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I'm Jen and live in Maryland. I've been a total shutterbug my entire life and started scrapbooking in high school. Now I use digital scrapbooking to make layouts that I have printed into photo books. I do one for each year and since my son was born in 2011, I've fallen WAY behind!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Everyone! I'm Joy. I started paper scrapping about 15 years ago, and converted to digital probably 5 years ago. (time flies, so it may have been a little longer. LOL!) I used a simple layout program for the first years... got PSP, and totally was lost. Then I took some classes, and that really started my love of this art. I have since switched to PSE, and I love it. So much to learn, but it's so fun!! I just started working as a CT for a couple designers in May, and that has sparked my interest in designing. So who knows I might actually be a "designer" someday. smiley

I live with my husband and 3 youngest children in Manta, Ecuador. We have 3 grown, married daughters, who have blessed us with 8 grand children. The youngest of the 3 just moved with her family back to Ecuador from the US, so we are excited to have 2 of our grand babies living in the same town! We have 3 younger children at home, (we were blessed by adoption) they are ages 12, 10 and 9. They keep our lives full.

I "stumbled" upon the site, just a few days ago, and I'm so very excited to find you all!


Hi. They call me Nadine, so feel free to call me it. I'm 16 years young (I know, right?). I'm from Indonesia. And I've known digital scrapbooking stuff since I was 14, but haven't been actively 'scrapbooking' because I didn't have much time until now since I'm on my holiday. I spend my leisure time stalking people's blog, mostly all those graphic designers out there, which is the reason I found this site in the first place.

Well I believe you're wasting your time reading my not so good english writing. So this is it. Email me for further information: nada(dot)annuha(at)gmail(dot)com smiley

Thanks by the way.

My name is Catie, and although I was born in Oxford in England, I have lived in Maryland, about 20 miles south of DC for 25 years. I have been married for 27 years to a fellow Brit, and we have a 21 year old son (or at least he will be on 7-7) and a 17 year old daughter. We have 12 cats as pets, and they love to go in and out of the house at their leisure, but it's really nice when they want to snuggle in the evenings.
I've been a stamper and traditional scrapbooker for about 15 years, but an increasingly restrictive handicap, has made me look at digital as a way of staying in one place. I've got no idea what I am doing smiley but hope to pick it up. Due to the incredibly slow internet that is all we can get here I can't watch videos, and have to go into town to do downloads (I have a very long waitlist), but I'll get it done eventually.
In order to help pay my way (a little bit) I teach cake decorating at the local Michael's and I am a Stampin' Up! demonstrator.

Wow, what a great group of people! I'm so happy to be able to hang out with you all in the virtual world! I'm Tammy, and I was born (and spent most of my life) in southwest Louisiana. I started paper scrapping when my son was born, and I soon learned that finding time for scissors and glue with a 2 year old was just nearly impossible. So I put it on hold.... fastforward 14 years and here I am, with a 16 year old son, and trying to catch up with all the scrapping I missed over the past several years. I love taking pictures, so I have LOTS of photos to work with! We've managed to take a few trips here and there, so I'm starting with those. My son's father and I are now divorced (but don't worry, we're plenty friendly) and I'm now married to the love of my life and living in Houston, Texas. I also now have two teenage step-sons, and with a house full of boys, things get pretty interesting! I guess it's a good thing I'm not TOO girly... But I see all these beautiful layouts with lace and flowers, and as much as I love them I just can't bring myself to put lace on pics of my boys. So lots of masculine pages for me! In any event, I'm so glad to be here and looking forward to watching all the tutorials and interacting with you all. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Hi, my name is Michele and I live in Shropshire, England with my partner Paul. I have no children but until recently I had a beautiful house rabbit called Harvey who we both miss dearly. I work 4 days a week in admin for the NHS and the rest of the time I am either crafting or cycling in the great outdoors (weather permitting).

I have just found Pixel Scrapper through a group I am part of on Face Book. Someone had made a card using your lovely 'lil monster' downloads and had kindly included a link to this website so here I am....

I am really looking forward to having a good look around this site and thank you for letting me join.

Thanks a lot !!! smiley

Hi my name is Jemma, I'm 23, I am very new to scrap-booking but I enjoy creating things and all forms of art so I am excited to give this a go smiley

Hi I am 49 and self taught in Photoshop CS2 and now CS6 extended. Love digi scrapping and it has become a bit of an addiction. Looking forward to spending time here.
I am currently a CT designer for PBdesigns and will be posting my layouts I make with her beautiful kits.
I would love to start designing my own kits not really sure where to start?

Wow so many newbies from so many places the past couple days!
I just wanted to say welcome to each of you and I hope that PS becomes your favorite home and go to place on the web!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

HI my name is Hendrien . Live in South Africa where it is bitterly cold at this stage. I'm widowed and living with 1 of my daughters.In away i'm new to digital scrap booking and really want to be able to use my scrapbooking software that my late husband had bought me i have stumbled by accident at this site and love it . i hope to be a regular visitor and post my 1st my layout here. thank you for the opportunity to become a member.

Hi everybody.A pleasure to be in this group. I am hungry of learning from you.I love this wonderful world of craft. I met scrapbook world I think, two years ago, and this, by chance.
I live in Ceuta, a Spanish city in the North of Africa, yes, we exist smiley)) although my name is not Spanish, mum is Swedish. This is one photo of the city I am proud of being living

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Everyone!

I'm Kristi. I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I'm a mom to two girls, special education teacher, very part time photographer and a pocket scrapper. I stumbled on this site through a Facebook group. I've been itching to attempt some designs of my own and am so happy to have found the amazing resources here! Can't wait to explore a little bit more smiley

Hi, everybody!
I'm Olga and I'm happy to be a part of such a great group of enthusiastic people. I was born in Russia in the Far East (and that was so long ago). But now I live in Ukraine in a city called Kharkiv. I have no special education in design, but I love taking pictures and now I have the whole bundle of different photos. I think it's time to organize them and as for me digiscrap is the best way to do this. I've had very little experience in digiscrapping, but I'm sure with the help of this wonderful site I'll become a designer (who knows).
I'm glad to be here and hope to watch all the tutorials and learn real digital scrapbooking. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

Welcome Kristi and Olga! So glad to have you here!

Hello everyone, I'm Susan. I live in Royal Tunbridge Wells in England with my husband,2 of my 4 children & a cat called Tamwood. We have 4 grandchildren & are soon to be great grandparents.I love scrapping whether it is paper or digital & I am so excited to be here.

Hi, my name is Maria. and I live in Miami. I am 59 years old. Its my first try on Digital Scrapbooking. Thanks you Marisa for this great page.

Hello everyone, smiley

My name is Amaryllis, I'm an assiduous visitor to this site , love the freebies. I'm from Rio de Janeiro but currently live in the state of Espirito Santo, I am a mother of two boys, twins age 6. I love using photoshop elements and I play with him making art and collages. I would love to learn how to create digital scrapbook.Where do I start?
Marisa, congratulations for everything beautiful that you have here in Pixelscrapper. How about putting a tutorial for those who are starting from zero ? I'll be waiting. See you soon.


I am a newly retired mother of three and grandmother of six! I have been interested in creating graphics and digital scrapbooking for several years but, due to work and time constraints, could not devote much time to it. I am a newbie and looking forward to learning and designing! Thank you in advance to all the PixelScrapper contributors...your work inspires me. I am very thankful I came across this site and look forward to participating.


Hi there everyone,

My name is Annabel but most everyone just calls Pepper (except my mum lol). I am sort of newish to digital scrapbooking but not the regular kind. I am not overly fond of forums because when I was fresh out and so excited about digi scrapping I joined in a casual challenge and posted my first ever try... dead silence.. not one word said smiley In retrospect I know it was a bit jumbled lol but it was my first try. Since then I haven't done another, but I have been reading and collecting and learning.

I got into digital scrapbooking because I hated buying papers, ribbons, stickers and only being able to use them once... plus it was total insanity to store and keeping up with all the new products eeeks. I think this will suit me much better as soon as I get good enough hehehe.

I was happy to find this site-- it looks very interesting and very different smiley

Oh and I should note too that I don't ever use my picture or real full name on public forums. I hope you all understand.. I had a little stalking problem with an ex and I have learned my lesson.


Welcome everyone! So many new faces! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Everyone, I am excited to be here with all these talented ladies and beautiful designs. Looking forward to adding some layouts soon!

what a nice story it is not everyday that I run across an individual who LOVES what they do to make a living. I can relate to you're story on some scale, I too started scrapbooking exactly the way you did and I had my reservations going digital. It has only been a short time since I made a complete switch from my paper/supplies but am I ever glad I have. I hope that my journey leads me in the direction you have taken.
Happy scrapping.

Hello! My name is Sarah. I'm relatively new to digital scrapbooking. I've always enjoyed creating photo edits and mixing photos together for photo albums. I wanted to do regular scrapbooking but it just wasn't to be sadly. I'm really excited to join Pixel Scrapper! Right now I'm interested in creating some digital products - printable birthday items kind of things like you see on etsy.

Hi, I´m Yolanda from Spain but i live in Germany. I´m new in scrap so this site help me very much and I want to say thank you for all yor freebies and support. Thak you very much and hugs to everybody.

Hello! My name is Andrea and I am from good ol' Saint Louis, MO. I'm a tropical girl at heart so I plan on moving out of the midwest as soon as we can! I always wanted to make a scrapbook when I was younger, but teenage life got in the way and parties and friends seemed more important. About two years ago I was trying to find out how I could make these forum signatures I was seeing everywhere. I was determined to learn how and found a group teaching exactly that! I was stoked and never looked back. I made signatures for about a year and a half and then decided I wanted to make my own scrap kits and see if it was something I could do successfully. I'm still learning and still in the novice stages of making them, but the reviews are in and they are great. It gives me the motivation to keep on going. Friends, who are amazing scrap kit designers, told me about this great website and here I am! smiley


Wow! Spain to Germany is quite the move smiley do you speak three languages then?