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Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello and telling us a bit about yourself.

Hi, my name is Denise and I am sitting with my hubby Scott. We have three beautiful daughters and a big dog named Baloo. I live in Northern Maine and there is still snow on my front lawn, waiting for spring around here is a lonnnnggg wait.

Hello! I've been lurking around the forum and website for a few months, and I find myself trying to stay mentally active while out on a medical leave from my teaching job. I decided to try to finish the story of my great grandmother's life, which I began digitally scrapbooking for her 90th birthday last fall. Digital seemed to be the only way to go, as I knew all the family would want copies. It's almost done now.

I have been married 18 years and have 3 kids --2 teens and a 10 year old. I love doing anything creative, whether it's making cards for family and friends, or sculpting, or digital scrapbooking.

oh, my username - birthwarrior - comes from having been a childbirth assistant (doula) once upon a time. Had I better health and enough hours in the day, I would love to be a midwife!


Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi, my name is sherri and I have been running an eCommerce graphic design/short run printing company for about 7 years now. I started the company, Designer Label Gal, due to losing my corporate job right when the economy took a dive. I turned a hobby into a company. Its a miracle.

I am a self taught designer, so dont laugh at my work - LOL. I have a large following so I must be doing something right.

I am 50 years young and LOVE what I do. I live in So. California in the mountains. Its peaceful, beautiful, quiet. Perfect for working from home. I have two dogs: Simba, Borzoi/Greyhound, and Coty, retired greyhound. If it wasnt for them......well, lets not go there smiley

I am so excited to have found this site. I have my own die cutter so I can offer unlimited shapes/sizes on all the products I offer. The more ideas and tools I can gather, the more excited I get.

THANK YOU for creating/offering this AWESOME site.


Hi, my name is Erin. I live in a suburb of Dallas, Texas. I am new to crafting, sewing and all of my other new hobbies. I have always worked and have 4 children all of which are grown but 1. My son is 13 and my only child home still. I also have 3 grandchildren. April, 2009 I had to finally stop working. I have Systemic Lupus and it had advanced to a point where working was no longer possible. So there I was, and sooo completely lost. I had never been one to craft or anything like that. So it was really odd when I decided I was going to make some window treatments for my home. I didn't know the first thing about sewing or even have a sewing machine. But I was not going to let a little problem like that get in the way! I watched youtube videos and read tutorial after tutorial. I purchased a pre-owned sewing machine and went to sewing. I then decided to make a set of roman shades that were pieced and had a stained glass window effect to them. That led me to quilting. So now here I am 2 years later. I got rid of the original machine that was really a bad machine and did not meet my needs at all. I now have a quilting frame with a mid-arm quilting machine, another sewing machine that I LOVE and use to make all kinds of home dec items and quilts.

I also got into crafting, decoupage, and many other things. I use scrapbooking papers and embellishments to make home dec items and use the digital scrapbooking items to embellish them and create all kinds of things. I love crafting and sewing. Who would have guessed there was a closet crafter hiding inside an over worked mother of 4?

Six months ago I again attempted to work. Not full time but 20 hours a week. I am doing it from home but still struggling. I had to cut it back even more recently. The part time work is what I use to pay for my hobbies. I am thankful for all of the new things that have found there way into my life as well as for the part time work I am doing. Life can definitely throw you some major curve balls! There are days when I have to stop and cannot gather the energy to even walk to my craft/sewing room but on the days that I can, I am not ready to leave the room until it is time for bed. I really enjoy this creative side if myself. It definitely helps to make me forget the part of myself that has changed my life so profoundly. It also helps so much with the days that are very painful. It allows me to keep my mind busy on happier things and to give my family things that I have made out of love.

Thank you for providing this site and all of the things you do. I am so new to this hobby. I am still trying to get the necessary tools to make the things I want to make. Hopefully I will be able to figure out how to use them all properly soon!

Again, thank you for all the work you have put into this. I really appreciate it and I am sure others do as well!

New to Scrapbooking,

Hi I am Alex. I am from Tempe, Arizona where I currently also live. I have an 8 year old daughter and I recently graduated from Arizona State University where I majored in Research Methods and Statistical Analysis (yea not the most exciting or creative area to study). My plan was to teach at the university level once I was done, but i don't think that the time was right for me. I currently work at a company here in Arizona that does photo to canvas printing. We print anything you want onto canvas - and I love my job!! It allows me to utilize my creative side! I started with traditional scrapbooking when I was 15 years old. I too was snobbish about digital scrapbooking and I think a major part of it was that i did not want to part ways with all my papers, embellishments, etc that i had spent so much time and money on. When i finally saw how much better digital was i made the change. I had always dabbled in Photoshop because I do photography on my spare time. Over the past five years I would say that I have compiled over 30,000 different fonts alone, and I also have a library of PS Presets that is equally as large. The thing I love about digital is that you don't have to spend a fortune on really nice papers or embellishments, and you don't need to break the bank either with software. I personally use the Adobe Creative Suites collection and that is because I do a lot of graphic design and vector work, but for the average person all you really need is to invest $100 for PS Elements and the sky is the limit. I came across Pixel Scrapper when I was doing a search for someone with helping them do some branding, and i absolutely love it!

Hi. I'm Maia. I'm originally from the Philippines, but have lived in Thailand for the last 10 years. I used to teach, but I quit work when my second son arrived. I discovered digital scrapbooking while I was trying to pretty up worksheets for my classes. Since then, I am an addict. I have facebook primarily for digiscrapbooking reasons smiley
Pixelscrapper is such a neat idea. I like that the founders support each others' creativity outlet. So, viva la pixelscrapper! smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello, Nice to be here

Hi, my name is December and I used to be an avid scrapper. Somehow I lost the passion but my neighbour has started hybrid scrapping and I sense my creativity is beginning to raise its head once more!

Hi My name is Denise. I get very busy and ignore my scrapbooking, so I'm joining here to help 'tie a string on my finger' and remember smiley I hope it works!

I am learning so much here, and I can't believe how many talented scrappers and designers that are here. I am here to learn, to obtain scrap stuff (haha) and to meet new friends and scrappers!

hello everybody smiley
I'm Nathalie from Paris in france. I discovered digitalscrap in 2011 and love to create some little things as papers and word art, beginning to try some little freebie kits for 2 months... I have a job and cannot scrap as much as I'd like to smiley

I discovered this place throught Trine's blog 'NothingButFreebies' which I follow for several months also smiley thanks to her!

I have to take a tour in the forum now smiley

Welcome everybody! Thanks for saying hello smiley

Hi. I just found your site tonight and am excited to look around.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi everyone, I am a beginner at scrapbooking. Before this I generally use the free kits for work, for powerpoint presentations or certificates to my pupils. I find looking at the kits and wonderful works of others very inspiring. I hope one day I can create some nice works too! I am still navigating this site and realise there is a place for me to upload my layouts. Just when I was thinking of practicing by creating layouts about the 2 darlings of my life!

Hi. My name is Kim. I am a 41 year old stay at home mom of 2 kids, Bryson,14, & Cassi, 3. I have a wonderful husband that says I am going to drive him nuts with all of my crafting endeavors, lol. I live in Huntley, MT. I am jus beginning to digital scraping and I am also interested in making cards also. I love your sight Marisa & Jordon. Thank you for allowing us the wonderful opportunity to enjoy your creativity.


I'm Morgan, I'm a stay at home mom and avid crafter. I'm new to the digital scrapbooking and have a ton of questions, but I'm excited to experiment!

Welcome smiley We are very excited to have you all with us. Hope you will fall in love for digiscrapping.

@Morgan: What a nice tattoo smiley

Tina, that is fantastic ~ a driver's license for a horse drawn buggy for a great-great-uncle ~ what a conversation piece and great item for one of those scrapped vintage pages!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello I'm Vicky and live in Montreal, Canada. I was introduced to this wonderful site via Lisa Decosse!!! Now I'm in exploration mode smiley

I hope you will like it here as much as I do smiley

Hi All! I'm a beginner digital scrapper and it's fun to have an online community and resource, so thank you Pixel Scrapper! I made my first scrapbook in elementary school - and continued to document the major life happenings through school-years. However the busyness of my 20s, and with digital pictures hiding away in my computer instead of stacking up in my closet, I got out of the habit! (Plus, I started blogging...and that's a little like scrapbooking too!)

Now recently married, it's time for a new scrapbook, and digital options have piqued my interest! I'm planning on doing some hybrid digi-scrapping and mixing them in with "old-fashioned" pages. With plenty of other adventures to document...I may be long-term smiley

Here's a couple of my first pages:

Hi my name is Heather. I have a 6 year ld daughter & a 16 month old boy. I love my family & crafting dearly. I found this site about a month ago & LOVE it! The generousity is wonderful. Its hard to find people that share these days. I dont create much yet but I am learning! I live in the United States in a country town in Pennsylvaina. I am also a fairly new Pro photographer.Me & my husband work non stop & when I get a brake I love to digi scrap. Thanks Marisa!!!! Your site is wonderful!

I am Lisa and I live in Oregon. I found Pixel Scrapper a few days ago when someone in a group I am in on Facebook had mentioned it. I absolutely love Pixel Scrapper to death. It is fun and easy to use. I do not know how to make my own Scrapbook kits just yet but I am in the process of learning smiley I pretty new to all kinds of scrapbooking unless you consider smash booking to be some sort of Scrapbook.

Hello I am Laura. Married for 11 years to the love of my life and a mother of 3 boys. I love to sit and scrapbook with the boys and just recently switched to digital, I switched for a couples of reasons, my boys tend to want to do something else leaving me to finish everything, and I find it easier to have another company print the book out and send it out for those who are getting them as gifts. Having family and friends all over the world is not easier and I cant stand waiting in the lines at the post office, Fedex and UPS.

A warm welcome everybody smiley. Thanks for telling a bit about yourselves! I hope you enjoy this community!