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I'm Sharon from Alabama married one child still home and in school 16 yr old one grandson that is my world
glad to be here thanks for all

Hello, my name is Amara and I live in Michigan. I found this website by accident, but I am really looking forward to joining a community of digital scrappers like myself. I am a freelance graphic designer (print and digital) and I am in a country/rock band as a lead singer. I love all things artsy and I can't wait to "catch up" on al my scrapbooks smiley

Okay, after a (too short night) let´s start here to say HELLO!

I am Melly, a nearly 40-years-old mom of three awesome children (19, 16, 13), married with the best hubby alive (1994) and the chief of a little crowd of pets! I love it to photograph all my dears and the nature, and yes: I love it to scrap my photos for photobooks and to show them here.
I started to do graphics around 2002 with Paint Shop Pro 7: in the beginning only little frames. But it grows and so I did blends and signs and animations. A long time I wrote tutorials for PSP X and was the leader of a psp school in the web.
I learned to use Poser too, and a little bit of Bryce - but I came back to work with my own stuff. I got Photoshop of a friend for a really low price and now I am only a scrapper of live.
If there is enough time after family (incl. the pets), working (at a laundry until the end of the year) and photographing/scrapping I need good music to feel good, love it to read and to spend time in my garden and the nature!

Uh - okay, now it´s enough about me...

Hi dear all,
I'm Liz from Hungary. I'm married and a proud mother of a little girl. I've been working as graphic designer and desktop publisher for several years. I've been artistic all my life and always enjoyed crafts. I cannot tell how much hobby I have! What I love most of all: portrait drawing about my favorite actors and musicians (I'm extremely fan type!), jewellery making and product designing (I'm shopkeeper at Zazzle).
I discovered this site when searching for ideas to make a handmade thank you card for my daughter's friend, but I'm not really a scrapper, I use this site mainly for inspiration.

My Name is Carolyn. I have been married many years to a wonderful man. We have are own Mechanic, Body & Paint buisness.
I live in Alabama. I was Born In Germany. My father was in the Airforce. Retired after 22 years.
Both my Parents have Passed on.
In my Spare time I like to create and make Name tags using Alphas and what every else I can find. smiley
I to found this site by accident and just smiley IT!!!!
I am Female however my Icon of Spock is because I love Star Trek and his favorite saying live long and prosper Also
The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. Or the one.”
Thank You

Hello Carolyn! It's always pleasure to meet a fellow Spock fan! smiley I also love Star Trek, I made a lot of portraits about them (

"Dr. McCoy:
- Please, Spock, do me a favor ... 'n' don't say it's 'fascinating'...
- No... but it is... interesting."


How is everyone!
I am so glad to be here. I just lovethis site. So much Talent Here.
I am new to all this but lovin every minute of it.
I hope to get better and better. I love making Email Letters, Name Tags, and many Other things.
Thank You for a wonderful Place

@Pat have fun scanning all of those photos! A couple years ago I did the same thing. I even took all of my photo books and scanned all of those photos! I decided to go completely digital and I am having so much fun! When my Mom died five years ago, I got all of her photos and scanned them...still trying to sort all of them but I must say they are so much fun to digi scrap!

Forge ahead, you will reach the end...I know because I did it! When you are done you will see exactly how many photos you actually have...tons!!!!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by!

I'm Rebecca from Idaho. I just found Pixel Scrapper. I'm so glad to find paper, flower, buttons, bunting, and stitches templates. Sometimes when I am using a kit, I want to add something it doesn't have like a bunting or a striped paper. I have plenty of assets but it's pain to recolor and get it to match the kit colors.

I've been digital scrapbooking for 6 years now. I learned Photoshop in High School so I know enough to get in trouble smiley I'm so glad digital scrapbooking exists. I scrapbooked before and it made such a mess and you couldn't redo things if you didn't like it. Also I can make as many copies as I want of a page. My kids were adopted at birth and I give their birthparents a copy to put in their 8x8 scrapbooks I gave them.

Well, that's about it.

My name is Megan and I currently live in Louisiana. I'm in the Army and stationed at Fort Polk. But I am getting medically retired soon and will be returning home to West Virginia. I have a degree in fashion design but recently decided that I want to go into Graphic Design so now I am a student at the Art Institute. I sell party invitations on Etsy and will be expanding my business soon. I also am working on starting a blog to promote my shop and offer freebies! Love this site!

Welcome Rebecca, Megan and everyone else! Have fun!

Hi, my name is Tania, I live in Central Florida and love everything the area has to offer. I'm married without children but we have plenty of nieces and nephews to keep me on my toes. I've been paper scrapping since 1999 and digi-scrapping since 2007, occasionally I do hybrid projects, cards, and altered crafts as well.

I've been admiring the assets on this site for a while now, and became a subscriber a few months ago, but I think this might be my first venture into the forums.

Hi, my name is Virginia, I have been visiting this site for over a year and really enjoy the tutorials plus all the great products. I am a grandmother of 4 three of which are boys 4, and twins 5. One beautiful granddaughter 8, who is inspiring to be a dancer. I love scrapping their little adventures, but I love this site cause I can pick and choose and make my own elements from the CU use items.

Hello, I'm Meta and I live in the Netherlands. I'm a digiscrapper since 7 or 8 years. I've created lots of albums, for both of my kids a yearbook for each year since 2005 and lots of others. I'm also doing the P365 project, last year was the third time. I'm not doing it every year, but every other year. My kids are 11 and 12 years old, I work four days a week and I'm very busy smiley


Hi my name is Pat, I am retired, we have 6 children, 15 grandchildren and now 5 Great Grandchildren. When I retired I took up sewing and machine embroidery. In the last few months I have been introduced to scrap-booking and card-making. I love the idea of paper scrap-booking, but the idea of doing it all on computer (without taking up all the space and having to put all the goodies back each time you use them) really appeals to me. Although I have had a few card-making sessions with grandchildren and we have all had a ball.
I have started to put my photos onto the computer (what a job) and hope to make up scrap-book pages for all of the children and to document family history and just have fun. I found this website by accident and I am pleased that I did.

Good time of day! My name is Svetlana. I live in Russia, on the banks of the river Volga married, I have two daughters - 29 and 21 years. To photograph the beginning, when the eldest daughter gave birth to our grandson. When the children were small, we have not had the camera, now the children are grown, I will remove grandchildren and make photo books. Your site is very nice to me and I hope make friends with You. English language I do not know, and so I use the translator, Yandex.

Bonjour tout le monde
Dans le monde du scrapbooking je m'appelle Alinamaria
Je suis française mais la plupart du temps je vis en Espagne
J'aime la photo le scrap et j'aime encore plus créer des éléments et des papiers avec photohop
je partage mes créations sur mon blog ou sur facebook...
Votre site est plein de ressources et je vous en remercie

Hello everyone
  In the world of scrapbooking I'm Alinamaria
I am French but most of the time I live in Spain
I love photo scrapbooking and I love even more to create elements and papers with photohop
  I share my creations on my blog or on facebook ...
Your site is full of resources and I thank you

My name is Chrissie and I stumbled across Pixel Scrapper this past week and was very interested to get involved in your community. I am married with 3 beautiful children, ages 11, 6 and 2 and live in the Big Sky State of Montana.

I was introduced to traditional scrapbooking (Creative Memories) in my early twenties and was immediately hooked on the "ideal" of the whole hobby. Unfortunately my time didn't always allow for me to scrap like I wanted. Although, I did manage to continuously buy paper, embellishments, tools, punches, pens, cutters, yada-yada-yada. I have the most unused, but hugely organized scrapbooking supply collection of anyone I know. <sigh>

Many years ago I was invited to another Creative Memories Party that was focused on Digital Scrapbooking and I thought this would be the hot ticket. So, just like Traditional, I bought the stuff....Memory Manger for Photo Management and Storybook for the Digital Layouts. It was the first releases of the software by CM. I dabbled in both for a couple years, but never really got engaged in it until about 1 year ago when Creative Memories announced they were going out of business. Suddenly I was in a panic. What to do about my investment in all these "kits" and the software. I started looking online for answers and low and behold there were THOUSANDS of websites and groups and blogs all about Scrapbooking.

Stupid me, I had been living in this Creative Memories bubble, only buying the Paper & Embellishment kits that they offered. I knew that I could import individual images into the software as Personal items, but I never in a million years stopped to look and see if there were any other sites out there selling content. So I was in Hog-Heaven when I started discovering all the amazing free and purchasable content that is available. Now its a bit of an addiction for me. I'm still struggling to produce the amount of pages I'd like, right now downloading content all the time for "future use" is the most addicting part.

I love this hobby and all the potential that comes with it. I'm now using Artisan and Historian (which replaced the Creative Memories products but are virtually the same thing).

Looking forward to spending time in the forums!

Hello all! My name is Linda and I am the mom to two teenagers. I've been scrapbooking forever - at least 20 years. I resisted digital scrapbooking for a long time - I thought I would miss working with real paper and creating something with my hands. Finally tried digital scrapbooking about 5 years ago and never looked back. Haven't missed paper scrapping at all!

Welcome everyone! So many new faces! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi all I've been lurking for quite some time!! I live in Hampshire UK and enjoy scrapping, both digital and paper, cardmaking, knitting, cross stitch (although not so much now as eyes not as good as they were!) gardening and reading. Good job I'm retired or I wouldn't fit it all in.

Welcome Sue! Thanks for saying hello!

My name is Valeria (Susana is my second one) I am from Argentina, graphic designer and fine artist. I´m already 43 (can´t believe it!!), and with my partner just had a precious boy who´s now 1 year old. Life had change completely, filled with smiles, laughs and more love!
I´m passionate about making mini albums and photography.
Thanks’ Marisa so much for sharing all this stuff!

Hi Everyone! I am just staring with Digital Scrapbooking. I know. I know. I was a holdout! I am having a blast. I am used to PhotoShop for work but I purchased PSE 12 for scrapbooking. Oh the things that you can do digitally!

I look forward to chatting with everyone.

Hi. My name is Mari-Liis, I'm 30 and I live in Estonia on little island with little less than 10 000 people. I am new in here and in Scrapbooking generally. I am "work-at-home" mother of two kids and I design knits and make patterns.

I have always been creative and visual person, but little bit shy. Sorry about that smiley

I found this site little less than month ago and love it. I have felt that digital scrapbooking is hard, but as I learn and try new things, I am loving every minute of it.

As some others said before me - I am using Google translate + foggy memories of English grammar from school. I hope I'm understandable.

And to finish off - hello again for everyone.

Hello! I am Angela, a photographer, and live in upstate NY. I'm new at digital scrapbooking and still enjoy paper scrapbooking. I'm very proficient in Photoshop and it's finding time to digital scrapbook that's my challenge. I stumbled across pixelscrapper during a blog train and have been hooked since....I'm almost at the point of needing an intervention! I find your site and creative members so inspiring. I have to give a shout out to all of the digital designers out their talent of creative and artistic expression of their ideas & designs is truly magnificent, and I appreciate not just what they share, but also the time and energy they put into what they do.
Thank you Marisa for doing what you do and sharing this amazing resource for all of us to enjoy!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Everyone!

I've been using PixelScapper for a while now and realized that I never actually posted in this thread after I updated my bio. My name is Dana Renee and I currently live near Baltimore, MD with my hubby. I am a lawyer by day and I blog and design as hobbies. I have always been incredibly interested in photography and I'm working to digiscrap all of our adventures. I also like to design invitations, cards, and printables. I am so happy to have found this community and for all of the insights and wonderful assets that you all share!

And a special thanks to Marisa and Jordan for all of their hard work, warm welcome, and willingness to answer my newbie questions smiley

Hi! I'm Renata and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil! I've just found Pixel Scrapper and I'm completely in love!!!