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I’m Brianna Kent and I currently live in Utah. I’m 30 and I have two sons, though one has returned to heaven after just a brief stay here on earth. I’ve lived in California, Colorado, Illinois and all the way over in Germany. My story is a bit lengthy, but I shall strive for brevity for the sake of this forum.

I first fell in smiley with scrapbooking when I was in grade school. Nothing quite compares to being able to cut and paste a masterpiece. I love to create; even at a young age I was putting together little booklets and memory brochures for friends and family. In high school I was in a Journalism class where I learned the art of Adobe Pagemaker and Photoshop as applied to the Yearbook and our school's Newspaper. I became Editor-in-Chief of our school's paper after creating a couple aware winning layouts for the Feature Section. A couple of my layouts were used in the yearbook and entered into competitions. Still, my desire to create wasn't satiated, so I continued to self-learn new techniques. I wanted to learn more about Photoshop so I saved up and bought myself a copy. From there, I got into webpage design and dabbled around a lot.

I learned to journal my adventures as a young adult and started to tinker around with digital scrapbooking a little here and there; nothing quite satisfied my desire to marry what I did in my personal scrapbooks with what I could do with a computer. I traveled to Germany where I learned the language and culture while serving a mission for my church. When I came home, I hesitated to make a scrapbook of my experiences because I still felt limited in what I could do digitally. Again, I wanted to find the right way to create a book that looked clean and professional, yet was as personal to my experience as possible. My brother snuck a copy of all my photos and using his archives of emails I'd written over the course of my stay in Germany, he used an online printer to make me a photo book. He surprised me with the book on my birthday. "I know you could make something even better, but this is a start." Thus began my search for the right tools. An internet search brought me to Pixel Scrapper and after joining and spending a little time simply observing and downloading a few different things, I quickly discovered the valuable asset Pixel Scrapper can be and I’m happy to say that my creativity is able to soar. Thank you! smiley

Hi.. My name is Becky and I live in Ohio. I just found Pixel actually yesterday while I was looking for tutorials on google smiley. One of my favorite past times is photography and I am in the process of opening my own business. I dabbled around with digital scrapbooking with my photos for a few years and it has only been pretty recently that I have actually gotten into making my own kits. I also like to make my own party printables.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi! My name is Hollie, I love learning how to create patterns, recolor, all the wonderful things I have found on here. I am very new to it all and have so much to learn. Can't thank you enough for this wonderful site! You're so talented, and generous. Keep up the amazing work! Thank you tons and tons!

Hello everyone. My name is Leaf (yes, that is my real name on my birth certificate.) I have been scrapbooking digitally for at least 7 years now. I just found this site and it looks very interesting.

I retired after 43 years as a nurse administrator, but I am still the copastor of a nondenominational protestant church. I am a widow with 3 children and 7 grandchildren who keep me busy babysitting. I am Vice Chairperson of Sebastopol World Friends, a nonprofit corporation that handles the 2 sister city relationships for the City of Sebastopol: Takeo in Japan and Chyhyryn in Ukraine. This year we have 4 exchanges scheduled. I am a member of our Community Emergency Response Team. My hobbies include reading, photography, scrapbooking, and knitting.


Welcome! Thanks for saying hello.

Hello! I am a photographer (hobby only!) and scrapbooker. I have been digi scrapping since 2006 or so. I collected a lot of paper scrap supplies, made 1 page, then found digi and love it! I haven't gotten any pages done recently but hope to get back into it soon. I have been married to my husband for 42 years and we have 3 grown children and 13 1/2 grandchildren - thus plenty to scrap!! Site looks great - glad to be here!

Hello. I'm Hanne.

I'm quite new in scrap booking, but an old rat when it comes to photography. I've had my own studio for 17 years now, and a store for about 16. I don't have the patience for ordinary scrapbooking, but I have a friend who does it professionaly and I admire her work. It was by coinsidence I learned that it can be mixed without problems such as size and layer issues, so now I have a whole new world to play in. The first projects have been Coverpictures for friends and costomers for FB and a few collage prints. I've spent a lot in the scrap shop via Cute little Dolls and I have thousants of items, but sometimes I need something specific and it's not easy to find a frame when it's hidden into a big kit.
The first background I had were made with my camera and I use mostly papers.
Hope to get startet here soon, I'm not sure how, but now I've started by introducing myself.
( The personal stuff is on my page )

Hi! I am Amy, and I live in Ohio. My family recently took a trip to DisneyWorld, and I am trying my hand at making a digital scrapbook! I remember years ago I made a paper scrapbook in one "all nighter" once returning from a trip. This digital one is taking much longer, with all the fun kits and elements I have found online!
This is one of my favorite sites, and is really helping me in my learning of this artform!!
Thank you!

Welcome everyone! Enjoy the fun smiley

Hi all. My profile picture says it all. smiley I found my soul mate 12 years ago while going through my divorce. My dh is 16 years older than me but we have more in common than any guy I have ever dated (or even the first one I married thats why we are divorced) We have a yours mine and ours blended family. I have a 23 year old son and a 19 year old son, he has a 23 year old son and we have a daughter who turned one in December together (We refer to her as our Bonus Baby). I work as a Comptuer Network Software technician for a local school district. I live in Florida and have lived here since my parents moved me here at the age of 9. I am now ehheem 42. I have been digi scrapping for many years and to be honest I can not tell you how long.. I am bad when it comes to remembering that stuff. But I enjoy it and I hope to learn a lot more. I have dabbled a bit in designing but still have much to learn. Looking forward to getting to know you all better..

Hi Amy and welcome! I can relate to your "all-nighter" - my last scrapbook I made at 26 years old and it documented the first 25 years of my life! I grouped things in categories: birthdays, Christmas, summer camp... Putting it all together in the course of a day, my scrapbooking Mom didn't know how I accomplished it! This project is taking a little longer too - but I'm having fun!

Hi! My name is Rochelle and I live near Sydney, Australia. I always thought scrapbooking was fun but never got into buying all the gear. Last year I became a mummy to a beautiful little girl and also come across digital scrapbooking. I've made one digital scrapbook/autograph book for my Aunt's 60th birthday and I'm in process of one to document my little girl's first year. I'm also married to my best friend and we have a menagerie of birds, aquarium fish and shrimp.

Thanks for this amazing site. It's awesome!

Welcome ladies! Thanks for saying hello.

Hello, I am new here. I love to digital scrap

Hello, I'm Kirsti and I live in Minnesota, just next to Fargo (and no, we don't talk like that...well, not too much anyway). I digitally scrapbook, am a professional photographer on the side, love graphic design, especially when it comes to party planning, and just love anything that helps me get caught up. Why re-create the wheel!?! I love this site. And I love seeing your pics from Jordan...I was visiting the Middle East 2 years back (Jordan and Egypt), and am always on the hunt for papers and embellishments to finally start my trip's scrapbook. I thought my favorite would be the pyramids, as I'm a history buff, but I fell in love with Petra and the Sinai Peninsula!


@Kirsti: Thanks for sharing your Petra photo. At some point I'll be working on an Egypt kit, to scrap all my photos from there.

Hi Janet,

Your post caught my eye as soon as I saw the word "TEXAS"! Though I wasn't born in Texas, I've lived there off and on since I was 5 or 6 years old. Over the years, I've gone away and come back at least 7 or 8 times! Somehow I always come back to good old College Station, which is where I finally finished college. My sister married an Aggie, too, and both their sons and their wives went to TAMU as did my own son and DIL. Once an Aggie, always an Aggie, right?!!

I love your doggies ... they both are such cuties! When I move home again to Texas from the USVI, I want to get a dog. My nephews bought a pair of "cheese doodles" in December 2010, two pups from the same litter living in two different homes but visiting each other at holiday times. Isn't that funny? Really, anything that needs to go for walks all the time is what my body needs. Otherwise, I tend to stay glued to a chair in front of a computer too much. And dogs make great company, as you have found out. smiley

Hello everyone,

My name is Kinsey Mulhoon, and I go by mskinsey in the scrapping world. I'm a retired editor, English instructor, and librarian. However, I continue to use my editing skills as a freelancer, working for an online training company as well as taking on occasional PhD candidates who need help with their dissertations. I particularly specialize in helping international students get through the maze of forms and formatting it takes to get an advanced degree.

Although I need the extra money from freelancing to supplement my social security income, I would like nothing better than to be able to devote all my time to learning more about digital design and the many capabilities of Adobe Photoshop. Currently, I use CS3, but I hope to upgrade to the latest version sometime this year. I also want to upgrade my camera. I have a lovely Nikon SLR that I bought in 1980 before I went abroad for 6 months. That camera went through so many adventures as I made my way from England to France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Italy, Greece, Israel, Egypt, and back again! This time, I think I'll purchase a Canon in the $700 range. Any and all advice is much appreciated!

My name is Sandra Twining, and I am found as Scrappy Sandi in some sites around digiworld. I discovered digital scrapping when I owned a home childcare and was getting overwhelmed with all the cutting, gluing and paying for triple copies of photos, etc. so I could hand make albums of the children's activities and friendships for the parents. I LOVED the results, but couldn't go on with the time consuming process!. Following lead by lead on the internet I started with Lumapix Fotofusion and made years of albums for parents with it! An example is:
When my daughter started teaching internationally I lived vicariously through her (she's been to 55 countries) and made lots of photo books for both of us! I Love that Marisa makes kits from various countries, and I definitely plan to use them!! THANKS MARISSA! Here is one of 15 books I've made for her: and one for my adventurous husband:
Add to that Family Books, Friends' books, Vacation Books....and sometimes I feel like a maniac.....definitely an addict to this art!
When I won a copy of CSPS5 in a raffle I started a new learning adventure and now use it for 99% of my fun. I am looking forward to going through the tutorials here to up my skills, and to learn from the talented folks here.
I also just recently opened up a store at Teachers Pay Teachers under Creative Learning Designs. I have always made graphics for my daughter's classes abroad, and she suggested I try to sell them, so we will see how it goes!
Thanks for making this site available.....and have fun scrapping!!

Hi, I'm Sara. I am brand spankin' new to digital scrapbooking and I'm trying to figure it out. I am very into family history and am excited to combine digital scrapbooking with my piles and piles of scanned slides and pictures.

Welcome everybody! So glad to know a little about your lifes, thank you for sharing smiley

@Kinsey: Don´t forget to check the photography subforum for useful advice smiley

I thought I introduced myself, but I must not have actually posted it since I don't see it, so here we go again!
I'm Heather. 30 years old (not gonna lie, I'm kinda freaking out about's the final nail in the coffin of my carefree youth...ya know, just in case the marriage, mortgage, mini-van and three kids didn't do it...), an avid reader and DIY-er. I've been scrapbooking since I was in high school and made the switch to digital about 5 years ago. Now I want to try my hand at designing! We'll see how it goes!
I found this community because I went looking for new supplies after my external hard drive crashed. I had very little backed up, and it has seriously been a very devastating loss! So I'm starting from scratch with supplies....though I can't replace all those photos! Sigh.
I'm also a blogger, and when I have time (which hasn't been lately with a new baby and all!) I blog my DIY adventures at:
Happy to be here! smiley

Hello Everyone,
My name is Danell and I just turned 40 years old last month. (That just felt like a confession.) I grew up in Northern California and moved to Texas in 1997 just after I graduated from CSU, Sacramento. My husband and I married in 1998 and we were blessed with a baby boy in 2005. I was a paper scrapper for many years and recently switched to mainly digi last year. Most of my layouts are centered around my son and our travels.
So glad to be a part of this community. smiley

Welcome Danell and Heather!

I have to confess something based on Heathers confession (lol) I´m turing 29 in 2 months, and I´m freaking scared. Mostly because of the things I haven´t done yet, as I don´t have kids, gave up my old profession and don´t know what to do next, and so.

Hope you really enjoy Pixel Scrapper, and have fun with us.

Hi, I am Kristine and I have been scrapbooking since 1997 over 16 years now thanks to Creative Memories! Therefore, they are primarily responsible for my bulging craft room. I started out just scrapbooking with my friends on the weekends occasionally until I was diagnosed with Cancer twice within a couple months of each other in 2003. Since then I have done something creative every day! I began digital scrapbooking when my husband bought me a Wacom Bamboo Tablet for Christmas 2010. The digital world has been a huge learning curve but I love to learn and try new things on my own. I only started participating and posting pages in August of 2012 where I dabbled in Journal Art. I also have a passion to draw and teaching myself to do it as well.

So when I am not scrapbooking or doing something crafty, I am married to a real sweetheart of a husband (most of the time) he is self employed and is my very own computer guy. Then there is my awesome 13 year old son. (Almost 14) He is what brightens my everyday and keeps us smiling all the time! And of course, I love scrapbooking his life and accomplishments. He loves sports and is very athletic. The first thing I noticed was the Sports items that are available! Baseball and Basketball are his absolute favorites but football may be his calling soon too.

I look forward to getting to know everyone here! It looks like it will be a fun place to hang out! Marisa and Brook your creations are really hip, I enjoy looking through the Assets, Template’s and Kits and the blog is great fun too!

Kristine smiley

Hi Kirsti,

I saw this picture when I was posting my introduction and needed to tell you that I absolutly love it!!! The blue sky, and contrasting textured stone and then you at the bottom is just priceless. Thanks for sharing it with us!

Kristine smiley

Hi everyone! My name is Julie and I am 37 years old. I've been married for over 16 years and we have a four year old daughter. I have been scrapbooking both paper & digitally for quite a while now. Though I definitely find it's easier to work digitally with a little one around. I love finding new styles to use in scrapbooking and look forward to meeting new people on here!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!


I'm very new to digital scrapbooking, but I'm totally loving it. I'm only using powerpoint right now, and attempting to learn GIMP until I can afford to purchase photoshop or some sort of other software. I am a working mom and student. I have a beautiful family, and we are currently in the process of building our first home. I'm a total craftaholic and am looking forward to working with this new medium!