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Welcome Missy! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi everyone! I'm Susana, writting to all of you from Portugal. I'm 33 years old and I love getting creative whith papers, scraps and all the beautifull things Marisa displays on pixelscrapper. I love travelling and enjoying the pleasurable places our beautifull world has to offer. My recent favourites are Paris and Istambul. Absolutely amazing!
I love decorating my home with memories from the places I've visited, and getting hands-on with crafts and all kinds of art work.
Greetings to all of you and a special one for Marisa for all the inspiration provided. smiley

Hi everyone my name is Nita and I joined a few days ago and have really enjoyed looking around. I especially like the tutorials love to learn new things. Have been doing digital scrapbooking of my grand childern for several years and would love to learn to make my own designs to work with and share.

Hi all, my name is Meg & I must confess I'm more of a digital scrapbooking hoarder than a "do-er" at this point - gotta make time! smiley I love all of the gorgeous designs @ Pixelscrapper, thanks for making them available!! smiley Now to make some time to scrap! smiley

Welcome ladies! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi.. I'm Chika from Indonesia.. Maybe some people never heard about Indonesia. But You must be knew about Bali.. Yup.. Bali is One of beautiful islands in Indonesia. But i wasn't live in Bali. I live in Bandung. Bandung also known as Paris in Java.
I have a lack of English skill. SO.. sorry...if my sentence full of bad grammar.. smiley
I have 2 Lil Daughters.. Nisrin (5) and Evelyn (1). They're my scrapping inspiration..
Nice to join in with all of you..

I'm a 36-year-old stay at home mama just outside Huntsville, Alabama in the USA, and I've been on this site for the past few weeks. I've always been interested in digital layout (I laid out our high school newspaper and my college yearbook, both digitally, although that was MANY years ago!) and love how the analyst in me can join the creative side of my brain in making something beautiful and unique (yet well-spaced and well-planned!) through digital layout.

I'm too much of a pack rat to do paper scrapbooking (would never be able to find my supplies again once I bought them!) and tend to use ideas on here more for event planning (invitations, labels, menus) than for actual digital scrapbooking, but I hope to get there soon! And I love that my 3-year-old son woke up last night in the middle of the night and came to snuggle with me on the couch while I was looking at design elements on here; he LOVED the beautiful colors and designs, and we had a great time identifying things (he would point to colors, numbers, letters, and objects and let me know that he knew what everything was.)

Bet you didn't know your site was a hit with the pre-school crowd, too! Keep up the great work on the site! smiley

Hey, I'm mom to some wonderful kids who tend to cost a bundle. To save on expenses I like to design their invites for parties and such! This is a great site since I'm trying to save some cash! Thank you for putting this stuff out there!

Hi i am Cassey, I have never learn art or photoshop in School or in University ( Was a geo student). But when i got an opportunity to design prints for my friends wedding invitation , i found pixel scrapper and it made designing so much easier! THank GOD I love Pixel Scrapper :DDD

Welcome ladies! Glad to have you here!


Bet you didn't know your site was a hit with the pre-school crowd, too!
That's great to know!

@Chika: I have been to Bali. A beautiful place!

Hi! Everyone. I found this site doing a search for blog trains. I think I will really enjoy it here.
I am here in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Bonjour smiley je suis Chantal 56. Je vis en France avec mon mari et notre fils de 14 ans.
J'ai commencé le scrapbooking fin 2007 et je scrappe un peu tous les jours.
Je découvre ce site qui fourmille d'idées, merci beaucoup de partager.

Welcome everybody! I hope you enjoy our community and get involved with us smiley

I am new here and hope to learn from all of the veterans! I can't scrap digitally to save my life, but I want to...just in case I have to scrap to save my life! LOL!

I will visit this site.ok
just visit the site was already a fan and I will indicate my sister who is also a fan of the scrapbook.
I loved the organization of the site, how the freebies are displayed.

I'm a SAHM and food blogger. I love to design and am toying with the idea of doing something home-based.

Right now I live in Eastern NC, but we will be moving to sunny (and HOT) Arizona soon!

Hi! I'm Deb and I live in Southern Indiana in a very small town. Although I have been picking up Marisa's contributions to blog trains, this is my first real visit here. I am just getting started in digital scrapbooking - in fact, I haven't installed Elements yet and I have had it for over a month! - but I have been collecting stuff (and buying) for almost a year. I retired before Christmas and decided if I was going to get serious about digital, I better get organized. Unfortunately, I keep getting more stuff and never finish organizing it all! smiley

HI, I'm Marg from Arizona. I've been into digi scrapping web graphics for about a decade now. I have been stopping by and visiting your trains but saw the new FB post about the forums so thought I just sign up and introduce myself. I've long been an admirer of all the designers that post here. Thank you for all your lovely work smiley
Not sure why my avatar isn't working. Hmmmm....

I'm Carrie. I dabble in digi scrap here and there. While I've been doing it for a few years now, I still feel like I'm a newbie. I see so many awesome digi creations and start to think that what I create isn't all that good. But I have to remind myself that I'm learning and to enjoy the journey. I actually don't take that many pictures. I'm usually so involved in what I'm doing that I don't think about taking pictures to capture those memories. So most of my creations are without pics. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart, and many of my creations revolve around that in some way. I would like to digi scrap supplies to sell. Right now I'm in the dreaming and collecting stage. I like that pixelscrapper offers so many great commercial use products that are easily accessible.

I just turned 34. I've been married for a year and a half. I don't have any kids but am ready for them whenever they come. My husband is a lawyer, and I am the office manager for his firm. We live near Lansing, MI USA. I grew up on a farm and my husband grew up just outside Detroit. So where we live is a good middle ground for both of us.

Wow, lots of new people, thats GREAT smiley Welcome everybody!

There we go... I tried uploading a picture yesterday but it wouldn't let me.

Hi, I'm Allie, a SAHM to an awesome 3 year old and wife to an awesome guy. I do mostly paper but do some hybrid, and use digi for certain projects. I came here looking for ideas, and basically got here by link cruising (but not the blog hop). See you on the forums!

So many people! Welcome everyone and thanks for saying hello!

i enjoy reading these intros! smiley

Hi, I'm Dawn. I'm 49 and live with my husband, my son (22) and a very old miniature schnauzer (16) in the Buckinghamshire countryside in the UK. We spent almost 30 years living in London so for now we are just enjoying the fresh air. I don't scrapbook (don't all scream!) but I do make cards and find much inspiration in page lay-outs and scrapbooking kits. I love wildlife and photography and I must have the most photographed frogs in any English garden. I am more likely to be a lurker than a poster but I will pop up from time to time smiley - Oh - and I'm not English, I'm Welsh - the sticking out lump over on the left side of the UK near Ireland. My family is all still there and I visit often.

Hi! I'm Liz. Currently I live in upstate NY, but am originally from Nashville, TN. I've been scrapping for a little over 10 years, and digi scrapping for about 4. I just found this site recently, but am really enjoying it! Thanks so much!

Hi y'all, I found this site while browsing Pinterest! I clicked through an interesting-looking pin, and here I was. After poking around a little I decided this looked like a nice friendly place to get my feet wet in the digital scrapbooking world.

About myself ... I have three kids, a too-small house, a dog, a cat, and a husband. And a lot of digital pictures that I never get printed or anything. I feel guilty about that. Then I stop taking pictures for a while, and I feel bad about "missing" that month of the kids' lives, so I take more, and then feel bad about not "doing" anything with them either! So I thought digital scrapbooking (because I do not not not have room for tons of papers and little doodads around here) was the way to go.

I also like cooking, baking, reading, Psych (the TV show), boats, hats, green and purple, down comforters, and history.

Welcome Laura! I loved hearing all about you (especially about your guilt smiley I am laughing so hard! ) and you know what...I think you will do great in the area of journaling when you do get into digi scrapping!!!! Oh, and not having room was my reason to get into digital also! So happy you are here!

Hi, I`m Nicole and I live in Almere, Holland. I`m married, 3 kids and I`ve got my own tea and coffeeshop for over a year no, so I don`t have a lot of time..... but for now... I`m making time. I`m just loving digital scrapbooking and want to make my own stuff

Hi Nicole!
Great so see you here!


I'm Jessica and I am 40 years old, I have 2 kids, a boy and a girl and because of a handicap I am always at home and have got lots of time to scrap and design
I also like to take photo's, one of my other hobbies.
This site was introduced to me by my friend Saskia and because I love to scrap...that's why I am here.

Hugs, Jessica