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So many newbies lately!! Here's a big giant Welcome for me to y'all!!! smiley

Hi! My name is Anne. I live in California. I dabble in digital scrapbooking. I started out with paper scrapbooking, but I would put my layout together, glue everything down, then the next day I would look at and wish I had done it differently. With digital scrapbooking I do the same thing, but the next day I can re-do it with no problems. I also love looking at the beautiful artwork and layouts of so many talented people.

Hi my name is Janie and I live in Harare, Zimbabwe. I have only just started scrapbooking in any form, so am learning physical and digital at the same time!

I'm privileged to have travelled to a few countries in Southern Africa and am focussing on showcasing photos of some of the amazing people that I have met and animals and crafts that I have seen.

I love home making and family time with my ten year old son and my husband. I love reading, writing, photography, interior design and decorating and, of course, surfing the web!

I'm looking forward to learning so much from you all and from the site in general.

Here is my fourth and latest layout that I have made, from a trip to Nairobi - it is a physical layout of two side by side 12" X 12" pages, which I am displaying on a wall for now, but will split and put in a scrapbook when I have one!

Welcome everyone! It is great to see so many new faces, hope to chat and get to know you all in the forums and maybe see some of your layouts in the gallery!

I'm Michelle and live in Worcester, UK. I live with my partner Rob, son Miles, two cats and two continental giant bunnies Harry & Susie!
I've been card crafting for about 6-7 years now and have recently started designing card sheets with which to make the cards.
I find card making and designing very addictive!
Love this website! Lots of great ideas! smiley

Hello - I'm Heather, a life-long Northern Virginia native. I've got 2 kids under age 10, one of whom has Autism Spectrum disorder. I like to digiscrap in my free time (a.k.a. when I ought to be sleeping!!)

Hi everyone. My name is Grace. I've been scrapping for about ten years and I just started digital scrapping for about a year. I like photography and what a better way to save all the pictures and make a book out of it. This website helped me a lot when I started with digital scrapbooking from templates to tutorials. I would really like to say thank you and know that I appreciate you and your designer's. Happy Scrapping everyone.

Greetings, fellow scrappers! I had thought that I had introduced myself but I seem to have gotten lost along the way. There is so much to learn here so I've skidded off the beaten path. Allow me to take this time to introduce myself.

My name is Tina and I reside in Buckhannon, WV. I was born and bred in Baltimore City, MD and am the mother of one teenaged son, Philip (16) and one stepson, Alex (12). I am currently engaged to Paul, my sweetheart of three years (May 5th). I am also currently in college, seeking to improve my status quo by earning my RN degree and hope to complete that (or something in the medical field if I've aimed too lofty LOL) in the next 1 1/2 to 2 years. Lots and lots of work!

I have been a digital signature tag designer and you'll find a lot of my examples on my BlogSpot page. However, my friend Priscilla Ashley (also a member here) has forayed into full size kits and so I have stayed on with her to continue be her CT, except now I'm completing layouts. It had proven to be tons of fun ~ and also helpful when you have a future SIL who snaps away at every chance she gets. LOL

I am also learning how to create my own scrap kits, which is proving to be quite scary (copyright laws and all!) and quite fun. I hope to improve on both my layouts and kit building skills here at Pixel Scrapper!

BTW-- I love seeing a lot of designer here whose kits I have collected and use. I feel blessed to be in the presence of such talent and hope I can learn a lot from each of you.

Greetings from Colorado! I'm Sandy and new to scrapbooking. I love making cards for family and friends, sewing and embroidery. This site is a joy to check with all the generosity and knowledge that is shared.

I'm struggling to learn Corel Pro X3 so that I will be able to create pages with an ounce of the creativity that everyone here has!

Thank you for sharing!

Brand new to the site and so far I love it. I'm just learning PSE 12. I make collages and cards and shadow boxes. I usually alter and print things to use in my art pieces, like ephemera and alphas. I don't do much "scrapbooking" per se, but it's always nice to see how creative people can be.

Olá, meu nome é Silmara tenho 39anos e moro no Brasil. Desde os 08 anos de idade eu faço artesanato e sempre procuro novidades. Sou empresária na área das bonecas de pano e Patchwork e resolvi fazer o scrap por hobby, mas estou encantada com esse novo mundo....
Acabei de preparar a minha 1ª página digital e gostaria de mostrar à vcs...
Obrigada pela oportunidade!!!
à todas!!!

Hello!! I'm Sametta. I live in Arkansas and enjoy creating digital scrapbook dvds for family and friends. There's a lot of great stuff here! Can't wait to try it out!

Hi, I'm Annie and am very new here. That being said, I already love this site!
I grew up in Sweden, but am currently living in North Carolina with my family.
I love to create stuff, especially on the computer, but love to sew, knit, crochet - you name it! smiley
Am super excited to explore more on here and find inspiration for new projects. =D

Welcome to all of you! Glad to see another gent amongst us!

Hello everyone and welcome to Pixel Scrapper! I hope to see you around the forums and get to know you a little.

@Russell: great to have you here. What are shadow boxes? I've never heard of them before, can you enlighten me?

Russel: Very Cool! I love making shadow boxes, too!!!
We have a digital version out there, too. I think you may love playing around with them when you get your bearings on the digital side of it.

Melo: Here's some real life samples.

Hi I'm Bobbie, I started digital scrapbooking a little over a month ago for my granddaughter's first birthday party photos using Publisher. I made 20 pages and used movie maker to set it to music and make a digital album for my daughter. It was really basic and I knew I could have made it better. So I googled digital scrapbooking and I was amazed by the possibilities and I didn't have to buy any additional software (I have publisher and photoshop cs already installed on my computer). I just kind of ran with it.

I read the blog about scraplifting and I was really inspired to try it. And I did with a couple of designs, everything is so beautiful and creative I just feel lost. Not sure really where to begin. I feel like my pages are so plain but when I start adding to them mine feel cluttered and don't look as beautiful as the ones I am trying to copy.

I am hoping with practice I will get the hang of it.

My name's Ann and I live near Chelmsford, in Essex, UK. I've been married for 10 years, we have 3 children, and I started scrapbooking when our firstborn arrived. I started digital scrapbooking a bit later, when I found out I never had enough goods to complete a single page... I'm always on the lookout for new ideas and this site appears to be very rich... Thank you all for sharing your ideas and experience.

How cool.. I'm going to try making one digitally.. I'm excited. Thank you!

Hi everyone! I'm new to the site and just checking things out. Digiscrapping for several years mostly my family and my 3 soon to be 4 grandsons. I see to have a little extra time on my hands since I retired 3 weeks ago. smiley Hoping I can put it to good use.

Hi Everyone,

I'm new but spent a bit looking over the site and some forum items and am excited about being a part of this community. Love the idea of the tutorials. I use Photoshop but still have so much to learn about it. I am a "dibber and dabber" of watercolor and many times combine it and digital to create art for my FAA site. I've always been crafty and LOVE working with paper. I think making own greeting cards is the best fun. And give me some white tissue paper that goes on sale so much and my watercolors and I can dib and dab one-of-a-kind wrapping paper that my relatives are nice enough to say is "cute". LOL

Time to go look around some more,
Ciao for now,

Hi Everyone!

My name is Dawn and in the digital world I go by OklahomaDawn, so that means I live….yep, you guessed it, Oklahoma. I am a born and bred Okie. Would love to live near an ocean but it is just as well I don't because I would never get anything done except hang out on the beach. I'm proud to say that I crossed one major item off my bucket list; 3 years ago at the age of 50 I became scuba certified. I've been married to the same man for almost 37 years. I have 2 sons and 2 wonderful daughter by marriage. My photo is me with my only grandchild (though there is another on the way…yippee). I stumbled upon digiscrapping in 2008 while looking on the net for something else, and I am so glad I did. I design collections that are free over at Scrapbook Flair, and earlier this year I got hooked on making page templates so I decided to challenge myself to create at least 1 free template per week and post it on my blog. I very happy to say so far I have kept to my goal, and in fact a few weeks I have posted more than 1 free template. Anyway, once again I have stumbled upon a jewel by finding Pixel Scrapper. Anyway, enough about me….hi from Oklahoma I look forward to being more involved here and getting to know you!! Dawn

Hello everyone! My name is Andrea and I've just discovered this wonderful site and community. I'm originally from Montreal, Canada and I've travelled a little bit around the world for the last 4 years. I currently reside in beautiful Cancún, México where, I hope, I'll be able to retire. I've never scrapbooked in my life and just started the digiscrap thing a few months back. I don't have a lot to scrap about (there's only my hubby and I, no kids, no pets). But I've found that with the pictures of places I've travelled to and internet Commons images, I can open up a new world. I'm so happy I've found you. You have so many nice assets, kits and what I love most is the template with which I can try to come up with my own colour schemes and layouts. I want to take the opportunity to thank all the designers and uploaders for their contributions. I hope I'll be able to also contribute once I'm comfortable with all the new things I'm discovering at the moment.
Big Hugs to all,

My name is Mary and I am new here, but I am discovering this is a wonderful site! I am from Ireland and I am a graphic designer, I love to design not only digital scrap kits but also like to make photoshop manipulations and digital paintings. I am happy to be here and I hope to share my designs with you, give freebies, and why not, make friends!

Hello, Bonjour, I am Caroline (aka Caroline B.), I am French and live in France (till now... but who knows ?). I design for scrapbooking since 2006 but I draw and paint and design since much more long time ! I am fashion designer and Doctor in Art History, and... what else... I love cat, coffee, chocolate, California, everything in C.... it seams... And I love Pixel Scrapper since I discover it (not really long time)... since I left my shell (since I end my thesis in fact ! LOL )

Hi! I'm Daphne from The Netherlands. 40 years old, married and mum to two teens. Since both my kids have an autistic disorder (my oldest pretty severe) I have tried to be a stay at home mum for most of the time. I have a little cleaning job on the side and since a few months I run a small shop on Etsy (The Dutch Lady Designs) with a blog that is linked to it. I sell digital decoration for scrapbooking and blog items on there. And it's fun! I was so happy to come across this website since there aren't that many sites that actually provide templates for (beginning) designers to use in a commercial way. So a big thank you to all the talented designers on here! Love from Holland!

Welcome to everyone! It's wonderful to have so many new people here joining
this amazing 'home' on the web. I know all of you will have many, many enjoyable
hours spent here, just like I have and so many others have. smiley

Hi Russell smiley

It's wonderful to see some of the guys joining in! So glad you found us and are loving it so far.

I wanted to give you a couple of ideas for using the 'scrapbook' kits for things other than making books.

Long before I learned how to use Photoshop and eventually started designing, I used the goodies in the
kits to decoupage with and add to wood items I trinket boxes, children's step stools, etc.

The papers and backgrounds in the kits work great for printing and you could use them like wallpaper in
the back of your shadow boxes to add depth, color and different designs to.

I have a pair of rounded craft scissors that I use to cut out curvy items, like flowers and brads to add to
cards, collages and to decorate my wood boxes with after I print the ones I want onto bright white paper
or cardstock, depending on what I'm making with them. I also bought different shapes and sizes of thin
puffy 2 sided stick-ons that I use to raise up some of the items from the page. They work great!
You can find them at most craft stores. They are inexpensive and come on sheets so you can remove
them one at a time.

As an added note: if you are new to the digi-world, the items you download from here are saved at 300 dpi,
which means you can print them and they are perfect quality for that. If you start following blog trains or
finding items on designers blogs, watch for the things that say they are 'tagger' size. Those are generally
saved at 72 dpi and are Not good for printing. Those are good for web designs and tags people make to
add to their sites and email signatures.

I hope this helps give you some ideas and that you have tons of fun 'playing' with all these amazing goodies! smiley

Hello, everyone! I am an avid artist and crafter with the need to try new things regularly. I am only beginning my digital scrapbooking journey, but I know it will be a long and exciting one. When I'm not creating, I enjoy taking pictures of Mother Nature, baking vegan sweets, supporting animal charities and taking adventures with my handsome partner & our BIG furry child.

Thanks for the great welcome. I'm already seeing what a friendly and talented group of people are here.