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Hi I'm Cynthia and I have been digiscrap designing since 2007, however, I don't sell any of my designs. I have always done color challenges and just given away my work as a creative outlet. I have a VERY busy life and never wanted all the commitments of selling my creations. I will be launching a new blog soon with a focus on nutrition AND digiscrap too of course. I closed down my old "freebie" blog over a year ago. Looking forward to exploring, finding my way around and hopefully making some new friends.

Hi I Jen from Commerce,MI. I have 2 childern ares 2 and 6. And discovered digital scrapping a year ago when I wanted to make my own personalized Chritmas cards and now I am addicted.

Welcome to all the newbies! We are glad to have you here.

Hello. My name is Tammy Herzog. I've scrapbooked for many years. Or shall I say I've collected scrapbook supplies for many years. Having moved from a house that had it's own scrapbooking room to a small apt. I haven't had the drive to drag out my supplies and put back and have it in my way. So I haven't been scrapbooking. I can't even say where I saw that you can digital scrapbook, but thought about, i wasn't sure if it would be as satisfying as actually touching the papers, etc. But thought well it's not like I'm getting anything done anyway, might as well try it. So I got scrapbook max and started pages last month. I also got photoshop elements also and have been working with both. My only problem is I'm becoming a digital scrapbooking elements hoarder - but you never know when you will need that offbeat color.

Hi, I'm Helen. I live in the USA. I am brand new to digital scrapbooking. I am so excited to play with color and patterns to make my own papers as well as to use all of the great resources on this site. I'm hoping to participate in the next blog train.

Hi !!! My name is Yasmin and I'm from Germany. I'm also new to scrapbooking and I have just discovered this lovely site. At the moment I'm working on my first big digital scrapbooking project and I love it. Thanks for the great ressources here, they help me really. smiley

Welcome everyone! So glad to have you here!

Hi I am daniela, from Colombia. I started digital scrapbooking a year ago after my son was born because I didn't have time for physical scrapbook. I am in love with it and I am designing party invites and bundles for my friends in Colombia.

Welcome Daniela!

HI! I am Tamara, from the Netherlands. I have just recently started digital scrapbooking since I did not like the options I got from websites where I could order photoalbums smiley I am really happy I found thsi site as it has so many great things.
I have a 7 month old daughter who I love to photograph and now I can also make beatifull photopages!

Welcome Tamara! Thanks for saying hello!

Hola a todos! Soy Patricia tengo 26 años, soy estudiante de arquitectura en Uruguay y adoro todo lo que tiene que ver con manualidades y artesanias! tambien estudio diseño grafico y me gusta mucho trabajar en la computadora. Me encantó esta pagina y espero poder interactuar en esta linda comunidad. Saludos!! smiley

I try to traduce it... sorry for ortography smiley

Hello everyone! I'm Patricia, I have 26, I am a student of architecture in Uruguay and I love everything that has to do with crafts! also studied graphic design and I like working on the computer. I loved this web and hope to interact in this beautiful community. Greetings !!

Hi Pixel Scrappers!

I was first introduced to traditional scrapbooking in 1996 as I was getting married - perfect timing to begin smiley. I fell in love with telling our life stories through pictures. Up until last year, I was a consultant with Creative Memories. I spent 20 years helping people ("the ladies", as our boys would call them) preserve their memories and tell their stories and even now I still coordinate scrapbooking retreats for all those scrapbookers who love to get together and scrapbook. I began completely digital scrapbooking our family stories in 2011 but I played with the digital program many years before that doing little gifts etc. I have to be honest, I never imagined myself enjoying digital scrapbooking as I do. I thought for sure I would never change from the traditional way of scrapbooking. Well, life has a way of changing our views of things sometimes, and here I am completely digital scrapbooking. I love that our boys love reading their stories. Their whole life has been documented. smiley I like to say that I've been "published" with every Storybook I create. I am looking forward to getting to know more of you in this community and hope to be an encouragement as we all continue to preserve our memories and stories.

Umm... hi! smiley

I'm pretty new to scrapbooking, both digital and otherwise. I remember when I was in kindergarten, my school had us make a scrapbook... I definitely did that completely wrong, since I used it to doodle in and glue random objects to paper. But hey, you can't expect a kindergartener to be a wizard at it! I almost wish I had kept it, even if all the random leaves and flowers I glued in would have long since turned to gross mulch.
I first started collecting digital scrapbook paper for craft purposes - namely, for making doll sized things. My first bit of Scrapbook paper was a purple and teal striped paper I intended to use for wallpaper in a room-box for my Madeline Hatter doll. I never gave all that much thought to scrapbooking until later, when I thought it might be a pretty neat idea to use scrapbooking to document - what else - my doll projects! Us doll collectors love taking pictures of our dolls anyway smiley
But I'm also at that time in a young person's life (I'm 25, believe it or not!) when so many amazing things are happening. Earlier this year, my cousin welcomed her second child into the world. My friends are getting married and having children, I'm going back to school, and little milestones are being met everywhere I look. What better time to start a scrapbooking journey?

Welcome everyone! So fun to have people at different points on the scrapbooking journey!

bonjour je me nomme flora
je suis maman à la retraite et passionnée de graphisme
j'espere avoir fait ma présentation au bon endroit
au plaisir de vous lire , et de vous parler

Welcome Flora!


Hello everyone my name is Anna I am new to digital scrapbooking, so I am finding my way slowly. I love this site and hope to become a regular user. Thank You for the lovely images they are helpful in my scrapping.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

I can't believe that I've been a subscriber for almost a year now. I have so many beautiful kits but because I have so little time for scrapbooking I'm way too insecure to post in the forum. I live on the farm lands of Wisconsin, help my husband along with my sons with a dairy and crop farm. I also work in town for a legal firm, to maintain my sanity because it's all men on the farm! I just need to jump into this digital wonderland and make time for myself!

Hi everyone! I'm Joyce from Iowa. I love to scrapbook when I have time. I also enjoy reading, watching movies, water walking or just relaxing in the pool. I've been married to my hubby, Ron for 30 years now. We have 2 adult children, their spouses and 2 granddaughters ages 9 & 7! which I love spending time with. I work fulltime in a pharmacy as a pharmacy technician. I have been downloading the gorgeous items from this site for about a year now and I absolutely love all the kits available. I haven't gotten much time to actually work on scrapbooking but when I retire in a few years I am planning on going to town on it!

Welcome ladies! Can't wait to see what you make with our downloads!

So many newbies the last couple weeks! Here's a big fat "Welcome!!!" from me. Looking forward to getting to know y'all. smiley

Hello, PixelScrapper Community. I found this place because I was looking for someone that I knew from another site. I had seen that she'd been ill and then I ended up finding here. Glad to see that she's recovering (I don't know her very well. Digi scrap acquaintance I believe might be the correct term. (Well now I just sound like a stalker, sorry about that.) smiley
This is a pic of me. I am facing the camera but doing a "cousin It" impression. Being silly getting a "headshot" done.
I've been digiscrapping since about 2006 (never really did traditional scrapping). I have also been designing some. I really appreciate the generous CU TOU and the designing challenges. smiley
I am married to a terrific guy and we have 2 grown and married children with their own families - 4 grandchildren with another on the way.
I also have a cat. smiley I think that covers most stuff.
Thank you all.

Well Hai! My name is Amber - I'm a 27 year old Homemaker and you can sing me "Happy Birthday" on March 24. smiley
I live with my "Boyfriend-gone-Fiance" of 8 years, 2 overweight Cats, Mary Jane & GaGa (who are paternal sisters), and a Stinkbug or two. smiley T.V. series and movies are an addiction of well as Chocolate! I spend most of my time on the Internet, Watching Telivision, and Working at my craft desk.

I am an AVID admirer of anything Organizing, Listing, and Digital Graphic Arts. At times I can get just a tad bit impulsive and end up spending 14 straight hours in Photoshop picking out a Style for a Honest. When it comes to these hobbies you may call me a little O.C.D. but, in this case, it can sometimes come in handy. I did some 3D Graphic Design work for a few years, making 3D clothing, accessories, hair, homes, etc. for an "online enhanced virtual chat room" called "Second Life", produced by San Francisco based company, Linden Labs. I got engaged in November of 2013 so I have since taken a break from "virtual living" to focus on my Wedding. In the present I design, produce, and sell crafting projects on my Etsy store, which can be found here: Sweet & Decoden
If you like what you see in my shop, feel free to "Like" the Facebook Page &
"Follow" me on Twitter.

Some of the things I enjoy making include:
*Polymer Clay & Resin Jewelry & Magnets
*Wooden Projects such as Signs, Ring Boxes, etc.
*Restoration of scrap or junk items
*Decoden - Phone Cases & Jewelry
*All things Photoshop. Photoshop. Photoshop.
*Making new Photoshop presets like Styles, Brushes, Patterns, Gradients, Fonts, etc.
.....among a ton of other random things. I learn as I go.

I found pixelscrapper by searching Google for "Printable Labels" as I needed them for organizing my craft room. I have been HOOKED ever since then. I am not a scrapbook fan so much, but I love all the digital works that come with the territory. The creations on PS (pixelscrapper) give me a ton of inspiration and I am very very thankful to all the artists that contribute here as well as Marisa. I hope this gives you a little window into my world and God bless! smiley

Can't wait to be able to contribute to the site!,
Amber D. smiley


Hi~I an a 'wanna be' digital scrapbooker and am very grateful for the Pixel Scrapper! In addition to being a rich resource of material, Pixel Scrapper is also a wonderful source for ideas!

Hi there!

I'm a digital scrapbooker from Belgium and I can't believe I haven't found this place sooner! This is awesome smiley
I got inspired and made 2 new pages today smiley

Hi! I'm Elisa and I live in Barcelona, Spain... but i'm a mexican girl. I was backpacker in Europe, and now I live with my BF and i'm a new user in scrapbooking. I only work in PowerPoint, because I don't know how to use Corel, hahaha.

Greetings to all!