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Hi. I've been scrapbooking for two years now and still learning. Love all the tutorials I've read so far and I'm hoping you guys will keep them coming smiley

Hello, My name is Kamie. I am a 30 something mother of 5 (his mine and ours) with a busy 3 year old at home. I have scrap-booked for as long as i can remember, even before everyone was making paper scrapbook pages. I did it as a kid with wrapping paper and cards into *gasp* acid sticky photo books. (yes i have moved most of my stuff over) I am looking for a community to challenge and share my creativity. I hope i have found one....

Hi! My name's Heidi, and I am married. We don't have any kids, but I've got a couple of nieces and a nephew that keep my camera busy! I love college football and baseball! Love to travel! I switched to digital a few months ago, because the trends kept changing so much with traditional scrapbooking, and scrapbooking became a task, instead of a hobby that was enjoyable! I love being able to see all the cool things everyone has created on this site!

Welcome, welcome all the new faces! We can't wait to see all the creative pages you make and share! Thanks for telling us a little about yourselves.

Hello all. My name is Kamie. I live in salt lake city Utah. I have scrapbooked all my life. and have been doing it "for Real" for more than 15 years! i am always looking for new inspiration, and someone to share my love of photo's with. I hope this site will challenge me to do more scrapbooking and Learn more techniques!

Hi All,
Tammi here from the breath taking city of Cape Town.
I am a chef by profession, but a designer by heart. I have a passion for creating and perfecting all that is beautiful.
I have been scrap booking for bout 10 years now. So imagine my excitement when I stumbled onto this gem of a site!!
I have 2 handsome fluffy boys that I adore, I also foster a pup or two when asked.
This should be fun... Shall we begin?! smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

I had to come back I did not realize this is where I had to introduce myself duh LOL. Hello I am Married and MOm and love to scrap and craft too. I once took my twins old bumper pads and sheet set from there cribs when they grew out of them and turned them into a set of seat cushions for there room! They were so neat and cute I was very proud of them that was many years ago one of the first home made crafts I actually made I later got more hooked and bought a glue gun! That thing comes in handy let me tell you! LOL smiley Have a great day! smiley

this is such a lovely scrapping sight thank you so much for having this for us!! smiley

Welcome! Thanks for saying hello!

Hey! I'm Sarah. I've been scrapping for a few years, and I cannot believe this page has been hiding from me! I'm so happy to have stumbled onto this site. Thanks for all the wonderful downloads!

Hi Everyone,

I'm Jay I live in Aus Victoria with hubby and 1.5 yr baby.

I've only been scrapping and mini scrapbooking since about 2 years approx off and on. Craft keeps me sane (battling mental and possible major other health issues dr's are looking into) as I think I mentioned in my profile & need to make some money to fund my crafts as we are tight on budget. I absolutely love that you allow people to use your templates etc as starting tool! Its so hard and expensive to find exactly what you want in papers etc..

Looking forward to learning all I can and getting lots of ideas and inspiration.

Hi, my name is Lori, I'm from New Orleans, La. I have 3 children, 2 grandsons and another grandbaby on the way. Been with my soulmate since 2003, he has 2 grandsons also, so we're hoping the new baby will be a girl! We have a crazy 4 legged fur baby, Boston Terrier. We have no children together, so she IS our 'baby'.

I'm a Dog Stylist, going on 8yrs, and consider all the doggies I groom 'my babies'. I've done many crafts in my time, plastic canvas, cross stitching, ceramic painting, making wreaths. I have been scrapping for about 8yrs now, got into it around the same time as my grooming career started.

Welcome everyone!

Hi, my name is Bistra and I`m from Bulgaria ( East Europe). I`m 30 years old. I found digital scrapbook 7 years ago.
I started learning Photoshop with it. smiley My big hobby is a photography. I`m using scrapbook to create diaries about my daughters.
Pixelscrapper is a lovely place! I'm glad I came here! Thanks for quality free content!

Same of my old works smiley -

Lovely! Thanks for sharing and welcome!

Hi! My name is Erin Crouch. I've been using Pixelscrapper off and on for a while now...but I'm just now starting to get more involved with the community. Last year, I started an Etsy shop that sells digital party printables and invitations. I used pixelscrapper images in a lot of my work. I really appreciate Pixelscrapper's commercial use licenses!!

Hi everyone! I am a 50-year-old mother of 3, grandmother of 1, and mom to 4 fur-babies (2 cats & 2 dogs). I started scrap booking in 2007 when my granddaughter was born and I wanted to make a memory album of her first year. I'm brand new to digital scrapping and found this site while looking for materials and tutorials to learn how. I'm looking forward to getting started smiley

Hi all. I'm here because Catherine told me about this little oasis on the web... what a cool place! I've got no idea how to design but I'm always up to learning new things so being able to download things to practice with is absolutely awesome!!! I'm still finding my way around but thought I'd say "hi". smiley and yes, my name is really France, and nope, it's not short for anything.
And well, maybe one day I'll upgrade to an actual photo of me but this avatar is the way I'm known wherever I hang out on the digi-web (I'm not sure I'm allowed to mention other places here! smiley ) I'm known just as "France" on those other places (and you'll recognise my current avatar! LOL!).
Thanks so much to all of you for making this place what it is... Marisa, I don't see it/them but I think you must have a halo and/or wings, and your fairy designers too!!!! smiley

Hi my name is Debbie. I have two grown children and 3 grandchildren. I live in the USA. I like to create various things and collect alphas.

Hi everyone, my name is Wendy. I've been digital scrapping for a few years now. I tried traditional for a moment, but the amount of clutter and stuff I didn't use was a burden. Like digital photography, the minute I ran into a digital scrapbooking site, I fell in love with the concept. I had so much photography waiting for me to do something with it. Finally, I now have an outlet. I started by purchasing digital scrapbook kits, until I realized I could make all my own I did! I troll around for ideas then dash over to youtube for lessons on how to do specific techniques. I don't think I'll ever be bored again!

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello!

Hi everyone. My name is April. I love digital scrapbooks to use in my work with my work in progress and my photo shoots when I make my reborns. I am looking forward to seeing and using lots of really cool stuff from this community. Thank you Merisa, for starting this.

Thanks for saying hi!

Hello. I just discovered Digital Scrapbooking. Hoping to get some ideas to utilize all the pictures that I have saved on my computer of my grandbaby.

Welcome Andrea! I hope you love digital scrapbooking as much as we do!

Hello smiley My name is Kim, I am from the Niagara Falls area in Canada. I used to do digital scrapbooking and making my own kits to sell as well but as I became Ill for a time I had to quit doing so. Now I'm well and starting to get back into the game of scrapbooking and art journaling...I also used to have my own pixel site where I drew small pixel graphics, but now want to draw bigger versions of those graphics for making scrapbooking kits.
Looking forward to learning here, thanks so much!

Hi, I'm Petra and I figured I'd represent Croatia in this lovely multicultural community smiley But really, I just feel like hanging out with other people who don't look at me funny when I mention "scrapbooking" - it's not exactly popular around here. Because I made a (wrong?) career choice that's completely uncreative (law) I've always been looking for some creative outlet- cooking, kniting, crafting, gardening - anything that will keep my hands busy and make a mess! Digital scrapping isn't messy, but sure is infinite and never gets boring. I am very non-pro at this - refuse to buy Photoshop so I create in (check this) Serif Draw Plus StarterEdition (yes, I'm that cheap!) and Gimp. My camera is equaly silly - a 10 year old point-and-shoot dummy, but I adore it, it gets the job done. Needless to say, my favorite scrapbooking supplies are also freebies, I always have more fun with those. But, unfortunately, yes - I am also a horder. And it felt like PSManifesto was writen specifically for me. So I just had to join smiley Most of my scraps are about food, my own gorgeous self, and cats. Lots of cats. Yeah, I know, I should get a life. Basically, I love fumbling around with papers & elements, cropping, recoloring, altering them and coming up with something new. Rarely are my layouts premeditated smiley ...and I love smileys, very much smiley

Hi Marisa family and friends, I live in the Netherlands and I do love my family and friends, my cute Jack Russell and all kind of art. At the moment I am most busy with making jewelry, it is not a business yet, more like a grown out hobby smiley and I love making music (singing, piano, guitar) but just for fun..
I do have a Etsy store and also a little hobby website Birdie Accessoires & Zo I recently did discover your website, because I love to make cards, and I also like to make digital art...but I have not much time for that...but now and then I make time for it smiley I use Photoshop, Gimp and Blender for that.
I like this website and the art very much, and the freebees are soooo cool! Thanks so much! Happy day and till next time smiley

Hi, I'm Rachel and I found Pixel Scrapper looking for ideas for our church's first Ladies Day. We have a theme of "Raindrops Keep falling on my Head" and I've found fun backgrounds to run with that theme for our big day. As a homeschooling mom I plan on finding more ideas to use for my kids and for various functions going on at church. Thank you for this fun site!