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My name is Cheri, and I started scrapbooking after the birth of our first. When my grandmother died a few years earlier, my mom and aunt found drawers full of old family photos, many of which neither could identify. I started scrapbooking primarily to capture our family history so that wouldn't happen with our photos. Somewhere along the line, it morphed into card-making, and now that occupies all of my free time so the family scrapbooks are, well, about a decade behind . . . I'll get there someday! Looking forward to see all of your creative layouts here at Pixel Scrapper!

Hey Ya'll! My Name Is Debbie and I live in a Kentucky Holler (*aka Hollow). I first began digital scrapbooking when I got my first computer way back in 2003. I still use the very first software I started with 'Photosuite' which came with Roxio Media Creator so I can not always do all the techniques but I keep up pretty well just the same. In most forums I go by 'GrannyNKY'. Although I haven't really participated in any forum for a while now, I still scrap quite a bit and I have finished over 200 scrapbooks. Although I have not afforded the ability to have very many printed out, I still enjoying making them and storing them on my hard drives. I feel like it is the legacy I will leave behind for future generations of my family. I have been married to hubby #2 for 23 years now and I have three married sons, two married step-sons, 19 grandchildren and one great grandchild. Covid has not recently changed my life much since I have always been pretty much a self-imposed recluse and seldom leave my holler home but I do miss my family as we have only had a few "porch visits" this past year, and I look forward to getting my vaccine so the grandchildren can come and spend time with us again. We have been very blessed for even though all our sons and daughter-in-laws have continued to work full-time through this pandemic, everyone has remained healthy and covid-free thus far. So God has richly blessed my life, and I look forward to spending more time here with all you guys! smiley

Hi. My name is Karlene. I live in Lower Sackville, Nova Scotia in Canada. I am originally from a small fishing village called Murray Corner in a neighbouring province...New Brunswick. It will be three years in October that I moved here to join my boyfriend. I am a divorced Mom of three grown children, a son and two daughters. I would love to have grandchildren, but none on the horizon. Remaining hopeful though. My exhusband was military and we were posted a few times. Four years in Lahr, Germany. My son and oldest daughter were born while we were posted there. Two in Gagetown, four years in Trenton, Ontario, four years in Wainwright, Alberta...and then returned to Gagetown, New Brunswick for two years. Only two years because that was where the marriage ended.

My first experience with scrapbooking was a party/class with a company that did actual paper scrapbooking. It was okay, but they didn't have enough physical supplies,, so it was slow. I found my eyesight was not perfect for cutting around small elements. While I enjoyed the class and the project I made, I just couldn't see buying all the supplies and having tools and paper left laying around...or else having to drag it out everytime I wanted to do it. My children were still young and it didn't seem practical.

Very shortly after that I found digital scrapbooking and a very simple program. With very little supplies compared to what I can access now, I recreated a copy of the physical page that I had made in the class. I found that I liked the process much better. Not only was it easier on the eyes, but no photos were damaged in the process! That won me over to digital. Haven't looked back since. I started with Paint Shop Pro way back and have just kept upgrading through the years. I would like to make the switch to Photoshop Elements...but worry that it might be to complicated to learn.

I am a home support worker, mostly in seniors homes. Covid hasn't stopped me from working, haven't missed a single day. My partner drives a taxi and he has kept up working. I bought a really ancient sewing machine and made both or us masks. Getting used to wearing masks everywhere but in my car alone and in our apartment. Other than that...we are masked up. Waiting for an opportunity to get the vaccine whenever that happens.

Middle of a snow storm here now. On that note I will say goodnight. Very happy to be here amongst you all. Stay safe and healthy!

Hi! My name is Jeanne, and I am a self taught artist and crafter located in Milwaukee, WI. My favorite hobby is travel, and my second favorite hobby is crafting. I met my husband while we were working together at a summer camp, and in the nearly 9 years since then we've worked together again several times, including as scuba diving guides in Thailand for a few months.

I have committed to finally documenting a 2 year around the world trip my husband and I took, during which we meticulously kept our ticket stubs, brochures, and other little tidbits. Not to mention thousands of photos. When we returned from traveling 2 years ago, I tried physical scrapbooking with virtually no resources and mild success, and just come back to the hobby recently. I am so excited to do hybrid scrapbooking in the Project Life pocket style, and to reminisce about and display the momentos from our trip. I am an avid Cricut user, and print and cut will be my best friend for this massive undertaking I'm beginning.

I stumbled upon this site searching for free pocket journal cards, and am so happy to be here! I am so grateful for the commercial license subscription, I have already created a few valentine's day cards using papers and elements for an upcoming virtual craft class for my neighbors. There is something very satisfying about having a well organized craft resource that doesn't take up physical space, and I love looking through my downloaded items imagining the different things I can make.

My profile picture is of my pandemic pupper, we adopted him last summer to help keep us company as we continue to quarantine. He's a very good boi and helper in the craft room!

Stay safe out there crafty friends, and don't forget to wear your masks!

Thanks everyone for saying hello and for sharing such great stories. I loved reading all of them.

@Jeanne: I'm currently working on scrapbooking the year of travel my husband and I did. It was about ten years ago! It's fun to revisit the photos. The pocket style scrapping is a game changer for projects like these I think. It makes it easy to include a lot of photos without a lot of work.

Hi Marisa! That's so exciting you're getting to revisit your trip! I can't wait to see the pages you share from it! smiley I am so in love with the travel themed kits on this site, especially the location based kits. I showed the Cambodia papers to my husband, and he said, "Wow, that's spot on. I can almost smell it!" Then we proceeded to talk about how much we miss noodle soup and street food in Phnom Penh, and how we should try to find some Kampot pepper.

I am so excited to start working with the pocket pages. Full page layouts were really overwhelming with my large volume of material to include. I also got some pages meant for displaying coins with 20 2"x2" pockets, so I can put up to 40 images (front and back) on a page since we have so many fun photos I want to print. Luckily I have a Walgreens Photo nearby, so getting pictures printed as I go will be very easy.

Thanks for creating this awesome resource with a really cool mission! Have a great week, and happy crafting!

Hello everyone! I'm Paula, and I've been a lurking digital scrapbooker for several years now. Well, probably 10 or so, honestly. I'm married to Alan (we celebrated 29 years last month), and we have two children, both of whom are adults! Our daughter Sarah is 27, graduated from BYU with a degree in linguistics, and is working for a lawyer's office in Lehi, Utah. She lives in Salt Lake City and loves it. We don't see enough of her, especially with all this pandemic stuff happening. She actually had COVID-19 last summer, but recovered well and has had no complications. Our son is Spencer, and he will be 24 in April. He lives at home with us and is attending Washington State University online. He is very interested in archaeology and anthropology, so that's what he is pursuing. My hubby is a truck driver, delivering construction supplies around eastern Washington state, where we live. Some of my hobbies besides scrapbooking are reading, quilting, counted cross-stitch, and making fabric "quilted" ornaments. I'm working on making that an actual income opportunity but that's still in the process! And if there is a craft out there, I've probably tried it! I apologize for not introducing myself earlier. I tend to lurk and learn, being a huge introvert. Anyway, that's my intro. I'm glad to be here!

Welcome Paula! Thanks so much for saying hi.

@Jeanne: I'm glad the Cambodia bundle is working for you smiley A lot of my early destination bundles don't have specific items for the setting, but were made to go with the photos I had. I've never been a big theme scrapper, and my travel bundles reflect that!

Hi! *wave*

To be honest, I'm not sure if I've done this once before smiley So, I thought I'd (re)introduce myself. I'm Kate and I live in Florida. I have been a member here at Pixel Scrapper for several years (hangs head in shame for just now joining in on the fun in the forum) and haven't really taken advantage of everything there is here. I have been digital scrapbooking since 2007. Wow.. that makes me feel old! I have been documenting my family's life - husband & 2 kids and various pets, since 2011 in the Project Life/P365 format. I enjoy creating traditional scrapbook pages as well, but my main focus for the past few years has been pocket style scrapping, so anything bigger than a 4x6 seems intimidating these days!

I'm super excited to dive in to the forums and gallery now that I've decided not to be so shy smiley

I'm looking forward to seeing everyone's beautiful layouts and being a part of the community here.

Hi Marisa, I'm a returning member! It's been many years since I've scrapped and I'm so glad to be back. In fact I have quite a few pages in the gallery from that time. I am retired and living my dream in the east Texas woods between Canton and Tyler. I have three cats and two poodles. In fact when I saw your Toby I did a double take. It could have been my Abby sitting there. They are identical! I have a new subject for my family scrapbook pages - my first great grandson. What fun that will be. So as soon as I relearn PaintShop Pro I'll be creating again. This is my favorite site.

Hi all,
Im chana 32yrs old, i love scrapbooking.
I live in the Netherlands. And i hope with the help of this site to make nice layouts

Thanks for saying hi! It's great to meet new and old members smiley

Hi! I’ve been on here a while, but I usually am only on long enough to look for things and jump off. I’m done some Bible digital scrapbooking, but I’m slow as I am a bit of a perfectionist. I’m using digital scrapbooking to become more creative, but it’s a side hobby to work, 4 kids, and one granddaughter. I’d love to learn how to easily store digital elements for location later, plus I am sure there have to be faster ways to put elements together. Love seeing everyone else’s great ideas and work!

Hi I have been using Pixel Scrapper for a while but I've been hiding my digital scrapbooking hobby in the background, not everyone understands that digital is just as creative as traditional scrapbooking, and it takes up way less room! This site is such an excellent place for resources and inspiration and I now feel ready to start uploaded some of my pages.
I primarily started crafting by doing cross stitch and making cards, but I take so many photos the path to scrapbooking was inevitable. I still do a lot of papercrafting and stitching, I just enjoy being creative and having different options.
I love checking out the gallery for sparks of inspiration.
My other hobbies including reading, writing and walking my Newfoundland dog, with the last one leading to a lot of scrapbooking opportunities.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hi.

@Melissa: I have a post here where I talk about my organizational methods.

Hi y'all, my name is Christina (you can call me Chris) and I live in Ohio, US and have since 1975 the year I was born. When I was 6 yrs old it was noticed that I had declining renal function that progressed to the point of me having a kidney transplant on my 10th birthday... in August of 2020 I had my 4th kidney transplant. Approx. 10 years ago my sister and I had a scrapbooking group on facebook and I was also a member of a few others, digital and paper scrapbook groups. My life had gotten busy over the past years and I first stopped paper crafting because it was too time-consuming and then stopped digital scrapbooking when I did not have the energy.

Exactly 12 Summers ago my husband and I got into motorsports photography for the National Tractor Pullers Association and through the years we have made many friends in this community. My picture of one of the Grand National winners from the Winter National's event in 2017 was published in the Puller Magazine which was an exciting moment, I know the winners and would regularly stand trackside and cheer for them as I was taking pictures. Last year when Covid hit all the events for the remainder of that year that we would have attended were cancelled. So, as 2021 is here now and Covid doesn't seem to be talked about nearly as much as it used to be we are starting to get an event here and there that is not cancelled. The first event my husband and I will be going to is only 40 minutes from where we live and I cannot wait to see everyone and take some new pictures. Yay!

I'm part of a gaming community and began hanging out on the forums out of boredom. When I seen all the fun siggies it reminded me of how I used to make them for the members of one of those Facebook scrapbook groups. Then, I decided I would download some digital elements so I could make myself a siggie if I wanted to (all the ones I used to have are on my old laptop with a dead battery) and when I seen all the lovely papers I once again was excited about digital scrapbooking. Spring is around the corner and I'm hoping to be able to get out to the parks for exercise but also to explore and take pictures so I have something other than motorsports to scrap.

xox Chris

Thanks for saying hi!

Hi everyone, I am Charlene and I live in the Philippines. I have been a member of this site since 2013. I have been using the kits I download for my photobooks and it has helped me design great digital layouts. Thank you to Pixel Scrapper and the designers for always putting out great content.