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Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi, I am Becky and I absolutely hate talking about myself. I found this site by accident through google images. I am 53 years old and have been scrapbooking since 1992. Both children are out of the home and I recently moved out of state to be with my finace, so I do not know anybody in this town. It sure would be good to see a familiar face once in a while. I quit looking for people I know in walmart or driving down the street. The only friends I know are on my computer. Therefore when I get home I turn on the computer before I change out of work clothes. I never knew my biological father so that got me started in genealogy. I have been doing that about the same time I started scrapbooking and they kind of melded together. I make tons more pages without pictures, than I do with pictures. I recently found a relative although several time removed from the family tree, but they e-mailed me a few pictures and I was so happy I cried. Here I will more than likely post my photoless pages and perhaps a few of those old pics I got in the e-mail. Without children at home to photograph there is not much to scrapbook anymore. But I still have lots of photos of them that need scrapbooking.

Welcome everyone!

Hey. I'm Kate. I am currently living in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan. I have always love to create things and have been a paper scrapbooker for quite a while. I just started getting into digital scrapbooking this winter. I am slowly getting used to it and learning the basics. So far I am enjoying it. It's so nice that there is a place like this for us beginners to mingle with veterans. Thanks so much!

I thought I introduced myself yesterday but don't see the post so will try again. Hello I am LadyFox and I am new to digital scrapbooking.
I live in New Mexico. For 25 years I lived and worked in a Boy Scout camp. Hubby and I have 2 children, 4 grandkids and 4 great grandkids.
I just found this site and fell in love right away. My only problem is deciding what to get first. Thank you to everyone who is involved with this site.

Hi, ya'll!
My name is Mollie. I'm a USMC wife stationed in NC right now, but normally I am from Kansas City, MO. Right now I am a stay-at-home-mom but I will be entering the workforce once again when my husband gets out of the Corps and we move back home.
My mother-in-law got me into paper scrapbooking years ago, but I've only recently jumped onto the digital bandwagon. I am not sure why it has taken me so long, actually. I've been a digital Photoshop art hobbyist longer than I have loved scrapbooking and I love graphic design, but as much time as I have spent painting in Photoshop, I never really considered myself very good at using it. Recently, I have been devouring tutorials, so I've learned a few new ticks that I hope to try out soon.
I came across this site/forum while I was devouring and collecting any and all freebie and blog train scrapbooking kits that I could get my hands on. I discovered pretty quickly that this place is the best for finding awesome blog trains and artists who keep their freebies up quite indefinitely instead of expiring them (which, I have found, annoys me to no end). smiley
Anyhoo, my main blog is in my profile, if you wanna come by and bug me. And I hope to be starting up a blog dedicated to just the scrapbooking stuff I've made (I am working on the graphics for that blog right now). Also, I think that there should be a place in the profiles for a deviantART page, 'cause I got one of those, too (
I am super-excited to hang out here and get to know ya'll and dig in to some digi scrap! Thanks and see ya' around! smiley

Hello Everyone!

I'm a retired banker, had to leave banking about 3 years ago for health reasons. I live near Portland OR in a little house with a huge yard, a beautiful wisteria over the door and several very fragrant roses in the front yard. I'm a mom to 4 and a grandmother to 11!

I've loved art all my life but could never figure out how to make a living at it, hence a career in banking. When the Sims 2 came out I started making walls and floors-my introduction to graphics. Sims 3 came along and I branched out to making patterns. I'm not able to quilt or sew much anymore so I started casting about for something more creative to do when I found Polyvore last year. Eureka! It's the most fun place where you can create digital collages. Needless to say, I was hooked. After awhile I got the urge to do more than just put elements together so I started learning to use Photoshop and PSE. Now I'm learning to make digital paper and elements! It's very exciting to learn something new and I'm anxious to share with everyone when I have something that looks good.

I also play around on the iPad making wallpapers. You can find me on Pinterest and FaceBook if you are curious to see what I'm doing. I'm on Polyvore and deviantART (nothing there yet) as telynor. What I like best about this site are the templates and the fact that it's free-very generous and wonderful not to have to wade through TOUs, that can be confusing!

It's great to meet all of you here!

Howdy everyone! My name is Vanessa. I am from Western Kentucky, but I've lived in Omaha, Nebraska for the past ten years. I am married and I have four children that keep me busy. I've always loved scrapbooking, but could never afford to paper scrapbook. I can still spend hours in the arts and crafts and scrapbooking aisles in stores. =P Digital scrapbooking is more for me anyway because I have always been into graphic design and web design as well. I started making blog graphics for my friends several years ago and then go into digital scrapbooking as well. I am very happy to be here. I can't wait to share ideas, participate, and make some new friends that share the same love that I do. Nice to meet all of you! smiley

Welcome everyone! So great to hear a little bit about you all!

My name is Angel! I am a secondary student living in Sydney and I love combing scrapbooking and digital softwares. Thankyou very my for this website! I created the majority of my yearbook page with elements from this website! smiley

Hey Everyone,
my name is Jess, and I'm an Australian Uni student, who loves anything crafty! I've only ever made one didgi scrapbook before, but am keen to learn more about it, and see all the fabulous work being created here.

Happy Scrapping!

I am Dae and 3 months ago I became a mommy! I am 25 and living in gorgeous Florida with my husband who serves in the Air Force. I am not sure if what I do is considered scrapbooking or journaling with pretty paper and photos but eithet way I am beginning the transition to digital to save time. (Time? Babies don't believe in time...)

Since I am so new I am open to any quick tips yall have! I have more baby pictures than I know what to do with!!

Welcome! Nice to see people from all over the world together!

@Dae: Scrapbook have a board definition. You´re probably scrapping! Take a look at the challenges forum, you´ll find ideas to new pages there.

HI! I'm Amy and I blog over at the Trip Worth Taking blog. I used to do digital design and still love to use digital artwork in my home!

Hey guys!
I'm Magdalena, a globetrotter in much the same way as Marisa and many others here.
I was born in Chile from a Norwegian mother, grew up in Norway and Mozambique. The family then relocated to Sweden where I am currently residing inbetween stints in South Africa. Thoroughly mixed up in other words smiley
I have always been a fan of scrapbooking, art journaling and visual diaries but am relatively new to digital scrapbooking in the form it has today. I am building up the courage to post something of mine here.

I love photography, writing and journaling so I tend to put those skills to good use in my travel diaries, some of which I give to friends that I travel with.

I love animals to bits - especially dogs but due to my traveling nature, I am sad to say I don't have any of my own. But I have been known to visit friends with pets and ignore them completely (the friends, that is) to spend time on the kitchen floor hanging with the dogs.

Finally, I just want to say it's great to be part of this big, warmhearted family!

Hi everyone!

I'm Janece. I mainly spend time over at Scraps N Pieces but I've heard folks talk about this place so I thought I'd come and peek. smiley I'm a stay at home mom of 4, two grown, with wives and kids of their own, and two teens still at home. We home/online educate. I have been an avid photographer and artist for years but only dabbled in paper scrapbooking in the past 5-7 years. Once I discovered digi-scrapping the first of this year I have been knee deep and loving it! I quilt, crochet, sew, etc. also, when time and energy permits but nothing has lit such a fire in my heart like this has. It combined my passion for photography with my passion for taking photos of my family and flora and fauna, as well as drawing and learning new things *constantly*! I just finishing the Designer Mentoring Class over at SNP but I feel like I barely scratched the surface of what I need to learn! smiley

I can't wait to get to know folks, and learn everything I can!

Happy scrapping!


I'm Angela, currently a stay at home mum to my five month old son. I have been paper scrapping for ages, have only just started digital scrapping and really enjoying it. We currently live in Auckland, New Zealand smiley I've lived in NZ all my life but have traveled a bit with my husband and we've just come back from our first big trip with our son in tow - we jetted off to Malaysia to visit family.

Looking forward to downloading some of the great kits on this site smiley

Welcome everyone!

@Amy: I just entered your blog and it seems so cool. I´ll follow you smiley

@Magdalena: Welcome, and don´t be afraid to share your work, you can get more encouragement from doing it. I know really how you feel about pets. I´ve been a cat lover with no cats for... 26 years o.O then, married and settled (well, at lest settled to a region of the city), I became a crazy cat lady - 5 cats currently, possibly 6 soon!

@Janece: Glad to see you here! The group of people that were on mentoring is growing smiley

@Angela: Sounds like a great trip that needs to be scrapped smiley I hope you have fun at Pixel Scrapper.

Hello everyone,

I'm Susan and just recently found this site. I was a stay at home mom for my three children, and now I'm home for my grandchildren. I love the idea of digital scrapbooking and have collected many beautiful kits but I have yet to do anything other than just a quick page to make a background picture. I'm hoping by actually joining and talking about it, I'll be able to finish a page.

I hope it's okay I'm not a cat lover, I am a dog lover though. I do believe the number of pictures I have of my dogs and former foster dogs is equal to or greater than the pictures I have of my children and grandchildren.

Sorry, I really don't have a good picture of myself. I'm usually the one behind the camera. I tell my grandson this all the time when we look at family pictures. "And you know grandma was there cause someone had to take the pictures."

My name is Mary and I live in New Jersey. I'm basically a card maker, both paper and digital. I believe I first came to your site a year ago. I love seeing all the designs and love the templates. You are very generous.

Good day! I had just resigned from a 10-year work as a graphic artist in a gift & decorative accessories shop. I really really love my job there, but I have to leave because I need to take care of my 2 daughters (5-year old and the other, 4 month old).

When my boss gave me your site, I was very excited to join! I want to learn, enjoy, see other people's work and be inspired. I want to try making my own design and teach it also to my daughters.

God bless to you smiley

@Susan That is my problem too...I literally have to ask someone to take my photo to show that I was there! LOL

@Imee I say if you can do it you should! Time flies so fast and I don't think you really want to miss your children growing me it is really for you rather than them because they are very resilient! This is why I chose oh so many years ago not to have children. I wanted my job more...but I have lots of nieces, nephews, grand nieces and grand nephews to make up for it!

Welcome all!

Hello everyone

My name is Jacinta and I am Australian living in tropical Far North Queensland. Very very new to digital scrap booking so am looking forward to learning.

Thanks in advance for the generosity of people who contribute templates and other items as well as those who contribute images of their work to allow people like me to learn.



Welcome everyone!

Great to see so many new faces! Thanks for saying hello.

Wow, what a lovely international community! I may be the oldest scrapper here, but not the most experienced by far! I started scrapbooking about 6 years ago. My family was going through serious emotional upheaval and I sunk into a deep depression, for over a year. I could not sleep and surfed the internet, just to occupy my mind. I came across digital scrapbooking and my love affair was born. I am not very creative, and must draw inspiration from sources other than my brain! I also have to be in the right mood to scrap!

I keep 4 of my 5 grandchildren and will be homeschooling this fall. I rarely print my pages due to financial restrictions, but I have hundreds on DVDs! For the last 2 years I have home-schooled myself on photography, primarily portraits.

I also found this site by accident while searching for "Tangled" scrapping kits, though I found none here! I love the ambiance here and hope to visit often!

Hi Everyone! I'm Jen and I'm from cold, snowy Michigan although right now we are having a pretty nice summer. I'm a graphic artist for a local ski/golf resort and a freelance designer and illustrator. I love to scrapbook... whether it's with paper or with Photoshop! I've been married for 14 years to my wonderful husband and we have 2 terrific children! I started designing scrapbook kits a couple of years ago when my husband was deployed overseas during those sleepless nights and fell in love with it! My mom told me about your awesome site and I'm really excited to start hanging out here!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello! Love having new faces!

I am Tina Shaw. I live in Fort Worth, Texas with my husband (9 years October 1st), our 3 children (Tristan - 17, Paxtyn - 15 & Ashton - smiley, our black lab mix, Hank and our domestic orange tabby short-hair, Kitty (technically, she has no name)! My story (as far as how I got turned on to digital scrapbooking) is a bit like Marisa's. I love, love, love knowing I can make what I need! I do still have a craft area (full of physical scrapbook supplies still) in my house but find I use it more on general crafts around the house or for kid's projects instead! I sell at Wilma4Ever and I do photography on the side, too. IRL, I am an IT pro, though! And love most things "technical"!

Hello Everyone smiley My name is Michelle and I am 23 years old. Born and raised in a suburb of New York, and lived for 5 years in Boston while i went to college & worked. I have recently been living in Barcelona, Spain & am moving to Chiang Mai, Thailand in just a week! I have been scrap booking since high school, and making all types of crafts ever since i developed good motor control skills as a kid. I recently discovered digital scrap booking as I have created so many wonderful memories here in Spain ~ but have no money to buy materials to make a creative and memory-filled scrap book for the little girl I take care of for her to remember our good times! I also love to sing soul, blues, pop, R&B, and jazz. Some of my other interests include Photography, Swimming, Dancing, Cooking, and Science. This is a pretty awesome website and i can't wait to make so many wonderful things with all of the beautiful materials available smiley