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Hello there, Ms. Marisa and all members here!

I want to thank the website owner and contributors and members who comprise this site. It is such a privilege for me to have accidentally landed on this wonderful free scrapbooking site. I am a Filipino who lives in the central part of the Philippines where the Typhoon Haiyan had left bare. Although we were not hit like the other areas near us, we all feel the warth of the typhoon-cum-tidal wave-twister.

Anyway, I just love to digital scrap. I use a simple editor called ACDSee which was a gift from my brother who lives in NY. It is so simple and just provides the basic edit tools we need to scrap. I don't know how to make portable elements so I depend so much on freebies. It is sort of a theraphy to me especially after I had a mild stroke. It provided for the occupational theraphy I needed. I also do the traditional scrapping yet in this age of digital photos, we could simply not afford to print photos anymore. Ha ha ha.

So thank you, Ms. Lerin, for the privilege you give me to be a member.

Lolita Valle, Philippines

Hi, i,m a new and a principiant scrapbooker. Kisses from Spain. Besos.

Welcome! Have fun downloading and scrapping smiley

Welcome ladies!!!! Hello!

I am Brazilian, I live in the state of São Paulo in the city of Santos'm 27, I graduated in Law in scrapbook and have one wonderful hobby.
I am also an artisan profession I on the side.
I love chocolate and winter.

你好 - 我是Michelle和我住在加利福尼亚州。我发现像素刮板约6个月前,并已通过经常!我设计剪贴簿套件,并有我自己的小博客,让我忙!很高兴看到这么多的人从世界各地!感谢你使这这样一个伟大的网站,玛丽莎和乔丹!

Hello - I'm Michelle and I live in California. I found a pixel blade about six months ago, and have passed often! I designed scrapbook kit, and have my own little blog, let me busy! Glad to see so many people from all over the world! Thank you for making this such a great site, Marissa and Jordan!

Translated from Chinese to English

@Rebecca: Welcome! Wow, finally someone from my state here at Pixel Scrapper! I´m from São Paulo, SP, and I live close to Imigrantes Road, which leads to the Coast (and your town)!

Hi, I'm Colleen and I live in Michigan. My main passion is photography but I love turning my photos into digital layouts. I play around with making templates, assets and layouts but I'm not that good at it.....yet. Pixel Scrapper designers have great products and ideas. I joined because this is one of the best sites I have come across. So much to share and play with. I don't have a blog, but I do have a facebook and Flickr page that I use almost daily. Thank you for creating this fab site and for all the great designs and shares.

Welcome everyone, is good to see new faces smiley

Hello my name is jean and i am from the UK , I have been married to russ for 31 years and have two children who are now married with children of there own, thats four grandchildren in all , and i love scrapping pages when i get the time to do so, my pages are mostly fantasy i fairies , wings dragons and sparkly bits and bobs and can not stop once i get going ,though i would join a site and see if i could meet new friends and also get some fresh ideas.

I have NO crafty friends or even digi scrapping friends. I was beginning to think an obsession with paper and graphics was weird. Now I find this site and have a new place of "weird" friends with whom to share my joy of such things. So glad I found this page

Hello everyone. My name is Liz and I am a bonafide digital scrapbook addict. My spouse will attest to that. I started traditional scrapbooking years ago and shortly thereafter switched over to designing my own products. I love putting my creativity to work, especially after an idea comes to mind. Putting pen to paper is how most of my designs come to life.

I am Serena I am from California and I am currently studying to be a teacher smiley I am a full time student and I have a part time job. I was the editor of my high schools yearbook and since then I learned about digital scrapbooking. i love it. I tend to do a mix of the 2 arts. Most of my pages are adventures (big and small) with my boyfriend (of 4 years) and our friends and family. I found this site after falling in love with many of the blog trains and I decided to join to have access to all of the amazing kits available on here smiley Happy Holidays all!

Hi! My name is Melissa. 33 years young. Mother of Anna - 3 years young. Anna has brought me so much joy and pride. She is smart and funny. I love catching her randomness on camera and video.
All of our family lives out of state and getting up North to see them is more difficult than it should be. Thank goodness for technology. They get to celebrate her milestones right along with us since I take (way too) many photos smiley
I work in Marketing and Sales for a well-established, reputable, amazing retirement community. My work with seniors is so rewarding. I am fortunate to be able to say, "I love my job!"
I am enjoying this site and am looking forward to learning more about digital scrap booking and taking part in its creative awesomeness.

Hi! My name is Donna Smith. I am retired & live in beautiful Colorado Springs, CO. with my husband of 47 years. I have been scrapbooking for years but I am somewhat new to digital scrapbooking. I have made photo books through various photo companies, but not with my own designs. I haven't even downloaded a scrapbooking program as I'm not sure where to start. So I am reading the tutorials & blogs. smiley

Hi, I'm Robyn (aka TigerlilyOz). I'm from a little town in Queensland, Australia. I am a complete beginner in Scrapbooking of any description, whether paper or digital, but I love to admire everyone else's talent! At present, I'm trying to learn how to use PSE 11, so I can join in, but am finding it difficult to find the time. I care for my 83-year-old mum, and we just lost my dad a few months ago, a week before his 93rd birthday. I have one daughter, and she, my mum and I all live together, with four cats between us! I just love Pixel Scrapper, and I can't believe the quality and diversity of the designs. Your designers are so talented! And generous, too. This site is a brilliant idea, and well executed. Congratulations, and I hope you have many years of beautiful designs ahead of you.

Hello Everyone! My name is Jillian-Kate, and I am from Ontario, Canada.
I've been creating digitally for about 10 years: mainly drawing and designing concert posters for independent bands.

I say that I "lead an (almost) entirely vintage-inspired life", because owning a mobile phone & computer are really the only exceptions I've made. I come from a family of collectors and antique dealers, and have been truly passionate about vintage & antique... well, everything, for as long as I can remember. This has had a tremendous influence on all aspects of my life, including what I wear, the way I decorate my home, and the work I've done, right down to determining my scrapbook layouts and designs.
I do still prefer to work with my hands, and love the feeling of paper, but am constantly amazed by how many options are available to us digitally, and love that there truly are endless possibilities... that's just so exciting!

I stumbled upon Pixel Scrapper almost by accident, but I'm thrilled to have found it. I already feel as though I really am part of a community, and one that does help to make the internet feel a bit less cold and anonymous. I'm completely on board with the manifesto, and the belief that "together, we can make a better internet."
There is such an abundance of creativity and generosity here, and I can't tell you how inspiring everyone and everything is!

Thank you for having me! smiley

Welcome everybody! Thanks for saying hello, I hope you all enjoy to interact with this community as much as I do!

Hello.. It's about time I introduced myself smiley I've been here for a few months now, as a new designer I was looking for somewhere to share my designs and was so happy to find the Pixel Scrapper blog train that allows new designers.
I finally ventured out of the blog train forum and discovered the wonderful PS community smiley
So, my name is Bre.. I live in Pa, USA & have 4 kids. Designing has become a fun way to get in some me-time.
I started paper scrapping 14 years ago when my 1st daughter was born.. discovered digital about a year ago using Photoshop elements. Now I use mostly Photoshop & Illustrator. Between the tutorials here and a designers class I take, I have learned a lot about designing & love it!

Hi, I am a Romanian from Australia. I love creating beautiful things. I am not exactly a scrapbooker but I like crafting from jewllery, embroidery, crochet, textiles, to fashion. I am a biologist and psychologist and I love science translated into art. I design abstract patterns in general based on fractals. I have a 20 yo beautiful daughter who did not show much interest in crafting from a young age as I did. Surprisingly enough, now she is an avid scarbooker! It's great to have found your website Marisa and this great scrapbooking community!

Hello all. I am Deanna and I live in Texas. I have been digital scrapping since 2005. I am a designer on hiatus and am currently involved in some CT work. I love scrapbooking.

Hello everyone,
Seems that my old age is playing tricks on me as I thought I already introduced myself here ... oh well let's start again.
I'm 47 summer young and live in Sweetzerland. Travelled some in my younger years and don't really do scrapbooking but photography and now "graphic art". I'm a compulsive zazzler and bubbler (as we call ourself on "Zazzle" and "Redbubble").
Photography, swimming, wandering in nature and playing with my friends kitties/doggies are on my top list but not necessarely in that order.
Stumbled here while looking for PS tutorial and just enjoy it very much.
Pour les francophones n'hésitez pas à me demander un coup de pouce pour traduire (anglais-français ou inversément).

Hello everyone,

WOW there are so many people using this site - its fantastic!

Ok - about me. Well I am from Australia and my name is Anna. I am 29 and have 2 children under 2 (I think you can see the top of my second child's head on my photo). When i get a break from running after my toddler or soothing my infant i love to collect all the photos of us and make them into beautiful photo books. I only recently realised i could jazz them up by making them into scrapbooks - and i am SO excited to explore this world of digital scrap booking. I apologize in advance if i ask stupid questions or don't know what is being discussed. And i thank you all so much in advance for any help you offer me! Yay! i'm going to go and look for some things to download now. Hope you all have a great night!

xxxx Anna

Wow, lots of new friends! Welcome and have great fun!

Hi, I'm Mary Hill aka (oldfinger) smiley I have just joined with you. It is so kind of you all to share your work. I live in Somerset down the south-west of England UK. I don't have a web site or blog and have done digital crafting for my own hobby only for the past 4 or 5 years, recently becoming a CT designer and it is mainly those pages I will be uploading if that is okay?

My name is Mariah and I live in a small country town in Washington state. I'm 33, a full time student, stay-at-home mom to a lovely 2 year old daughter, and a beginner at digital scrapbooking. I am going to school for Interactive Multimedia but I'm a a beginner at scrapbooking, let alone digital scrapbooking. I use Adobe products for school so that is what I've got to use here for this. Since I'm a beginner I'm sure I'll have a bunch of newbie questions on how to do things in photoshop and whatnot. Though I'm sure as I get further into my degree I will less of them; I hope! smiley

Glad to be here!


Hello from Minnesota! I changed from traditional to digital scrapbooking about two years ago in an attempt to catch up on all the things I am so far behind on getting done (I wonder when that will happen???). I am a grandma of two wonderful little boys who keep me busy when I'm at home. I own/manage my own business in the construction industry and have a love of the outdoors. I volunteer with Girl Scouts and for the past three years have been working with our council as a wilderness canoe trip guide (my dream job!). I tried a new theory in 2013 for scrapbooking of doing my pages a month at a time in the hopes of having a completed album by December.... I made it to March! Maybe in 2014 lol.

Welcome Mary, Mariah, and Terry! So nice to you have ladies here, hope you have lots of fun! Can't wait to see your pages! smiley smiley

I'm Anita, I'm 63, I live in Oregon, and I'm 'retired' - which means I get to spend time being 'grandma' (my husband and I have 11 grandchildren, 6 of them being 2 years old or younger!); I also enjoy spending time gardening; I love to read; I'm working on writing family history; I'm addicted to genealogy research; and I've completed over 100 pages toward a family heritage album!! No shortage of interests, lots of opportunities to do things I enjoy; I hope to complete even more digital scrapbook layouts this year!

I am so excited to have found PixelScrapper - I look forward to the freedom of posting any layout I create, without being confined by the origins of the materials I've used; and I am super-impressed by the attitudes and ideology expressed in the manifesto for this community!!

Hi, I'm Birdee, a mixed-media artist who fell in love with art journaling and digital media a couple years ago.