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Hi, my name is Maureen ( Mozzie is my nickname). I live in Australia. I will be back to find my way around in the next week or so. Hugs Maureen xxx

Wow. This looks like a great community so far.

I'm Kiana, I used to work 40 hours in a call center/customer service, now I work more but only get paid in kisses!! When I started staying home with my kids I wanted to find something to do with all the pictures I took of them besides leaving them on my PC. I was given a free version of PSP9 and started out trying my hand at learning digital scrapbooking, this was back in 2010 or so. I hoarded all the free kits I could find and used some of them. Lol. I scoured the internet for tutorials on how to do this or that. I did join a forum/site that helped me grow my skills and have since upgraded to CS6(Photoshop) ... still scouring the internet for tutorials for this and that, and now wanting to try my hand at designing, which is how I found Pixel Scrapper!!! I'm looking forward to getting my feet wet here and sharing my creations. Thanks for this place.

Welcome everyone! I guess it was a busy weekend with lots of new faces!

My name is Bianca and I'm really new to digiscrapping. So new in fact that I'm still trying to understand the jargon and how things work. I was also born in 1985 (same as Marisa) but 18 'til I die is definitely my song. I was born (and still live) in SA in a little town called East London. I studied Accounting Science but am currently running a business with my hubby of 2 yrs. I enjoy arts and crafts and cooking and baking and decided to throw in scrapbooking as another hobby. Life is meant to be lived so it's nice to be able to learn new things. Any help with scrapbooking and photo taking will be much appreciated.

hey there -

i currently live in GA. I am a professional photographer and enjoy making newborn announcements as well as christmas cards for my clients. I always look for scraps that are not common and readily available for others to keep it exciting for my clients. Looking forward to being on this site!!


My name is Véronique, I'm 45 and I live in Burgundy 1 hour from Paris. I hope my english is not too bad, I would have to resume classes because if I want to visit my family who lives in the four corners of the world, english is essential!

I am designer and photographer freelance, which allows me to take care of the education of my two children (Laura 19 years, studying Korean and Maxim 9 years) and my job passion!
I did my studies in high school graphic arts and industries specializing in publishing. I just recently fully realize a 200-page book for a collector of fishing in scrapbooking style.

Scrapbooking is my new passion. Although I'm interested in for 2 years with the site of Marisa, Brook and Jordan, I only starting to realize for my personal photos.

Thank you Marisa and Jordan for this site so nice and really well built!

My name is Nat (short for Nathalie) I'm French (just as Veronique, funny isn't it?).As we say here "I speak english like a spanish cow" but I'll try my best. I live just next Paris but I spend my weekends in the center of France (Sologne)
I'm a teacher (physics and chemistry, I know it's boring ...) but I love photography, painting , drawing ... I administrate some websites and forums so I use the scrapbooking tips and ressources for webdesign.
I have a 10 years old son and a cat named Miss Fifth they are my favs models in photography

but I like taking pix of any animal I "meet"

well I "talk" too much...
by the way this is the "real" me a "couple" of years ago : but i think my profile pic describes me more smiley

thanx for this lovely site and congrats to all the talented creators

Welcome everybody:

Veronique and Nat: Your english are better than you imagne. And well, we are used to have different English levels and still communicate here, because we have members of all 5 continents, with the most different mother tongues. I am from Brazil and, when I don´t know how to express myself in English I just try and use brackets to tell that I am not sure if it´s the proper way of speaking.

And I have to say, I´ve learned lots of vocabulary through Pixel Scrapper smiley So, for me it´s like "I do what I really like, and learn a second language as a bonus" smiley

Hello from a Canadian digital newbie. My name is Carol and I am venturing into the world of digital scrapbooking. As I have pictures waiting for me from my childhood as well as my husband's not to mention my girls and their daughters, it is time for me to start documenting our lives. I am a great fan of Marisa's work and thoroughly enjoy her site. Keep up the great work, Marisa. I look forward to using (playing) with my collection of digital scrapbooking items not only in scrapbooking, but also in my cardmaking.

Hi there! New here and LOVING this site - wonderful! smiley

I swear I thought I replied already, I guess that didn't quite happen. Somehow. Distracted!! Aie. Cmq, I'm Sylvan, I'm 25, I live in Switzerland in the southernmost reaches bordering Italia. My mother did Creative Memories for a lot of my childhood, and I remember being allowed to do my own books. Fast forward a dozen years and I enjoy doing things on my own, but part of world-wide travel means that supplies aren't readily available... enter the digital world!

I actually discovered the site looking for paper options to do a real-format scrapbook for a friend's wedding, and it hooked me hard. A friend is taking a five week holiday with me at the moment, so that'll be my first digital effort. smiley I can't wait to get started.

Hiii everyone, My name is Daniela, I´m 26, have a beautiful 3 year old daughter and live in Venezuela. My language is Spanish, so a did an English course. It helps me a little bit more to understand your language. I love pixel scrapper for the unique things you guys have and very helpfull for the tutorials to help me create my own designs. Thanks you very much.

Hi there! I first started scrapbooking in 2011. It has been a way for me to journal and process feelings and emotions and to also document my little boy's life. He was born in 2010. I have taken a lot of pictures over the last few years and have since culled a lot of the ones that have not been so good. I have also slowed down in taking pictures this year. Lately, I am mostly writing down things he says because it is very funny to me. I found pixel scrapper not long after the site started. I used to participate regularly in the scrapping community at Divine Digital, but since the site shut down earlier this year, I have not found another place to call home. Since I haven't had a place to share layouts, I haven't scrapped all that much in the months since.

Welcome everybody! Hope you enjoy getting together at Pixel Scrapper

@Sylvan: OMG, you live in a place that I never went but truly love! I have a passion for the switzerland´s italian border since I was 11 and saw pictures of there. I´ll maybe bother you someday with a couple of questions about it... smiley

Hi, everyone!

I'm Andrea. I live in Croatia. I do lots of crafts, mostly with paper, like Iris folding, mosaics, paper models etc. I don't do actually scrapbooking, because I'm not good at it... but I use those papers, printend on thin papers, for Iris folding.
A few weeks ago I learned how to make digital papers, especially patterned papers, and last week I learned how to make brushes for Photoshop. I have a little blog called Dea's designs where I post all the stuff I now know how to make...
I would love to be part of any blog trains, collabs etc. here, just let me know where to start, LOL...
So, that's it from me for now, have a great day

Hello, everyone. My name is Maria Hooley. I live in Oklahoma and when I'm not teaching or writing novels, I'm usually taking pictures of my kids. I've scrapbooked for years, and I've recently converted to digital scrapbooking.

HI a 38 year old mum to three beautiful babies, 12, 9 and 7.
I work as a hair stylist part time and spend my other days running around after the kids. I live in Auckland NZ. I love scrapping but have never dived into digital scrapping. I am arty with paint so hoping this will carry thru to my scrapping. I love getting ideas from others and cant wait to learn.
thanks for such a fantastic site.
look forward to chatting soon smiley

Welcome everyone! So many new faces from so many places! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi! My name is Melissa and I am here from Salt Lake City, Utah! I have been scrapbooking for about 19 years now! I started digitally scrapping about 6 years ago and LOVE it!! I just found this site a week ago, and let me tell you, I am in HEAVEN!! I just started to get into the designing stuff, etc about two months ago and this site has made my life TONS easier! And, I am learning, too! Which is good! I have two sweet kiddos and a wonderful hubby who is uber supportive! I am so lucky! I love to travel, and record my travels with my scrapbook!
Thank you so much for your generosity and for your wonderful designs! Seriously in heaven over here! Thank you so much!

Hi, I'm Jess. smiley I love scrapbooking so much! It calms me. I didn't realize how much until I stopped for awhile and I got so antsy. This site is amazing! What a fabulous idea! Thank you for making it!

I have three kids and one on the way...who somehow miraculously all survived a car accident today. (God is good.) That's random I guess, but it's what's on my mind at the moment! I scrapbook for them mostly, but I got so addicted to it that now it's very much for me as well! I loved looking through photo albums of myself as a baby because my mom had put so much love into it that I knew she loved me a lot when I looked through it. I want my kids to know that too! I try to keep up with current pictures of them, but as it turns out I'm a terribly slow scrapbooker. (What most people get done in an hour, I get done in ten!) But that's okay, because scrapbooking feels like art to me and art is allowed to take time, don't you think?

I love the creativity on this webpage. Seriously brilliant idea! Absolutely floored by it! I plan to tell all the scrapbookers I come across!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi scrapbookers I'm Elif from Turkey and i'm 21 years old. I met with pixelscrapper long time ago, at that time there was no download credit or community points but i was not familiar with scrap-booking unfortunately. But now i started to do some assets and digital pages and embellishment. While i'm doing these things ofc i got inspirations from other scrappers and pixelscrapper is the most i liked.
So that's me and glad to meet you guys!

Hi everyone, my name is Jennifer, but everyone I know calls me Jen, I am 46 years young. I have been making cards since November 2011 since being diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS. I lost a bit of time dwelling on things and feeling sorry for myself and then I thought what is the point. This is not going to help me get on with my life, so I decided to find something that would help me pass my time and turn the negative into a positive.

By making cards, 3D creations and generally playing about with various different media, techniques etc, I found that this was something that I could do easily. I was always an arty, crafty type person anyway, so I was building on what I had from years ago. So from that first day when I took this decision, I have came on leaps and bounds with my cardmaking, I absolutely love doing it and creating wonderful, lovely things.
However, I am in no way a digital person, so this is my next step, I want to get into digital crafting and someone told me about Pixel Scrapper and I thought, another string to my bow??!!!
This is just the beginning of another adventure for me, and hopefully meet more wonderful people with the same types of passion for card, paper as myself.
I have a blog and you are all more than welcome to go and have a look at the things that I have been creating. There are some good, some bad and some indifferent, but this is how we/I learn.

So please come and visit me and follow me and become a friend, the more the merrier.
I am looking forward to finding my way about the site and what it can teach me and show me.

Jen x

Krafty Keepsakes

Welcome Elif and Jen! Thanks for saying hello!

not sure if I'm doubling up here, but saying hello from the UK!!

I was a paper scrapper, then got into digital, joined loads of CTs, and have just given up all of that to be a designer...trying to find my way in the big designer world, LOL!!

Hoping to have more time soon as responsibilities towards sick rellies are gradually lessening, and looking forward to looking around and joining in here more!!

Thanks for a wonderful site!!

Bernie x

Hi, I am EmmaLee!

I am 28 years old and I live in the wonderful city of Denver, CO!

I have been scrapbooking since I was a young child, but I found digital scrapbooking about 5 years ago when my 1st child was born and within that time I found pixelscrapper at it's beginning stages when there was no download credit or community points. I then had to put scrapbooking on the back burner because I became a busy mama of 2 boys and I was diagnosed with kidney disease. My everyday life become all about my children and becoming healthy! I am glad to say today my kidney function is great! and I only go for check-ups to make sure everything is still functioning normally.
Since I am now healthy and my boys are more independent I can start scrapbooking again, although I do feel a little lost coming back into the digital world because so much has changed, hopefully I can get back into the grove of things!

Welcome everyone!

@EmmaLee: Glad to see you're back! I hope you'll find things an improvement since last time!

Hi there - my name is Elissa, from New Zealand. I found Pixel Scrapper a few years ago when I started to scrapbook digitally and searched for backgrounds to use - and have been coming back ever since! Thanks for an amazing website, which definitely helps to get my creativity going as I start new pages/books.

Hi everyone!
My name is April. I am from Alabama. My husband and I have three kids who are homeschooled. I have started making some of my children's school worksheets, which led me to digital scrapbooking. Now that our youngest is a little older, I have the time to work on things like this. It is so much easier than having piles of papers and stickers sitting around begging little hands to play with them. lol.

My name is Eileen. I live in a log cabin in the Catskill mountains of NY. I've been a crafter all my life, always ready to try something new. I have recently become a grandmother of a beautiful little boy and that's what got me started in digital scrapbooking. So happy to have found your site with a wealth of information and inspiration! I would love to see pictures of finished books that others have done.