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Welcome Nur and Nan! Glad to have you here!

Hi, my name is Simone. I am from Germany and I am just starting digital scrapbooking. I get so many ideas on this site, I really don't know where to start! It is great!

Hi, I am Lori, aka Lorikeet. I am originally from Texas, then after marrying an Aussie my life shifted Down Under where we raised our two boys. We are currently on a year posting in Oklahoma, so I am getting used to the American lifestyle again...and recording the process in my layouts.

My grandfather was a naturalist photographer and film maker so cameras were always part of family conversation as I was growing up. My first love was writing and storytelling but I chose to study advertising/illustration and graphic design so that I could communicate visually as well. When I went off to art school I planned to work for Disney and write/illustrate children's books. I have done neither, but I treasure the stories told in the scrapbooks and journals kept over four generations on my mothers' side, and feel I am keeping the tradition in a much more purposeful way with all the wonderful tools we have. Like them, my first focus is on the stories and photos, but the colors, patterns, word art and layout ideas sure make it all fun!

Life is a patchwork of people, places, experiences and dreams fulfilled, broken and re-imagined. I hope this is captured in my work. They are the 'children's books' that I now create for generations to come. smiley

I am looking forward to learning more about this site and am excited by the sharing community here.

Welcome Simone and Lori! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi! Since I joined two blog trains it's probably time that I introduced myself! My name is Phyllis and I live in Northeast Ohio. I've been scrapping for several years and dabbling in designing occasionally. My husband and I are both retired and love travel and taking photos. Marisa, you and Jordan have a great site here and I hope to be able to participate more, if I ever get caught up on getting photos into albums.

Welcome ladies! I hope you enjoy Pixel Scrapper, and feel more than welcome to get involved smiley

My name is Lins I am from South africa and I am a digital scrapbook kit designer

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello. My name is Amber and I'm a 31 year old stay at home mom/graphic designer from California, USA. I'm in school for design and own my own digital art/scrapbooking business from home. I love this site for the community and the commercial use abilities. I started paper scrapping, collaging and art journaling about 20 years ago and just started digitally over the past couple of years. I love not only designing but creating layouts/journaling pages as well. I love having an outlet for my creativity and emotions. I find it very therapeutic. I still do some painting, collaging and physical art but with digital, you can do it from almost anywhere, your supplies never run out and there's no big mess! What else hmmmm.........I love Earl Grey tea, Broncos football, and watching Doctor Who. I have many things in my home shaped like the T.A.R.D.I.S.

Hi there, Ella here and I am addicted to scrapping and card making smiley. Living in Southern Arizona right now, husband retiring in a few months and will be head back home to Washington. Mom of 3 kiddos, 14, 10 and 2. I also love crocheting and enjoy making doilies! Love getting new kits and enjoy everything on this site!

Hi I'm Kimmie. I live in New Hampshire USA.

I love traditional scrapbooking and even owned a brick and mortar store at one point.

I've been married to my wonderful husband for 22 years. 3 years ago we adopted our son Matthew and last year our daughter Alexis. I call them the "littles" and they've really changed our lives (for the better).

I used to be a financial advisor and money manager but now, I'm a SAHM (huge lifestyle change). We are super busy and I don't have the time or energy after a busy day with the littles for traditional scrapping right now. I missed it so last week I decided to break out an old copy of PSE 7 I had to try digi scrapping. I'd never used the software before or scrapped in that way but it was fun! Since then I've done about 8 pages....which is 8 more than I did all last year.

I was doing some PSE and digi scrapbooking searches last night and stumbled across this website and started looking around. Love it!

I'm looking forward to sharing some of the LOs I've done to get feedback. I'll be looking around to figure that out this week. smiley

Soy Nadia, y me encantan éste lugar. Vivo en Colombia y casi todos los assets que uso son para adornar las entradas de mi blog. Gracias Marisa!

Hi! I am a Controller for a small company by day and scrapbook junkie by night. I've been scrapbooking for over 10 years. I started with traditional and starting dabbling in digital a few years ago. I've been doing 100% digital for the past year or so. Makes sense since I've also been a computer hobbyist since before IBM began to sell a little thing called the PC to individuals and people ever heard of a little know company called Microsoft. As a kid, when most went to the toy isle when shopping with Mom, I went to the office and art supply isle. I've always had a love affair with all things paper. How cool when a found a hobby that married both my loves!!

I've been on several different site and I have to day I really like the concept of this site as it really encourages you to participate. As in life, you give, you get. I look forwarding to contributing to this community.

Hi, My name is Katharine and I live in Southern California. I'm a native to California but my parents are from Sweden. I still have an Aunt and cousins from both sides of the family in Stockholm and Vaxjo. My husband, Kurt, and I have been married 25 years and have a 15 year old daughter, Natalie. Natalie will be 16 in November. I've been doing scrapbooking for 15 years but lately I've been playing with digital designs that I often show on my blog. Now I am learning more about digitial scrapbooking. So far the files, here, have been easy to download and look fun to work with. I don't have photoshop yet but plan on getting it soon. In the meantime, I've been playing with programs like Picmonkey. smiley

Welcome Amber, Elaine, Katarine, Nadia, Paul, Kimmie and all the newcomers! Hope you enjoy us, and don´t be ashamed to jump in forum topic, ask things and so on! The site is ours smiley

Hi, my name is Sametra and I love to digital scrapbook why cause I am in new place in my life. So I find that digital scrapbooking is a great stress reliever for me. I love to create layouts from templates cause with my crazy schedule I find layout templates a great time saver. I find myself drifting off into la la land when I get on this site. I find this site a great place for my income status. I am homemaker now was laid off from my job and I am one of those people that could not find work again. My hubby takes care of us. So I love to create memories with the photos with the digital scrap kits or layout templates. I love layout templates and templates to create kits. I love to sell kits after I am done putting them together. If I make a sale yay if not it is okay. Really I am in it for the fun.


My name is Marina.I'm russian-lithuanian, but currently I live in Ireland.Have two beautiful kids, married.
I looove calligraphy and creative ideas! I have not much experience in digital scrapbooking. Just started calligraphy business and believe that PIXELSCRAPPER will help me to raise calligraphy to a new level:)I think, Marisa,your work and this site very inspirational. Thank You!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

smiley Love creating think this site is totally cool and I am enjoying it so much. I thank you for the free credits everyday and look forward to being able to contribute one day soon. I was wondering if there is away of uploading. Some of the pictures that I have created using your assets. I have been posting them on my Blog but would enjoy sharing them here with you. Welll look forward to learning and playing together here in the future and the now!!!

Hi Marina, It is so nice to meet you. Ireland must be beautiful this time of year. How old are your children? How long have you been Married? My son is 26 not a baby anymore. I am a newly wed of 20 months. smiley God's grace, peace, light, and love to you

Hello everyone, My name is Doreen and after reading all the posts I realized what I was suppose to do. smiley Duh!!! I am a newly wed of 20 months to a wonderful Christian man of god. I have a 26 year old son. I teach Jesus Sprouts at my Church which is our spin on Sunday school/service for the children. I love gardening, cooking, and crafts Which are all creating. I create using food, plants, paper, well as a love of designing with many more materials. I live in So. Florida, Hialeah to be exact, which is a part of Miami. So most of my creating is outdoors as much as I can because of anemia I am always cold and do not like air conditioning. So winter here is beautiful outside and summer is delightful!!! I hope to talk with each and everyone of you and make contact. Yo habla mucho. Yo tratando habla espanol. I am learning. God's grace, peace, light, and love to you all. In Jesus' Service Doreen smiley

Welcome! Feel free to post and meet new friends through our Forums!

Hello, My name is Nancy. I'm in Mississippi. I am 33 years old and I am a professional photographer and a graphic designer. I found Pixel Scrapper by accident and I have to say, it is one of the best accidental finds I have ever ended up on !! Great Site ! Thank You for having this site and helping us SAHM's especially.

Anyhow, I have been married to my husband for almost 17 years and together we have a 9 year old daughter, who is the light of our lives. We are hoping to have more children whether biological or adopted.

We love animals. I have a blue russian kitten names Jagger, a pekingese female puppy names Emerei Layne and a pekingese male (who looks like a puppy, but is actually going on 3 years old that I hand raised from birth since he has a cleft lip and palette.) So, that's our family in a nutshell for the most part. smiley Thanks again for this wonderful site !! smiley

With Hugs & Best Wishes,


Hello, my name is Sahra, im 18 and im from germany. I really Love Digital and non Digital Scrapbooking and im a big fan of DIYs. I also Love Music and cooking. I really Love this site and im really Happy that i found it.
Greetings from Germany smiley

Welocme Nancy and Sahra!

Hi, my name is Marta. I live in British Columbia, Canada. I don't personally create via scrapbooking; however, I love to create my own greeting cards. This site has wonderful papers that will look great on the kinds of cards I make. Thank you very much for all of them.

Hi! I´m beginner with digital scrapbooking and I have found alot of inspiration here. I´ve begun the work with a big photo album of our family and our first 25 years together. (Me and my husband) Next year we will celebrate our 20th anniversary, and Ihope the big album will be ready then.

I live and work in the second city of Sweden - Göteborg as a deacon in Church of Sweden. My husband have been working with computers his whole live. I think this have made me very positive about computers. I use them as a tool.

When I read I love to read about murder mysteries and last year we traveled in "Midsomer" in Great Britian.

I live in South Africa and is just over 40 years young. I have 3 beautiful young kids and love to take lots and lots of pictures - scrapbooking was a natural consequence. I am an attorney who, by choice, gave that up almost 2 years ago to be a (hopefully) better mum. Thus, no artistic background. I discovered digital scrapbooking recently and it set my creative juices in motion.

Welcome Lotta and Rhene! Glad to have you here!

Hi all, I'm Mareena and new here. I've been scrapping on and off for about ten years, both digitally and with paper. I'm also artjournaler and do all sorts of crafts and art with paper, fabric, found items and what not. For digital work I use Gimp, though I have used PS and Corel in the past.

I'm 38 years old (or young), live in Finland. I have two wonderful daughters, the older one is soon 17 and the younger one is 8. They both share my passion for creating, and we love to make a mess with papers, paints and stuff in kitchen table together.