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I am a stay at home mum who has one child - a boy. He is currently at Secondary school and making me and his Dad very proud with how he is doing there - he recently won six awards at awards night smiley. I use a lot of scrapbooking kits to make cards for friends and family and also to make layouts for photos from days out.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi! I'm Carol and I currently live in western North Carolina. I'm originally from California, and grew up in Hawaii. I'm 30 years old and married with a very energetic 2 year old boy, Des. We also have a hilarious pug, named Mud. All my experiences and moving about have given me much fuel to creatively express myself, and the birth of my little boy set me off on scrapbooking. I'm a graphic designer by day, so naturally I wanted to make my son Des a beautiful, unique baby book. I began doing scrapbooking by hand, and eventually became addicted to digital scrapbooking. I'm now starting to make my own kits, and every time I do a layout, my love for scrapbooking grows just a little bit more smiley

HI! My name is Michelle, I'm a mixed media artist whose work explores themes of symbology, emotion and mental health. I am just about to become a first time mum and moving into digital techniques so I can save time and spend more time at home. Really happy to be part of the pixel scrapper community smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi there! I'm new to the group.

I'm 52. . . darn that sounds old when I lay it out there like that. But I'm (so I'm told) young for my age. I attribute that to having my son kind of late (he's 21) and teaching high school bio, chem and physics for many, many years. I quit teaching about 5 years ago to pursue other things. . . being a SAHM and wife. Oh, and my hobbies.

I've been scrapbooking for probably 15 years. But almost exclusively digital for 8 maybe. I started out with Storybook Creator from Creative Memories. And moved on to Panstoria Artisan. I use Photoshop Elements 10 mostly for photo editing and using masks. But I did recently use a template to create a page in it and it took me forever. FOREVER. I'm much more at ease in Artisan where I can usually find a way to make anything work for me.

If I'm not scrapbooking, I'm reading. Last year I read 126 books. I fly through them. Diverse tastes. Some nonfiction, classics, romance, chick-lit, historical fiction, etc. If it has pages, I read it. Except for comics. Just don't "get" them. You can find me on Goodreads as Abycat3.

I also quilt and knit. I have a small loom, but hardly ever use it.
I doodle and draw. Yeah, I should have double majored in biology and art.

Weekends usually find my husband and I out on the Harley exploring.

I live in central Illinois but am a mountain girl at heart. Beaches not so much.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you all better.

Hi, I am Joanne, but friends call me Jo. I live on Florida's beautiful Suncoast (that would be the Tampa area). I love living on the east coast of the U.S. and still being able to see the sunset over the water. Sunset over the Gulf of Mexico is a site to behold. Will have to do and post some layouts about it... I am a single mom to the most wonderful almost 11-year-old. I cannot believe he's going into middle school; where does the time go?! In my "other life" I am a school library media specialist, and although I love my job, it is not my passion. My passion is in the digi world. I am a digital scrapbooking addict and designer, and I'm really happy to have found this site. It seems so friendly and welcoming. smiley I'm looking forward to getting involved and getting to know everyone!

Hi, I'm Mary Kay (never Mary) and I've been scrapbooking since 1995. Just before I got married, a coworker invited me to a Creative Memories party and I was off and running. I drank the Kool Aid for quite a while and was even a Consultant for several years before I discovered "modern" (paper) scrapbooking in about 2005. I opened my own brick-and-mortar scrapbook store in 2007, but I folded with the economy in 2009. I've dabbled in digi for years, but only got serious about learning PSE and now PS CC in the last several years. I still have one foot in each world, however, since I work in Customer Service for a paper scrapbook kit company.

Thanks for having me!

Hello! I am Kadambari from India. I am still on my maternity leave after the birth of my little boy. I was looking at ways to document his growing years and stumbled upon this brilliant (paper free) concept of digital scrapbooking. And then there has been no looking back. I surfed the internet for available software and digital goodies to make my life easier and colorful.

Pixel scrapper is a wonderful community with talented designers and friendly members. I found great resources here to help out with my personal projects.
Hope to have a great time here!


Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi! My name is Marina, I'm from Russia). I am 44 years and I have 2 sons, the eldest 25 years, 2.5 years younger. Digital scrapbooking fascinated recently. With the birth of my youngest son decided to make an album with his photos. Love the community of girls, I hope I get that too). Sorry for not well-turned lyrics - so Google translator translates the Russian text).


I'm Barbara and I live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

I'm a mother, magic, illusionist, multitasking, contortionist and more. Forever mother of a little angel, two princes and now, a princess!
I'm Graduated in Portuguese and Literature but I really work with Freelance Webdesign. I play with Magento and I love photography and makeup.
This is the first time with scrapbook.


Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi, My name is Lisa, I live in Plano Texas, I have been married for 30yrs, to my awesome husband. We have 3 kids, my oldest son is 26 and is married and has my 1st. grandson. My second son is 23. And my last is my beautiful daughter who just turned 18 this year. We have 3 dogs, 3 cats, 2 bunnies, and a turtle. I started scrapbooking after high school, but it was not the same as it is today. I crammed a lot of stuff in drawers and binders to get to later. After my first two boys, I decided that I wanted to start making books for them so that is when I really started scrapbooking. It was very hands on back then which I really enjoyed. I also love making cards. I was introduced to digital scrapbooking about a year ago, but wasn't sure if I'd really like it, because I am so hands on. But after finding your site and to be honest several others I started seeing the beautiful layouts and things that you have and can create with the digital images. I fell in love. Although I haven't done too much with digital scrapbooking As of yet, but I have found that I can create beautiful cards as well by following some tutorials that I have seen. I am about to create a scrapbook of my grandson and am really looking forward to it. Just wanted to say thank you to you for your beautiful site, and for your creative and talented team. I am finding great inspiration from all of your gallery pictures. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Hello my name is Patricia but I go by Trisha and I love doing PSP and Creating Scrap Kits and lots of things and I do have a wonderful Husband and daughter and two other babies one Pitbull and the other a Cat they are wonderful and I also love reading my bible and going to church and I do have my believes in what I read in my bible and I am a real good and loving person....and I really don't like to say how old I am so we will leave that alone okay.
Thank You,

Hello everyone, my name is Judy, siggy is Pixel Palette! smiley I am a 70 year old grandmother from Massachusetts still working full time as a consultant, currently traveling back and forth to San Francisco on a project. Back in 2007 I had major surgery on my spine and was out of work for almost a year, and surfing around discovered digital scrapbooking. It saved my sanity! My grandkids are 19 and 20, my daughter is 45 and I want to share all my memories with them and what better way than scrapbooking them. I have tons of ideas about projects I want to do, but sometimes I need a push, and I get that push by participating in things like challenges and blog trains. Of course, if I could just retire I would have all that time I need to get everything going. LOL I found Pixel Scrapper on a fellow scrappers blog and came on over. Intrigued by the new and different approach from most of the scrapping sites, I joined up and here I am. Looking forward to participating more as time goes on.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello everyone,

I'm Grace, from Israel. I love everything creative - writing, music, illustration, photography, and now I'm trying my hand in graphic design. You have lots of great stuff here, so I thought I'd share some of my designs and get your feedback. I've never actually tried scrapbooking, but it looks fun. I started working on designs so I could eventually design my website, and maybe ,when the time comes, my book covers.

Thanks smiley

Hi there,
My name is Lisa. I have been stalking around the forums at Pixel Scrapper for awhile, and have always been a bit to shy to introduce myself. I have only been working creatively in a digital medium for about 6 months, but I have the bug and am hooked. In addition to my photoshop/digital scrapping addiction, I work full time and am going to school to get my BS in psychology and then on to my Masters in education. It sounds like a busy life on paper, but it doesn't really seem that busy while I am living it....although, I admit, I am a bit Type A.
I also have a grown daughter who is 21 that I spend a ton of time with, she has paranoid schizophrenia and always is able to help me look at my projects in new and unusual ways; she is true visionary and the light of my life.

Hi there!

I'm Cynthia and I live in the Netherlands (sorry if my English is bad... ) . I'm a photographer, so I shoot people for a living smiley. I love to do weddings, take photo's of family's, baby's and children, I also do some events.
At this moment I'm designing my own website, where I use the scrap-things for I've found here! Of course I will share the results with you! smiley

I really like scrapbooking. I actually got it from my mom, she's was already scrapbooking before it became popular. I found out that I also love to do this, only the digital scrapbooking is new for me, but I already like it! Thanks for creating such an amazing website! It's nice to see so many people from all over the world.


Hi! I'm Analia. I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina (so please excuse my English), and I'm new at Scrapbooking in all their ways. I'm married, no kids yet, but we have a gorgeous dog named Malka, and she just gave birth to seven puppies, so my home is full of babies now!
I'm an Art teacher, and I do all kinds of crafts, so scrapbook is my new interest. I hope I can make great progress soon!

Welcome everyone! We have people from all over the world. It's so fun to see who says hello!

Hi I'm Rita. I joined back in Dec, and never introduced myself. I'm 48 and live in NYC. Married for 22 years with 2 sons (20 and 14). I started scrapbooking the traditional way and being a perfectionist couldn't bring myself to cut all the pretty papers and embellishments - what if I messed it up? So thank goodness for digital scrapping - because now I can change things at a whim. smiley I use Photoshop CS5. Still have lots to learn though and lots to scrap. Love this site and what it and it's members and founders have to offer. So thanks so much.

Hiya from Denmark ~I been lurking here for awhile so I guess its time for introducing myself
Im Chili n Im an educated Chef n I love my job ~ love food in any aspects from the sweet cupcakes to Beef Wellington
~married to the most handsome Korean ~have 1 daughter at 16 n 2 cats whom for sure owns the recident here
I love making layouts so Im often at the computer - and I love window shopping here making my wish list larger
So thats it ~ for now smiley

I have just found this brilliant site, some really lovely artwork.
Can't wait to get started.
Tracy smiley

Hi Holly ,I completely agree, I love this site it is Awsome and I hope that in the future I will be able to add to the content.
Happy Crafting

Hello everyone, I'm Elizabeth. I just started using Project Life in June and found that I loved the concept but had a hard time finding cards that met my specific needs. I've been learning GIMP and started to either manipulate existing PL/scrapbooking items or even create some myself. My favorite things here are the templates.

Welcome to old of you that have introduced yourself this week... new and old smiley We are so glad you have decided to join us here at! smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everyone! My name is Sherry and I go by the user name of Elk Fan. I was born in Missouri but have lived in Texas most of my life. I'm married with two children, four grandchildren, and two Shih Tzu dogs. I enjoy photography, gardening, reading paranormal mysteries (Love Heather Graham and Jane Ann Krentz books), decorating my home and spending time with family and friends. I retired two years ago after a 40 year banking career. I started paper scrapping many years ago and was a consultant for Creative Memories for a few years. I was really intimidated by digital scrapping but I purchased Photoshop Elements and thought I would give it a try. I played around with Elements trying to learn to use it and got extremely frustrated and then I found some on line classes and I was off an running. I am now totally addicted to digi scrapping and haven't done a paper page since. (Anyone need a whole closet full of paper supplies??) LOL Not too long ago, I was approached by a couple of designers to join their CT teams and decided to give it a try. I love it and I have made some wonderful new friends as an added bonus. I started playing around with designing myself and when I saw Marisa's wonderful offer to start helping new designers (thank you Facebook!) I decided to take her up on the offer. I had registered here earlier but got a little frustrated when I couldn't post layouts and sort of put this site on the back burner. I didn't quite get the points thing but have since read the rules and understand it a little better so you will be seeing a lot more of me. It's great to be here and thank you Marisa for taking time to do this for us.