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Hello, my name is Lenie5, I love to scrapping and came to your site. I would like more to learn about scrapping.
I live in the Netherlands, married with children, haha ...we have 3 sons and 5 grandchildren.
I'm almost 68 years old en still active....running is one of my hobby's, then skeeleren and drawing when i can find the time.
And walking for 1 1/2 our on friday.
Most of the time spending on making lessons for scrapping, I have a site where you can find a lot lessons but they are in Duth.
Not al the things I do understand because my english is not perfect, but I try.

greetz lenie5

Thank you, Marisa...

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hey guys! My name is Renata and I'm from Brazil. I am 19 years old and I study Public Relations. One friend showed this web site and I felt in love immediately. I don't work with scrap books but sometimes I do some arts to internet. Thank you, Marisa for sharing these beautiful arts. smiley

Hi Everyone - My name is Mary. I discovered this site a few days ago. I'm teaching myself digital scrapbooking and Photoshop Elements. I think I'm getting the hang of it smiley My first project is to create a scrapbook of my son's first year as a US Marine! It has been a roller coaster ride of emotions and I'm excited to document this important event in his life. I'm so proud of him! I love the military kits but I'm also hoping to find other things that will go well with the theme.

Thanks for this awesome site!

Hi everyone! I've been interacting on Pixel Scrapper since December 2013 but just realized I didn't post a hello here! My name is Crystal. I live in Pennsylvania, USA. I am an Elementary school teacher in a Montessori school. I love all kinds of crafts including projects with my students. I started paper crafting and making cards with stamps since the 1990's. About 15 years ago that transferred into scrapbooking. Last year I learned to use PSE for digital scrapbooking and on searching to learn more about it, I found this site. Marisa you tutorials have been a tremendous help and everyone here is inspiring, so much that I even participated as a designer in this last blog train!

Welcome Crystal, Mary and Renata smiley

Hi everyone, I'm Jennifer. I'm a 26 year old mommy of two, and caregiver of grams. I'm a fashion design graduate and I use digital scraobooking as a free time activity. I'm also a parenting lifestyle blogger as well.

Hi! I am Ruth and I live in New Hampshire and I can see the Statehouse Dome from my window. I found Pixel Scrapper several months ago when I was looking for templates for a project I was making. I haven't tried to do a scrapbook page, but I do use the embellishments and templates for tags and ideas!

I love paper crafting and combining elements of vintage and antique paper with other items such as fabric and lace and off the wall items.

I really enjoy the site Marisa & Jordan created- it is such a wonderful resource! Thank You Marisa & Jordan!

Hi, Jennifer and Ruth welcome....

Hello all! I'm Ketta and I found this site a few days ago thanks to a blog train. I do digital tagging with licensed art, mostly using scrapbooking elements and papers to construct the background of the tag. I use Paint Shop Pro (with many, many plugins loaded smiley ) and in addition to scrapbooking stuff, I collect fonts, licensed art, and templates to create my own elements. This site is so fantastic, it will help me tremendously with my own element creation and tag creation. Now I just have to remember to visit every day! Looking forward to making more online friends.

Hey All!
I'm Maggie and I'm from Ohio, USA. I've been scrapbooking in some form since I was 15 (I'm 41 now!) - I started with construction paper albums and (gasp!) Elmer's Glue with titles and quotes from magazines! When I attended my first Creative Memories party, that lady did such a good sales job, I was sure that all of my albums were disintegrating right that minute so I pretty much bought EVERYTHING, tore apart all of my albums, and re-did them with CM stuff.

When I was home with my first baby in 2001, I wanted to learn how to make web animations (I just wanted a sig-tag to glitter in forums), and I discovered Paint Shop Pro AND digital scrapbooking. Took me a little while to get on board with the digi-scrap stuff (couldn't let go of my paper, punches, cutters, and stickers), but I eventually turned to the digi-side and started designing too! (I guess I commit to things BIG-time!) smiley

I'm now a stay-home mom and full-time scrapper and designer (Magsgraphics) - and I LOVE Marisa's templates here on Pixel Scrapper! I found this place while I was looking for a chevron template, and I was hooked! I'm anxious to check out the rest of the site (forum and gallery) now!

Thanks for creating such a wonderful place, Marisa!
smiley Mags

Welcome everyone! Thanks so much for saying hello!

Thank you so much for your warm welcomes

Welcome everyone, is good to see new faces!! smiley

Hello - I'm Whitney I found PixelScrapper a couple weeks ago while trying to come up with ideas for Valentine's presents for the grandmas. We had our second daughter in November 2013, and i was wanting to put something together that custom and personal. I dont' want to go to one of those printing websites and just slap a few pictures in there program and they print off something with no personality. So I used PixelScrapper to download some awesome stuff to make a digital scrapbook and have printed out books as the most perfect gifts ever! They turned out amazing and I can't wait to see the grandma's reactions. I hope happy tears are involved smiley smiley so thank you for your amazing website and designers and contributors you have helped me along and i'm going to be a digital scrapbooking making machine!! smiley

Hi, I live in Southwest Florida, USA. I have involved in crafts most of my life. At one point I owned a large craft,frame,floral retail store which including selling supplies for "paper" scrapbooking. Scrapbooking didn't interested me until I discovered digital scrapbooking a few years ago. I'm still in the leaning stage of Photoshop Elements and hope to be able to devote more time to becoming more accomplished. Enjoy the site!

Hi, my name is Yozha and I'm Indonesian. I'm not scrapbooking often. But, I love to see all those scrapbook things and download it. This Pixel Scrapper site is superb!! I'm so thankful that I know this site. Glad to know you all. See you around! xx

Hi Everyone! My name is Ania I'm originally from Poland. In 2009 I came to San Diego, CA to work as AuPair and while living in there I met my husband. After 2 years as Au Pair I changed my profession and I worked for 2 years as a wedding and event planner. I really liked this job but it wasn't my dreamed job. In 2011 I had to go back to Poland because of unexpected family emergency, I stayed there for over a month and when I come back my husband and I decided that life is to short to wait and wonder what future will bring. While working as a planner I decided to follow my passion for animals (I have a master's in zoology) and became pet sitter and dog walker and trainer. This evolved to creating my own Pet Photography business Happy Critter Photograhy. During year 2012 my husband and I worked a lot on our online businesses and now we are able to travel all over the world. We have spent 6 months in Europe, we've traveled around US and now we are having wonderful time discovering beautiful Vancouver, BC and surrounding areas.

I always loved scrapbooking and art journaling and unfortunately being on the road for over 14 months makes it so much harder and the best solution is digital scrapbooking and in addition to that I recently fall in love with Digital Project Life. At first I wasn't sure about PL but now I'm in love. On my blog Sunshine Inspired Designs I share lots of inspiration with my readers as well as my own designs so it just seems to be great place to promote digital scrapbooking and digital project life.

Well I think that is all about me for now. I'm so happy to be a part of this great community and meet more like minded scrapbookers.
Have a great day,


I'm Jenni. I live in North Carolina where I homeschool my 2 girls. I have been digiscrapping for 9 years and designing for 7 (I use to design under the name Scrapilious Cereal but now use the name Joyful Expressions.) I just heard about this community and am looking forward to being a part of it. It looks like I already know some people from around Digi-land (Hi Lorien!)


Hello- I'm Angie from North Dakota...I am new to Pixel Scrapper and so far I LOVE it! I scrapbook both digital and non digital. I am single mom of four wonderful children and a teacher. I find many different things to use the awesome findings on Pixel Scrapper! Thanks for having a sweet site with so many different designs! Very inspirational too! smiley smiley smiley

Wow! I left for the weekend and there are lots of new people. I hope all of you feel really comfortable at our forums, and join the fun. Thanks for introducing, it means a lot for us smiley

And hi there Jenni smiley I am very happy to see you here!

So many new faces! Thanks for saying hello!

@Anna: Traveling too much is the exact reason I got started with digi too! Glad to have you here!

Marisa, I can't wait to see more great inspirations here and share my designs with everybody. I'm happy to be here.

Hi my name is Friena du Preez. I am a mom of two beautiful kids a girl of 7 years and boy of 3 years. I love getting creative and it is my saving grace to get some of my sanity back when I had a hard day. I am very new to the digital scrap-booking and mostly do invitation designs. I am terrible at taking pictures and mostly forget to capture special moments and therefore I do not have a lot of photos to do your traditional scrapbook layouts. I am trying to get better at that smiley. I hope to learn so much from everyone here and Marisa thank you for this lovely platform to express ourselves.


I love this site! I am currently in Manassas, VA, married to a wonderful man, have two beautiful daughters and have four cats. I've been scrapbooking for many years, but just started digital scrapping a little over a year ago. I'm totally hooked!

Hello, I'm Sandra and I live in Gauteng, South Africa, with my husband and three cats. I have a daughter, son-in-law and two step-grandchildren. Digiscrapping was invented for the likes of me, because I can't stand housework and all that tidying up after paper scrapping used to drive me crazy. My house is too small to be constantly messy. I love the way this site is put together and would like to say a big thank you to Marisa and the other contributors who share their lovely work so generously.

Hi, my name is Carla Holyk and I found out about your wonderful site at a Scrapbooking retreat about 6 months ago. It was the first time I ran into other digital scrappers at a retreat and I was amazed by the wealth of possibilities on the internet. I scrap because I have a horrible memory and I was afraid I would forget all the wonderful moments in my children's lives. I switched to digital about 3 years ago and haven't looked back! I've been downloading your kits voraciously and can't wait to share some of my creations now that I have enough community points to get gallery access. Thanks for the opportunity!

Hi All,

Looking to get back into scrapbooking! It's been a year since I've sat down and did anything serious and actually complete a project. I am hoping with all the beautiful kits, that I can finally organize some memories. I need to make something meaningful with all these photos I keep holding onto but never show off. Can't wait to really see everything there is too see. So far I've been impressed with the forums and what everyone shares. Looks like a great community.

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you all here!