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Hi, I'm Meutia. I'm Indonesian who live in Ghana. I used to work in mining company until..just a couple months ago my husband drag me here to Ghana and now I am a bless stay-home-mom, then I should keep my self busy here.. or I start to complain about anything.. hehehe..
I made my very first scrapbook (paper based) 3 months ago... oh I am so newbie..
Then I found Pixel Scrapper just a couple days ago while browsing to get an inspire layout, and I know digital scrapbook is from here! I really need to move on to digital scrapbook.. It's a great time, a great site, and a great great great!!!

Welcome Meutia! Glad to have you here!

Hi!!! I'm Loretta, known as Retta, Sumpter. I'm a geeky nerd and really self taught in almost everything I do. Married for 29 years this year to my heart, Michael. We've had four children. One girl the same age as you Marisa! She is married and now we have another son, Joe. We then had the first grandson on my side of the family and named him after both grandpas. He went home to be with Jesus at 2 1/2 months old. He is what really started me on serious scrapbooking after years of playing at it. He died the day befor my birthday and a scheduled photo shoot. We became contact parents for SIDS. Later blessed with two more sons over the next 5 years, we are blessed. Add in an aquarium, Great Dane, Austrailian Cattle Dog and we have are family this far.

I'm not Amish, but my parents grew up Amish. That means I have a lot of relatives! We live in Northern Indiana in a very small town. I am currently unable to work, so working on designs for my plotter/cutter, digital stamps, papers and more keep my mind busy. I previously managed a motorcoach company, tour guide and more. I miss being able to travel. I am blessed with the best Friends ever and we all scrapbook. Creative and so encouraging!!! My Posse and I are a force all our own and talk about brainstorming! I'd say almost anything art is our thing. Mixed media, altered art, painting, pen and ink, and and and.

Glad to be here and part of the fun. Here is a file pic I designed in honor of my posse!

Welcome Retta!

I live in Auckland New Zealand.

I have 4 Grandsons and 1 Granddaughter, aged between 12 years and 4 years.

I have been scrapbooking and making cards for about 12 years. Scrapbooking the hard way went out the door when my Daughter Inlaw showed me how to scrapbook the digital way.

I love this site and inspiration it has given me and many others

Welcome Sharon! Thanks for saying hello!

My name is Julie, I am 33(ish), haha, I came across pixelscrapper through a blog, and right now for the life of me I don't remember but I did BOOKMARK! smiley well looking for a tutorial on editing or designing a template for my BC images for my hair bows, yes I am a "bow lady"; she attached a link and here I am. I never knew there was so much more to scrap booking digitally, and although I was not sure if I was going to understand using these amazing templates, the tutorials help! Thank you for all the work you have done for people like me...I look forward to getting to know some of the ladies and see how I can help too. smiley

Welcome Jules, I'm sure you will have a lot of fun here smiley

Hi everyone!

My name is Kathie and I live in Michigan (USA), and I'm hooked on Photoshop!
I'm definitely a Styles addict..lmbo! smiley

I love scrapbooking for myself and others and I have decades worth of family photos to work with!
I'm mom to 3 grown kids that are now starting their own baby pics to play with! LOL!
I love animals of all kinds...especially our 2 black labs...they are so much fun and great photo
subjects! I've been paper scrapbooking for years and added digital about 2 years ago.

I started my blog a year ago and have loved it. You'll find lots of freebies there and I'll be
adding more as often as I can. I also love to read, cook, bake and make many hand crafts.

I've been spending my Points and don't have the 100 I need to start posting in the Free section! smiley
I'm gonna behave myself until they add up so I can share things with everyone...not gonna be
easy either since I love all the templates and cool things that can be downloaded...hahaha!

For anyone finding this post, I'll add my blog link here so you can find the freebies there. My
newest one is in celebration of my blog's 1st birthday! I made a large, free, full size kit to
share with everyone since birthdays are the best when their shared! smiley

Here's the preview of it:

And here's where you can find the download:

I hope you enjoy it and while you're there, pick up all the freebies you would like!

OK...I'm gonna go back to trolling this fabulous site and maybe pick up more great tips from
all those fabulous tutorials that I found here! Have a great day! smiley


I just realized by reading more of the site info that I'm not losing any community points
when I spend my DC's!!! That means I can still go shopping And still get enough points
to qualify to post freebies...YAY...LOL! smiley

Hi Kathie - yes, you can! And, if you chat a lot you will get 100 points soon smiley

Welcome smiley Love the bears on your kit smiley

Hi Everyone!!! My name is Amanda. My husband (London) and I live in Texas and have a greenhouse and are aiming for a self sustaining life. It's a lot of hard work but well worth it.

Whenever I can I create graphics for my website ( which I LOVE doing more than anything else. I use Photoshop Elements 6 as well as Paint Shop Pro X4 and love learning new things.

I absolutely LOVE what you are doing here and really appreciate being able to be a part of your community. Thanks so much!!! smiley

Bonjour! I'm Seth, and I'm 16. I'm from Vermont, and going to high school. I'm an aspiring web designer. I started out venturing into web design in 8th grade, when I joined a club for creating LEGO robots (at my high school, coincidentally). A large amount of boredom resulted in a fairly basic website, but then a year later, I started the process of a brand new website that was great. I would give the link, but the site isn't existent due to hosting issues within my school. I was introduced to this site by my mum, and I'm joining so I (hope) that I can get a creativity boost for the website I am currently working on for my school. I'm not exactly new to digiscrapping either... A couple years ago, I participated in a digiscrapping contest with my mum just for kicks. That was a lot of fun. There's probably a lot more to tell if I went into larger detail...
(Summary: Hi!) smiley

Hi Seth! LOL

Welcome Amanda! Thanks for saying hello!

And welcome Seth! Glad your mom dragged you along!

I'm not sure if I did this already, but I'm Alice.

I'm a seamstress/student who loves regular scrap booking. I used to mostly do a lot of sewing/retro inspired books and journaling designs. I'm trying to make this switch to digital but it's been a little hard for me.

My roommates (4 of them) are way into digital and are much more tech savvy than I am, so they are showing me the way. We only have 2 computers between the 5 of us, and we fight over who gets to go to pixelscrapper first. It's funny.

So hello, everyone. I'm glad to be here.

Hi everyone! My name is Carrie, but my designer name is PinkParadox. I started as a tagger, and have been designing about 6 years or so. I now make & sell scrap kits. I'm a mom of two daughters smiley

Welcome! Have fun with us smiley


My name is Jennica and I live in Northern Sweden. I´m a mother of two, boys both of them. I work as a Medical Laboratory Technician. So I have a job where you don´t exactly get to "play around". I mostly make cards for different occasions, in my own family and for my friends familymembers when asked. I love playing with shapes and colours but have to "work on" being more spontanous and playful in what I create. I tend to be very critical to my own Creations....
I´m not ready to let go of papers yet, by I love so many of the design you share digitaly. The site is Amazing! I "stumbled" on it when browsing the Internet and made it a Favourite to follow. It gives me a lot of inspiration - thank you so much! And thanks everyone who´s publishing their layouts in the gallery!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi. I'm Kim, and I live in the Chicago area. I came across your site through a blog train, and I absolutely LOVE it! Your designs are fabulous! I have been scrapbooking since before it was called scrapbooking - since I was 9. I started to get seriously into what is now scrapbooking in 1997, and became a Creative Memories consultant in 2000. I love the artistic part of scrapbooking, but for me the story is just as important as the art, and I try to impress that upon my customers as well! They always tease me about how much I write - but I come from a journalism background, and I love it! smiley

I enjoy both traditional and digital scrapping about equally, but I am know as the digital diva in my group. smiley Maybe some day I will design digi kits myself, but right now, I enjoy others' kits, and am so grateful that they share!

I just started downloading kits about a week ago - so as soon as I create some things with these items I will post some layouts! Can't wait to share. Looking forward to a long relationship with Pixel Scrapper! Keep up the good work ladies! smiley

Hello from Moscow,
actually I am from Germany but right now my husband and me are living in Moscow. We love traveling and both love taking pictures – and with those pics we just have to do "something" smiley
My mom loves photo albums, she is doing them, as long as I can remember. I started to do them , too but always was unsatisfied with adhesive residues, fading colors and books getting unwieldy when putting to much decoration in. Then I started to leave the digital books only in my computer, watching them on screen what is even more unsatisfying. And then I discovered all these companies offering printed photo albums and digital scrapbooking – so here I am smiley
I really admire all the nice kits, backgrounds and templates to find here and I love all the inspiring designs and layouts, hope to learn much more about digital scrapbooking and of course, hope you'll like my designs, too smiley

Hello! I'm not sure if I introduced myself when I started using Pixel Scrapper, but I have only recently become a supporting member (don't tell my husband!). I live in New York with my husband and daughter. I am a novice scrapper, as well as beader. Nice to meet you!

Welcome! We are glad to have you all here!

Hi! My name is Debbie and I live in Texas. I love creating invitations and have a home-based stationery boutique. I've found that it is very similar to scrapbooking - so I have been attracted to all things scrapbooking, too. I have 2 boys and a wonderful husband (ok, wonderful boys, too) and a cute little dog who keeps me company every day while I'm working.

I'm quite impressed with this site so far and am looking forward to being a part of this community!

Welcome everyone!! Thanks for saying hello.

Hi, my name is Val and I came upon this site while looking for journal page inspiration. I love the way it is set up. I live in Brisbane, Australia and I retired from high school teaching several years ago. I started scrapbooking with a project book, a pen and some glue 30 years ago. I have been into personal computers since they first came out and just love the digital world. I am a bit of an on again off again journaler but I am now determined to observe and record at least something for everyday.
I love a bargain and getting the free download points each day is such fun. I have a desire to make my tea cup and tea pot collection onto scrap booking elements so I am working on getting points so I can add some freebies.
In my time away from the computer I love to read and birdwatch and watch favourite shows over and over on the TV. I love to work on patchwork and applique quilts and knit and crochet small things and now I have added kiln fused glass art to my day.
I look forward to being a part of this commnunity.

Welcome Val! Can't wait to see your tea elements!

Hi,my name is yanie from Malaysia.Im not good in english smiley i love every design from Marisa and Jordan even i don't have my own blog,hehehe.. smiley

Hi! I am Nan, aka Nanscraps. I am a mother of two and a grandmother of 4. I discovered digii when I started blogging and went searching to see how other bloggers were making such cute blogs. I never figured out the blog part, but I sure discovered the world of digiscrap and never looked back! I always wanted to be an artist and digi lets me be one, thanks to all the wonderful digiscrap designers out there that share their creations. I hate glue and scissors, so never was a regular scrapbooker! I knitted, quilted, and sewed instead for creative outlet. And, boy is digi cheaper and less messy!

I started off with all the albums my mother had kept through the years and made two heritage books. Then I got the box from my husband's family and made one for them. My kids and my niece and nephew are on facebook and post pics of their kids, so each get a yearly photobook from me using those pics. I have fun designing and they have a keepsake.

I lived in Germany and in Iceland and love scrapping the pics I saved from that film photo era. Wish I had more, but it is really nice to be able to edit those poorly exposed pics into something with PSE.

I am excited to find this site for several reasons. I love the goodies to download, but even more love the point system for participating and the open gallery and open challenges that do not limit me to pixel scrapper digi supplies. I am a scrapper who feels very confined by using one kit and I hate keeping up with which kit came from which store. Most sites insist you use kits from their store to use in challenges.

I became a supporter of pixel scrapper today and look forward to watching it grow. I hope it stays as open as it is now, so randomscrapers like me can soar without kit restrictions!

I do have a blog. Http:// It used to be a cooking blog. Now the name is Nanscraps, of course!