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Hi all, I'm Paula and live in the UK (Surrey), with my Hubby, Cocker Spaniel Rocco and Cat Ollie.

I am new to this site as well as digital scrap booking, but learning lots through the tutorials. Also just got Photoshop CC , and can't wait to start putting my new found knowledge into practice smiley

Hi My name is Carol. I've been enjoying the site for a while but still find myself having problems finding what I'm looking for sometimes. smiley I really enjoy the month matching sets.
I started scrapbooking in preparation for my first grandchild, eleven years ago. Then the unthinkable happened. Our first born grandchild, a perfect looking little boy named Owen, died at six days of age. My book was then needed to introduce him to our family and friends at his wake. I swore to myself that he wouldn't be forgotten and I was the one that would keep him alive for the future.
I had taken 7 rolls of film in 6 days and made a 7x7 album for his funeral and an 8.5x11 for the story of his life.
I started digital with the Creative Memories company and had used nothing but their products until their restructuring. Their new style isn't mine so I went on the hunt for something new. I found this site. And as often as possible come and pick up my free items per day.

Hi, I'm Jenna, AKA JenHoney. I'm mainly a graphic designer and a painter, but I've recently been into journaling/chronicling my life, and, since I'm on Photoshop for 8 hours a day anyway, I naturally fell into digi-scrapping and digi-art journaling. I'm 31, and I live in Northern California with my sweet Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Amelia.

Hi! My name is Diana and I am a chocolaholic. Yes, I said it. I'm also a scrapaholic, so I probably fit right in. smiley I started scrapbooking about 16 years ago when my first born was about two years old. I turned to the dark side, a.k.a. digi scrapping, more recently and love it! I sometimes forget to login and keep people abreast of what I'm up to, but I blame it on the rain (sorry Milli Vanilli).

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi I am Suvamita..I have already introduced myself in a separate thread..I am from India and I am a college student..I have always loved creativity and graphical works..looking forward to gain a lot of friends in this community..I will also share my creativity with you all ..I am enjoying here so much.. smiley
Nice to meet you friends!!..

Hello Marisa and Jordan,
My Name is Shawnna, I have lived all over the US and Canada, I saw an Alberta resident here Boy that is one provenience I miss. I LOVE digital Media, marketing, advertising, photography, digital graphics, and digital scrap booking. I am a mom of ten beautiful children, 6 boys and 4 girls, I am always learning and updating my knowledge. My children are also avid digital graphic lovers. I have taught online classes for corel and animation shop to elderly, mentally challenged, and slow visual learners Though this took up most of my time and I rarely got sleep, my children were aggravated with the lack of time I had for family so I quit and started focusing on creating a business, time management (ensuring I had a set number of hrs for work) and focused more on the family. I found this site on accident as I have a graphical challenge to accomplish. I was contacted by my sister to fix and create something stunning and memorable for a friend of hers in a group. Her son passed away and she I guess only has three pictures of him which all are in need of major work, then to use these three photo's to make a few she can use to remember him always. It is nice to meet all of you and hear a bit about your selves. Thanks for allowing me to join, and who knows maybe someday I will have more time to create things for others here to share as well. smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello, my name is Monika. I live in Germany-Bavaria, in a small village near Nuernberg. I like to work and decorate with all beautiful
things, but mostly I am adiccted to digiscrapping. Nice to meet you all here!!! smiley smiley

Hi, I am new around here. I really love that a community like this exists and I am looking forward to participating when I can. I am disabled, and I live with my mom, who is also disabled, so we sort of take care of each other. My only children are my cats who I love dearly. I have been scrapbooking digitally since I discovered it in 2009. It is nice to "meet" you all.

My name is Vanessa and I thought I had already introduced myslf a long time ago when I joined but obviously I didn't! I previously visited Marissa's site when it was Pixeled Memories.
I am 59 years of age, married and live in the UK. I am mainly a Card crafter! The software programmes I use are Photoshop Elements, Craft Artist and Greeting Card Factory/Scrapbook Factory.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Marisa, I am 42 and just remarried, I now have 7 wonderful step children. I have an associates in graphic design and I am going back to school to get my skills back up to par. I have a schnauzer who is my little boy. I want to start a blog and looking for ideas.

I just found this website thanks to the link on the website free pretty things for you. I am always looking for new ideas and learning how to make pages and elements for a scrap book. Thank you so much for such a great site.


Welcome Kathy! Glad to have you here!

Hi, everyone! I am so excited to have found this site. I can tell there are a lot of really talented, creative people on here and I am looking forward to finding inspiration and advice in this forum! smiley

I am a 29 year old stay-at-home mom to a 2 year old little boy who is my sunshine. My husband and I are native Nevadans and we reside in Las Vegas. It's hot!!!

I grew up with both of my parents working in some area of commercial printing. It has leaked over into my adult life, as I love layout, graphics, and creating my own digital imagery. Since having my son I have started to really become interested in digital scrapbooking although I have only recently found the time to really get into it.

Hello to everyone, I am from England, 42, wife to Ian and mum to 20 year old Jade and adopted mum to our cat Gizmo and although i haven't yet started to scrapbook i am very interested in it, i make greeting cards so think that scrapbooking will come natural (that's when i find time to start) absolutely love this site, i love digital craft as i have limited space to work, so to me CD roms and sites like this are a must, thank you for all the hard work you put into the site, it's fab xx

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hello everyone. My name is Olesya and I live in a small town about an hour north of Toronto. I was born and raised in Toronto and moved here 14 years ago when my boys were 2 and 5 years old. They are 19 and 16 now and we had another baby boy 16 months ago. I started traditional scrapbooking about 10 years ago and really love it but don't have much time for it anymore. When my boys were old enough to do things for themselves a little bit, I gave up a part time job for a full time 12 hour/5days a week shift. (Teenage boys are expensive. Lol!) Just over a year ago I ended up leaving that position due to my high risk pregnancy. Actually all of my boys were high risk. My oldest and now my youngest are both premies.
Being at home with the baby is great but I needed to do something creative to stay sane. I pulled out all my scrapbook supplies about 4 months ago for a project our Niece was working on and really wanted to preserve some of the memories of our newest addition. I couldn't get the paper out without some little fingers trying to help. So then I draged out the computer and opened up Photoshop. While trying to put together my first digital layout I searched online for some tips and found a whole new world.
Now I try to spend a few hours each night indulging my creativity. I came across Pixel Scrapper while searching for an element for a challenge layout and I'm in LOVE! I even saw some elements for scrapbooking premies! It's actually something that has been on my mind since our stay at the hospital, but all the regular baby stuff just doesn't seem to fit. I have been dreaming about putting together appropriate kits for the other parents at our NICU since we brought our beautiful boy home but could never find the inspiration I needed untill now.
Thank you so much for such a gorgeous site! smiley smiley

Hello everyone,
I found Marissa a while ago, whilst working on the first album of my daughter. I love it, because it is always a great place to get inspired.
Thank you!

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi, I am Carol from Connecticut and I use paper in my Art Journaling, very mixed media, journal/book making, and in just about anything. I have stacks of old books, scrapbook paper, cards and other ephemera clogging up the corners craft room. Who knows what I will need. I use and teach Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver and will use any one of them when inspiration strikes. So finding this site was just simply fun! What a great service! Thank you.

so many new and intriguing members... i look forward to getting to know each of you! welcome to PS!!!

Hi ya name is Jennifer. I live in Pennsylvania. I'm married to my wonderful husband Kevin. We have been married for 4 years but know each other for 21 years. I have 2 boys James 18, Matthew 16 and 1 girl Ashley 13. I am currently taking online classes at PennFoster. I recently opened my first online store for digital scrapping. I now create and make my own kits and designs. I have been scrapping for a very long time and I am also self taught. I use Paintshop Pro X2 but I am in the process of learning Photoshop Elements 11. I enjoy learning new things and I am scrapper addict! I found Pixel Scrappr a few months ago and I luv it, its a great site and I'm excited to be on the cheer team!

Hi everyone,
My name is Heather (heather63 on most galleries) so happy to be here and seeing lots of gorgeous layouts. smiley
I am aged 50 and live in the North East of England with my wonderful Partner and my 2 gorgeous Children - My daughter is 24 and my Son is 16.
We also have a totally cute Chocolate Labrador called Charlie - he is 2 years old and a rescue dog.
Hugs xx smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi Marisa, I Have Been Looking For A Site Like This For Quite A While. I Love Sharing My Digital Designs, But I Would Like To Have More Interaction With People Than I Get From The Blog. So I Am Looking Forward To My New Venture Here! I Noticed That You Do A Group Blog Train Once A Month, I Would Definitely Love To Be Part Of That, So Thanks So Much For Letting Me Be A Part Of Pixel Scrappers, Hope I Can Be A Worthy Contributor.
(There Is More About Me On The Introduce Yourself Forms.)
Thanks Again, Mary Ann

My Name Is Mary Ann, I Have Been Looking For A Site Like This For Quite A While. I Love Sharing My Digital Designs, But I Would Like To Have More Interaction With People Than I Get From The Blog. So I Am Looking Forward To My New Venture Here! I Noticed That You Do A Group Blog Train Once A Month, I Would Definitely Love To Be Part Of That, So Thanks So Much For Letting Me Be A Part Of Pixel Scrappers, Hope I Can Be A Worthy Contributor. I Am Sure I Am Old Enough To Be A Grandmother To Most Of You, Unfortunately, I Didn't Get Into Digi-Scrapping Until About 4 Years Ago, Sure Wish I Had Discovered It When I Was Younger!!

I'm Poodle Dabbert..been obtaining paper scrap equipment for years, since the craze 1st started. was an exercise in hoarding. Never got one album done.
Not that I don't have photos. I worked for American Airlines for 30yrs and have traveled the world taking pictures. I have boxes of paper pictures. I have adopted "adult" co-workers as my children and have their kids who call me Nana. So I have boxes of family photos. I love smiley all my furry children so I have boxes of photos of my pets. I've got lots of dear friends who have traveled with me, so you guessed it.. Lots of boxes of photos of interactions with my friends.
I was the Martha Stewart of my group and threw every holiday party at my house, guess how many photos of that are in boxes. I think it was looking at all those photo boxes and all the scrap equipment that made it all so overwhelming. I moved all the equipment to my Sis's garage (it takes up half of her space) and she keeps wanting to do something with it !
Then came DIGITAL Photography and my life changed but not that much. I no longer have boxes of photos - I have files of digital photos instead. I love it all.
To make a long story even longer... I found digital scrapping. My fave site is Pixelscrapper. I'm happy to say I just signed up and purchased a year's membership for Patron status.
SO...I now have files (and by files I mean 120 GB of files) all neatly organized of Paper- elements- wordart- clusters- blog trains- FB hops of digital graphics.
Being retired from my job..I changed my clock and now I stay up all night and taught myself Photoshop. WOW
what a creative program.
I've managed to actually use my skills and stockpile to make some digital scrap photos.
Come to my FB page if you like and friend me... PattiPaulaDabbertOlivier.
I hope to get access to the gallery and post some of my own digital art for members here to use for free.
Here at night in Tucson Arizona. smiley

Welcome to all our lovely newbies here at PS! It's so nice to have you join us. smiley

I'm new to all this, so I'm a bit sad now with a lot of things suddenly (overnight) being unavailable to us. I understand the website has to have revenue and probably will become a patron, but having just started scrapping as a an oldie. I'm not sure of my needs as yet, and have been cut off some assets I would have liked to try, so I'll just have to learn to make my own. However, being new, I'm miffed because why should I now share the lovely brads of the wee kits in my stud? You could at least let new members have a few months trails, as a lot of sites do. I may or may not go elsewhere. Grrr!
Anyhow, that's for another day.
I live with hubby, 6 cats and 60 odd bunnies about an hour from the capital Wellington, New Zealand. I'm English; hubby a Kiwi. He's an academic at uni and I a psychologist. I love bunnies, and in desperation to find nice stuff for my wee stud and rescue bunnies, I turned to scrapping. I'm new, but learning quickly. There's not much out there to help bunny lovers (except some Easter stuff, but that should be left to chocolate buns), so I intend to make some things of my own with pics of my real bunnies and Norwegian Forest Cats for all those who want to scrap their beloved pet buns and Fancy champs. As well as my stud, I have a rescue for buns that are just chucked out, and I finance it myself from my own funds, including the vet fees, so I haven't got much left for anything else. My stud is called Heavensent, because the wee darlings are sent from heaven to us to love, and it's an honour to share my life with theirs. I breed mini lops and mini cashmere lops, but we are doing something right, because they live to ripe old ages and are so generous with their love. I find rabbits also help children heal, and the rabbit in the pic was believed to be an angel in earthly form by the Navaho Indians. They told me her tattoo number before she ever had one. She snored her way close to my heart and to championship, and in very old age, we bought her the softest, and most expensive rug, for her wee little feet to walk on when the ground outside was too hard. She also had fresh soft towels in her cage, the door of which was never closed. All the bunnies are loved and it takes 3hrs+ to feed them. One doesn't just chuck food at them: One talks, strokes and tells them how much you love them. You inspect them, too. ATM it's Winter and cold at night, so they have the heaters going. It's too wet for many runs atm, and trying to dry a wet long-haired bunny with a hair drier is rather akin to drying a sweater with a hair-drier. Oh well, I've nattered on for far too long. Have a happy time scrapping, everyone! Hugs to you all.