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Hi. My name is Lisa and I live in Utah. I've been married to my husband for 33 years we have 4 children and 7 grandchildren. About 21 years ago I was introduced to stamping which then lead me to traditional scrapbooking. I probably started dabbeling in digital scrapbooking when I bought Photoshop Elements about 8 years ago. I've just recently rediscovered it and I'm having a blast. Besides scrapbooking I also like to make jewelry and do machine embroidery.


Welcome everybody! It´s so fun to know a little bit about you! Thanks for writing on this topic smiley

Hello to everyone, hello Hi Marisa.

I wanted to thank you for this site and say that you are so talented and I love your sense of aesthetic.
I am not a scrapbooker, but i do look for free commercial use graphics and this is one of the best as far as looks and the best as in user friendly I have found. I am a bit shy so, I really don't know what else to say, but thank you much for this.:-)


Hello Everyone!! my name is Samantha, i'm 24th and i'm happily married and proud to call myself a stay at home mother of 3 amazing kids, they sure keep me busy and at some point active.. i love being a mom and a wife but besides that i love scrapbooking, i always had a passion for it, i remember during my senior year my graduation project was to make a scrap page, (more like an album) about myself, my family & my hobbies.. that's exactly were my passion started, never though i could scrapbook "digital" it's way easier and much fun... (anyone with me?), i love being part of this forum, it's so much fun and helpful, hope to make lots of friends.. & welcome to the new members!!

-Samantha smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!!

I'm Melodie. I live on a farm in Western Kansas. My farmer husband and I raise cattle, hogs, chickens, and goats. I also raise a huge garden and make cheese from my goat's delicious milk. We have five kids and two grand kids. I homeschool our youngest, who is now fourteen.
I started scrapbooking way back in 1973 when scrapbooking wasn't cool. I would paste photos and other memoriabilia onto plain white scrapbook pages and journal by hand with an ink pen. Scrapbooking has certainly changed for the better!

Hi Pixel scrapers
My name is Melvyn but I go by” Mel or MelxKyleca” I am from the UK
Just love scraping, have been scrapping for a couple of years. This is just one of my hobbies, you will find out more as you get to know me, you will also get to know all about my Dog “Mr Darcy” he is often in my scraps. Looking forward to uploading my first scrap!

Hello, digiscrapbooking world!
My name is Elisabeth and, just like our talented hostess, I was born in '85. I'm an ex. military brat born in California. I made my first cross-country move when I was 3 months old (or so I'm told by the family at least) and I never had the pleasure of living in one place longer than 3 years until I reached adulthood.
I've spent the last 7ish years in Idaho to be near family. I've been married for almost 2 of them and after trying out various college degrees and professions and have settled into the life of a homemaker. I love spending time with my husband and our many animals, playing my piano and of course spending several hours each day scrapbooking. I mostly still work with paper, but I also enjoy dabbling with digital.


Wow Jenna that is wonderful. Welcome to all the new faces it is nice ot meet you all

Hi everyone! My name is Elise Leung. I grew up in Nova Scotia, Canada. After nursing school in Barrie, Ontario, Canada I moved to Connecticut, USA via Winnipeg Manitoba. I only planned to stay for a year but I met my husband and am still here 22 years later. I have 2 children, 19 and 15, and 2 cats- Tiger a senior calico, and Hobbes, a 4 yr old Maine Coon. I presently work for a home care agency as a home health supervisor, and am completing my MSN in patient care services administration. I have been digital scrapping for about 8 years and am slowly getting the hang of it. There is so much to learn! I look back at the first big project I did and laugh (and cringe) at the simplicity of it. It was a 25 page book for my brother's birthday about 5 years ago. I am thinking about redoing some of the pages because they were so simple. I am using more templates these days, and scraplifting ideas to achieve better pages. I love this site- the tutorials are awesome, I wish I had found it sooner, but good things come to those who wait (and search!).

Hi All! I'm Dee and I live in upstate NY with my Sweetie and purrbabies, Wolfie, Smudgie and Cat Guy (Yes, my Sweetie, Josh, named them smiley. I'm a digidesigner and Josh and I run our digital design and crafty biz, CraftBliss, together. We are so lucky to be able to run this biz together! In my former life, I was a tenured college professor, but due to a chronic illness, I had to stop teaching. Nonetheless, I am still a teacher at heart. My favorite thing about being a designer is creating content that allows others to express their creativity. I loved that about teaching writing, too. I've only just joined, but I love this site already! Thanks, Marisa and Jordan. smiley

Hello everyone. I am Evonne (known as Nonnie by my three beautiful grandchildren). I was born, raised and lived all my life in North Georgia, USA. I teach basic technology skills in a public middle school to 6th - 8th grade. Photography and technology are two of my favorite interests and I am super excited to meet everyone here and find this website. I collect scrapbook papers (traditional and digital) and fabric (just started making my first quilt this summer). I look forward to learning more from this site - learning photoshop is one of my goals. Thanks everyone for all your posts and hard work. I am inspired. Thanks Marisa!

Welcome! Have fun with us at Pixel Scrapper!

Welcome everyone! So great to see you here.

Hello everyone! My name is Kara, and I live in Texas. I am a stay at home mom to two wonderful boys (ages 6 yrs and 11 mths), and they keep me quite busy! I just recently started digital scrapbooking, and so far I love it! I love this site, and think that everyone is so talented!

Hello Everyone, My name is Brenda. I just joined this site and from what I've seen it is fabulous. There's so much to see. It will take me a while to get through everything. Anyway, about me I was born in North Carolina and have lived in Pa, Md, Florida and Delaware. Of course my favorite is good ole NC. I am married to a wonderful, hardworking man who is my soul mate which took many trial and errors to finally meet him if you know what I mean. I am currently retired/disabled but have a little experience in graphic design when I was employed in the newspaper advertising industry for about 18 years in all but only did graphic design a few of those years. I have several programs that I work with such as Coral Draw, Inkscape, Serif Craft Artist 2, Serif Digital Scrapbook Artist 2 and Photoshop Elements 10 so if I can help anyone I will try my best. I have a Blog however I haven't posted in a while and I need to get back to it. If anyone is interested I have created some things from some of the programs and offered free so if you would like to check out feel free. My Blog link is on my profile. I guess this is enough about me but I'm glad to be here and hope we all can get to know each other and share ideas and experiences.

Welcome! I hope you feel at home and join the fun! we have a book club starting today, maybe you want to have a look...

Hi Everyone, my name is Heather and I live in England.

I adore Digital Design, Scrapbooking, Crafting i.e. jewellery making, stamping , Photography and loads more.
I belong to several other Digital Scrapbook sites - moderating (volunteer) at Daisytrail and also frequent Scrapbookflair and DST.

I Love learning new things, seeing everyone's Art/Pages in the galleries and helping people x

I have a small Digital Scrapbook Business (Algera Designs) and LOVE creating for that.

Welcome Heather!

Hi everyone!

I thought I had introduced myself in this forum a while back, but I don't seem to be able to find the post... so here it goes (again?!).

I'm an English teacher in Brazil.
I've just started scrapbooking and found out about PS through a blog train and fell in love with it.

I have downloaded the Sweet Things kit, but only today I had the chance to create sth with it. I would really like to share with you and hear what you think about my very first scrap page smiley)


Hi Sue - We have a lot in common! I´m also brazilian, and I was a ESL teacher for kids before some health issues smiley you will love digiscrapping!

You can apply for gallery acces here! I can bet your first layout is waaaaaaaaaaaay better than my first was smiley

Howdy, y'all! My name is Angie Key, and I'm a photo-loving, digi-supply-collecting scrapbooker from Dallas, Texas. As the saying goes, I wasn't born in Texas, but I got here as fast as I could.

I grew up an Army Brat: I was born in Heidelberg, (West) Germany, spent most of my childhood just outside of Washington, DC, graduated from a high school in El Paso, Texas, was a resident of the state of Florida - though I never lived there - and when I went to Dallas for college, my permanent mailing address was Honolulu, Hawaii.

I'm married to my best friend and partner-in-crime. His name is Jim - and my father's name is Jim - and my brother's name is Jim - so you can imagine how crazy things get when we all get together! If you call out "Jim!" either they all answer, or nobody does ... it just depends on your tone of voice.

I've got a teenage stepdaughter and two adult stepsons; no children of my own, but I adore my nieces and nephew (both genetic relations and those of the heart). I also adore my two Morkies, Jack-Jack and Maggie. I'm convinced they understand everything I say. Other people are convinced I'm a little bit crazy. That's okay. smiley

My husband won a big speech contest in 2003, earning the title "World Champion of Public Speaking", so I get the immense pleasure of traveling with him to events all over the globe.

We have so many stories to tell, and that's why I scrapbook: because although I don't have children for whom I can document all the "firsts" and milestones, I still have a story worth recording.

It's great to meet y'all! smiley


My name is Dovile. I am new to digital scrap-booking, and only learning at this point.:) Hopefully I will get better at it.
I've been living in UK for 9 years now, (originally I am from Lithuania), I have a 5 year-old son who's driving me mad quite often because he's so hyper-active - sometimes I feel as though I have at least 5 kids:)
I work from home as a translator and love this job!
I always liked various crafts and and just to make something with my own hands instead of buying.
Some time ago I was looking through my old photos and though it was nice I thought they looked...boring... So I got the idea to liven them up a bit:)
So here I am...and I absolutely love Pixel Scrapper!

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you all here.

Hi all
My name is Sarah and I am a mum of 2 from New Zealand. I am in LOVE with Pixel Scrapper smiley smiley smiley !!!
I scrapbooked for years and more recently have dabbled in digital scrapbooking and would never go back to normal scrapbooking. I have only just found this site and wish I had a year ago when I bought my digital scrapbooking program.
A HUGE thank you to Marisa for creating such an amazing site smiley .

Hi everyone!

I'm Yvonne, 34 years old and I'm from Germany. Normally I create images with a program called Poser. It's a 3D software. Sometimes I create tubes for other people to use them in their own images/scraps.

I use Photoshop Elements for all my 2D stuff. I did digital scraps a long time ago, but I still like it. I found this link in another forum and thought, I should take a peek.

My nickname in the internet is normally Margy. So that's the signature on all my images. smiley

hello to all the new faces! smiley

I am so glad I found this site. I have been active in paint shop pro (PSP) tagging community for about 5 yrs or so. Just starting to learn PS and want to design kits and elements. I have met so many new people through Facebook and Pinterest. Things sure have changed in the last couple of years. I look forward to getting to know people and learning new programs.

Hello, i'm Elysah. I'm 44 years old and live in the Netherlands. I've always been creative and amongst other things been scrapbooking for a few years now, but i started digiscrapping about a year and a half ago. Recently i started designing and this site was recommended to me by a fellow designer. I'm real glad i found you, thank you so much for sharing and all the (very) usefull tutorials !!!