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so many new faces, excited to see you around the gallery and forums ladies!!

Hello ! My name is Melinou MeliCrea and I'm a designer ! I made only my own kits ! For now I don't make some CU or PU myself. Just Scrapkits ! And tutorials too.

I'm happy to join you because you give amangs things for us to work with. Thank you so much.

Have a good day !

Hello everyone! I'm Orsinia, live in Tokyo, Japan, and not good at using English smiley But! I cannot stop joining PIXEL SCRAPPER so that you all seems enjoying scrapbooking. I'm just a beginner and made some works for myself and/or my families and friends. I will learn a lot from you. Thanks Pixel Scrappers!

Hello Marisa,

My name is Annemiek AW and I live in Holland, in Zaandam. I am a mother of twins, two boys. They just celebrated their 25th birthday last week.

My sister, Els AW, is a "digital scrapper" for several years now. She has made beautiful layouts and is designing her own kits. Because she is so excited and showing me all the things she creates, I decided that I wanted to learn how to do that too. At first I started to download as much kits, bundles and assets as possible. My sister told me how to create a lay-out. A few times a week she explained patiently (by telephone) how to use Photoshop. By now I have created about twenty lay-outs and I learned quite a lot.
The main reason for wanted to learn it, is not only creating a scrap-album of my own, but especially I want to make personal greeting cards for family and friends, for example to congratulate them on their birthday, using appropriate pictures.
Every day I still learn new tricks. And I like it very much.
Pixel Scrapper is a very nice way to collect a lot of assets. You all make very beautiful Scrapping parts! Thank you all.

Annemiek AW smiley

My name is Jennifer I am from Northern California. I love to scrapbook and have been doing so for over 15 years. Only recently have a begun with digital scrapbooking. I also like genealogy and have began to combine the two. I have a husband and two kids 15, and 12 that keep me hoping most of the time. They provide me with lots of opportunities for pictures to scrapbook. I use Corel Paintshop Pro 6 and really like it. I likw to learn new techniques when ever I can. I love Pixelscrapper!

Hi my name is Sugar (nickname since I was a few hours old and it stuck) and I am NEW to photography photoshop and digital anything. My sister in law has been at me to start saving memories for our kids and ourselves as life goes so fast. The people here seem kind and creative and PATIENT and not overly competitive so, here I am.

Goodmorning from Upstate NY, I am Devona or Dee.
I am married to the most wonderful man in the world, mom to 4 adult children
and Nana to 9 (8 living) grandbabies. I am a very blessed woman.

I got into playing in paint shop pro a tad over 13 years ago and haved
loved it ever since. I've done tutorials, made tournament pages for a
spades league, switched to designing tagger sized scrapkits and writing
tutorials. Took a bit of a break, came back and now I'm still writitng
tutorials but also now into the digi layouts, which I just love doing.

Hello everyone, my name is Maria Anna and I'm from Italy.
I'm a hopeless dreamer, a romantic and one of those women with a thousand projects, but then manages to do only a few. I love everything that is creative as polymer clay, decoupage, embroidery, cross stitch, knitting, drawing, salt dough ect.
I could not arrive on this site and I could not fall in love head over heels for all things that are there?

So many new faces! Thanks everyone for saying hello!

Hi I am Becks and I am interested in expanding my cut file (svg, .studio etc.) uses by adding in my own custom printables for family gatherings holidays and decorating. The community here is relaxed and I love the idea of all of these creative minds working together and sharing. Thanks for making this so easy to explore!

Hi mi name is Yahaira, I'm from Perú, I study economis at university. One hobby is scrap, a love it! , y knew it last year when i was looking for a gif for my boyfriend. I learn a lot of things, and every day a learn more about scrao. I have a colection os paper, card stock, and digital stuf.

Scrapbook is my relax, thanks this, i made a good ralation ship with nwe cyber friends smiley

Hi. I'm Maria from Australia. Been scrapbooking since about 2001 and digitally since 2005. It's nice to escape from reality into a creative pursuit!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

I´m Sigrid, a 20 year old norwegian psychology student. I live in the capital with my boyfriend, but we are both from a pretty desolated area in the middle of Norway. We both go home during summer to work, and I work as a guide in two stave churches. It is an amazing summer job. At our farm we have sheep, cats and one dog.

I´m just starting scrapbooking, mostly to make an album. However, I think I like the look a bit "cleaner" than usual.

This site seems perfect!

Hi, I'm Shannon from Ontario Canada. I live out in the country with my husband of 16 years. We are just starting our family (I'm currently 4 months pregnant) so I'm looking forward to using all those baby-themed scrapbooking kits I've been collecting!

I've been scrapbooking one way or another for a few years now, although between work, volunteer activities and sports (my husband and I play softball and ice hockey together) I haven't devoted much time to it. One of my favourite ways to scrapbook is a monthly calendar of all our activities.

I found Pixel Scrapper "by accident" - a happy one - and fell in love right away.

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Oh my goodness, I was planning to read all of the posts here, but I'm afraid I didn't make it, and people are starting to merge together in my head a little. I'm sure I'll get to know you all in the forums gradually and at a pace that means I can remember who's who. smiley
I'm Susan, I live in the UK, married, childless, in my 40s, with 5 cats and 3 dogs. I used to sell my digital creations but now I just play, and mostly I put stuff on my FB page. And this quote from Marisa's introduction post summed up perfectly how I felt when I first discovered digital papers: "What, you mean I can MAKE paper, in ANY color, with ANY pattern, and keep AS MUCH OF IT AS I WANT with me WHEREVER I AM?" And, I'm partially-sighted, so being able to zoom in has been a MAJOR help for me. And, lol, that's about it, as it currently feels like I'm making some kind of dating video and I'm imagining myself just broadcasting to you all and waiting to see if I get picked smiley

Hi my name is Coral and I live in Kingston, England. I have been digi scrappin for about 3 years now and I think it is fab. Love this site. Thank you for sharing

Hello -- I'm Sandy and have been looking for options of creative papers and letters and such to download for a while. I just found your site this week. I'm very impressed and love the tutorials as well.

I've been putting albums together for years dating back to my high school years with just a bit of tape and paper. Moving on to the more traditional form about 20 years ago after having children and in recent years getting into the digital forum. I consider myself a very good imitator of others beautiful creations but not often feeling the creative juices myself. I love Photoshop but know that I only just barely scratched the surface of possibilities. Using your creations and tutorials here I have made my first real attempt at using the layers in Photoshop to create on my own. For the most part I am drawn to very simplistic design but love the idea of a punch every now and then. Thanks for all of your work and sharing it.

@Susan... LOL... loved your intro!

Welcome to Pixel Scrapper ladies!!!

Can't wait to see your creations! smiley

Hi Coral, Catherine and Sandy, and Sandy, YAY for starting to play with layers, they're very addictive, lol, my creations ALWAYS have multiple unseen layers at the end where I've tried different things out. I smiley layres smiley

Hey there everyone, I am Sarah-Jane from Australia. I am the mother of 2 boys aged 2 & 1 (I know busy busy mummy.......) I am also an Optical Dispenser by day and by night (in between food cleanups, bath's and bedtime stories) I am studying Graphic Design.

I dabble in many kinds of art and craft from Art Journaling and Mixed Media Arts to Scrapbooking, photography. I also create the occasional sewing, knitting and crochet piece.....

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you here!

Hi everyone! My name is Tishia and I live in the midwest with my husband and two kids. I used to make and sell digital scrapkits and commercial use templates, but I took time off from that and started making book covers. I miss the scrapbooking world though, so I'm creating scrapkits again!

Hi, I am Veronica and I live in Florida (born & raised). I have a beautiful daughter who will be getting married next spring...makes me feel old...LoL. I found digital scrapbooking by accident last September and have been hooked ever since then. I am still very new at layouts but a pro at collecting new kits...hehe. Thanks for your time & take care!!

Welcome to ALL our newbies since I last checked in. I look forward to getting to know you in the forums! smiley

je me nomme flora
je suis maman de 3 enfants 25; 16; et 15 ans
j'ai 47 ans , je suis française , de Bretagne, je vis à Saint malo
passionnée de psp depuis 9 ans , je fais du scrap depuis 2 ans ,et des kits depuis 6 mois.
j'adore photographier , tuber , et concevoir des kits.
je vous remercie pour ce merveilleux site.
kiss à tous

Welcome everybody!

@Susan: If you think you´re mixing the people, just click in their names to see the "about" on their profile pages. I also mix people sometimes, and I´m here since this forum started. This is what I do to remember who I´m talking with smiley

Hello, Everyone! I'm very new to scrapbooking, including digital scrapbooking. Just found this site few days ago and was pleasantly overwhelmed at the amount of images and papers we can download. I printed out one of the papers yesterday and I am impressed how beautifully it came out - on a regular paper!


I live in the Philippines and have been paper scrapping since 2006. While searching for materials last year, I tripped over some digital freebies and found that I can do more with digital. So now I'm doing both and have started to scrap for relatives and friends smiley I'm still new to digital scrapping and I am so grateful for the resources in this community. Thank you!