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Hi Everybody,
I am Nikki and I live in North Carolina. I came across pixelscrapper 4 months ago and decided I wanted to join the forum. I would have uploaded a picture of how I look but I don't have one. I am very excited on finding the pixelscrapper family:):):) My goal is to learn how to make digital background papers and clip art. Marisa and Jordan this site R-O-C-K-S!!!!

Welcome Nikki! I am very happy that you introduced yourself smiley

Hey there! I'm Kelly, 26, from the UK. I've been scrapping for about 6 years, but decided to try a digital project life which led me here! I also do a lot of cross stitching and reading which are my other big hobbies. Looking forward to hopefully making some new crafty friends! smiley

Wow, I need to come to this thread more often! Welcome all!

Hi! My name is Edna and I am an addicted digi scrapper.I am from the Philippines. I am not really sure if I have introduced myself here before smiley but i have been a member for quite some time already. Will try my best to be active this time. I do CT works and I love scrapping my grand children's photos.

Hey everyone,
my name is Anett and I live in Germany in a little village south of munich. I'm married to a wonderful guy and we have to children. I started digital scrapbooking after giving birth to my first child 9 years ago. Sometimes I try myself on designing and I really love it. I'm really looking forward to be a part of this great community.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hi!

Hi! My name is Chantal. I am french canadian from Quebec and have been living in Abu Dhabi UAE for the past 8 years. I fell in love with scrapbooking a few years ago and I have now embraced digital scrapbooking using Photoshop Elements 11.

Welcome Chantal! We are almost neighbors. I live in Amman, Jordan.

Hi, my name is Susan Igel and I live in a small town in South Carolina. After over 23 years in the corporate world, I'm self employed and enjoying working from home. I'm married with two cats, Scotty and Sulu. Yes, my husband is a Trekkie. Besides digital scrapbooking and design, I also enjoy crafting, researching my family history and helping others with theirs, and cooking.

I started scrapbooking years ago and have piddled here and there with paper scrapping and card making. Since I hung up my road warrior hat, I've taken several online classes in digital design, PhotoImpact, PaintShop Pro and PhotoShop Elements. I wanted to learn more and to decide which of the three programs I liked the best. I don't have a clear favorite, so it depends on what I need to do as to which program I'll use.

I also design for local non-profits and our chamber of commerce, so I do look for CU items that I can use for these designs.

I don't sell my kits yet, but I have joined several Blog Trains, challenges and have my own blog where I offer freebies from time to time.

I'm very excited about joining this forum! Thanks for letting me in. I look forward to getting to know y'all!

I used to be a really serious digi scrapper back in the mid 2000s. I moved toward paper art journaling over the years but when I bought my iPad the apps available intrigued me enough to get interested in digital again. Now I'm busy buying and creating things that I can use on my digi art journal pages.

This is an interesting site. I found it because of the tutorials, but the community seems really nice and helpful. I look forward to getting to know everyone and learning what I've missed in the past 8 or so years that I've been paper only.

I'm Cherrie but I go by "hayscg" in the Digi World. I currently live in middle Tennessee, but I grew up in central Kentucky, I met my husband of 19 years there while attending college. We have two beautiful daughters Abigayle who's 12yrs old and Elisabeth who's 9yrs old, my girls are almost always the main subject of my designs.

I went to a craft fair and a consultant introduced me to Creative Memories Scrapbooking that got me interested in scrapbooking and soon I was hooked. A few years later my DH got me a Sony Cybershot for my birthday, and soon after that I made the transition to digital scrapbooking, that was about 9 years ago and I enjoy it as much today as I did when I first started. The other tools I use to do my DS are Photoshop and Photoshop Elements those are definitely tools no scrapper should be without.

Besides scrapbooking, I love spending time with my family, taking photos, watching TV and gabbing on the phone with my friends. I also spend a large portion of my time on educating my girls. I live a very quiet simple life, but at times you'd think other wise.

Hi Susan and Wren Welcome to the group. Nice to meet you two.

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello!

Hello folks. I'm j.ajabad. It's been my nickname and pen name for quite a long time. Anyways I've dabbled in scrapbooking here and there but I've gotten more and more interested in it in recent months. I found Pixel Scrapper my accident, actually. I was googling printable tags/tabs just to see what is out there. I found a couple I liked through this website and gave it some thought about joining. A week later after browsing the site I decided to join.
I'm mainly a poet and artist for the most part. However, I'm thinking forward to combining those with scrapbooking. I am also thinking about utilizing scrapbooking into some of my poetry blog posts. smiley

there are apps for digital scrapbooking? Sweet, lol! I started getting into art journaling last year. It's a fun hobby but I think scrapbooking and art journaling can kinda overlap in some ways. smiley

Welcome! I have a friend that´s a poet and also do paper scrapping, and sometimes mix both hobbies. I guess digiscrap will open you lots of possibilities smiley

Been away for awhile. I've enjoyed checking up on all the new additions to the site. Great Job!!!

This site is awesome!!! Thank you so much!

it sounds like it will.

Howdy everyone!
My name is Vanessa and I hail from Omaha, Nebraska. Right now I live in the city, but I am a country girl at heart. I grew up in Kentucky. I have a husband, Chris, and we were married on my favorite holiday - Halloween! We have four amazing kids together - Xander, my oldest son who will be 8 next month, Lennon, my only daughter, who will be 7 next month, Maddox, who is 5, and Rex, my baby boy who will be 2 next month. They definitely keep us on our toes. =P I have enjoyed digital designs and designing since I was in high school. I love digital scrapbooking as well as web development and design, graphic design, and pretty much anything else creative. I also enjoy interior design, gardening, crafting, baking/cooking, architecture, fashion design, and many other mediums of design and creativity. I am a big nerd. Science, mathematics, computers, comic books, fantasy, science fiction...all of it! Hehe. They are all so totally me. I also love tattoos, piercings, and bright, colorful hair! I know that it can be intimidating to some people, but I am the nicest person you could ever meet! I don't bite, I promise. smiley Feel free to say hello anytime. I love making new friends and talking to others. smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello.

@Vanessa: Love the hair!

Hi everyone, I'm Jiovanna, I'm 23 years young, I live in California, I started digital design in July 2012, It looks a fun place to be, looking forward to meeting everyone smiley

Hello Everyone smiley My name is Em and I live in Illinois. I'm retired now, but do babysit my adorable little grandniece a couple times a week. She is 18 months old and really keeps me on my toes. I've just recently been able to upgrade a very old computer so now have one that can handle the full size images in all those scrapkits I love. Although I'm experienced with making tagger kits and making tags, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to actually scrapbooking those photos I've accumulated over the years. I completed my very first layout a week ago and I have it printed and framed and hanging on my wall. Makes me smile.

This is a wonderful site and I thank you for letting me join. smiley


Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everyone - I'm Aurora, I live in a pretty town close to the Peak District in the UK. I'm a self taught artist and I love digi art journaling. I'm looking forward to interacting with all of you smiley

Aurora xo

Hi Everyone,
I just joined this great site yesterday. I live in California and just recently retired from working in education for many years. I have been doing digital art projects using Photoshop and Illustrator for the past few years, mostly greeting cards, announcements, and collage. I recently finished a course on surface pattern design and now want to get involved with digital scrapbooking.

Hi everyone, I'm Jody, I've been following Marisa's designs almost since the start of pixel scrapper but I've always been a lurker instead of getting involved. I enjoy the site so much that I've decided to stop being a lurker and get involved.
I grew up in Kansas, went to the University of Kansas in nursing, then moved to San Diego, CA for 20 yrs. Then 4 yrs ago I decided to move back home to Kansas where I met a wonderful man and combined our families, together we have 9 adult kids, 23 grandkids and 8 great-grandkids with one more on the way. I've been paper scrapping and crafting ever since I can remember, I started digital scrapping in 2007, designing in 2008. I originally designed as Munchkyn Scraps then in Jan 2011 I took a break, it turned out to be a long break, I started designing again in August 2012 but I wanted a fresh start so I changed my design name to Jody_M Designs and started a new blog, btw, I'm the world's worst blogger, LOL, I always intend to blog often but it always turns out that weeks can go by without blogging. I love designing, actually more than I love scrapping so I'm very behind on my layouts, I have hundreds of pictures that need to be scrapped. Most of my kits are designed for the pictures I need to to scrap, my inspiration comes from my family, my huge family is my life, everything I do is for them.
I'm looking forward to getting to know the members of the community here! Happy Scrapping everyone smiley

Hi Everyone, I'm Keisia and new to Pixel Scrapbooking and also just getting into digital scrapbooking. I always wanted to get into scrapbooking but never had the time to really do it, so I decided to give digital scrapbooking a try seeing that I am always sitting in front of a computer.

Hai everyone,
My name is Mira, but my friends call me Lala. I'm from Jakarta - Indonesia.
Last year I have given up all my CT jobs since there are so many things on my hand on that time. But I couldn't keep myself not to join Pixel Scrapper, there are sooo many good things here. Love the tutorials & freebie. Thanks for making a great site, Marisa & Jordan smiley