble finding a word for the French expression I had in mind)

Hi, I am Marie, I have been living in France for a few years. I believe that I have been here for 5 years now, I know more exactly. I had a year of madness and I did not have time to come here, hope whoever comes will give me more time. I also make scrapbooking kits, I love doing this and anything creative. I love coming here, I find amazing things.
I'm not a very expressive person, that's probably why you don't see me talking a lot lol

Hey. My name is Tabitha. I am in Ohio, USA. I found this site through Ms. Robin from Bible Journaling Digitally. I enjoy turning bible verses into artistic designs. I am pretty new to using digital scrapbook elements in bible journaling, but I am having lots of fun with it. I use a program called Gravit Designer.

Oh no, no offense taken, that's right on point! smiley

Hello and Happy Holidays!
I am Andrea. I guess the bare bones bio is married, no children, one fur child (very VERY talkative Siamese who's too handsome to stay mad at for long), and a paper scrapbooking habit that has gone on for about 15 years now. Most of my paper layouts are from various trips and vacations. Day job is as a chemist and I am lucky enough to genuinely love what I do.

The last year or so I have done more digital layout planning and that meant I wound up on a bunch of digital scrapbooking sites. Been feeling a little creatively dry the last few months but then I had this idea to do a digital project on a single topic this year and see if it knocked me out of the mental funk.

To date my scrapbooking has been my personal hobby and I haven't shared any layouts or participated in any of the online communities. So ....lots of firsts for me in the coming year.

Hi, I am Bridgette Sipes and I reside in the California. I do not know when I found Pixelcrapper exactly but it is amazing source to get information about different stuff.

Hi Heather! I also live in Florida. I wish you the best with your photography business. smiley

So fun to see so many new faces here! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello, I'm Inkey. I am from Texas and I love to scrapbook. I take so many photos that I get overwhelmed with trying to sort thru and create a photobook. I also have MANY paper photos that I have not caught up with , "scanning" them Any Ideas are welcome. I look through the site, as often as I can, but to be honest, its been awhile. I love Pixel Scrapper, its the best. I always find what I need here. I am going to try "starting" again. lol Thank you.

Welcome Inkey! Thanks for saying hello. I did just write a post here about pocket scrapping, which is how I keep up with all my photos. You can do it digitally for current photos, or even do physical pocket pages with your old photos.