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Hi everyone. I came across this site while looking for something else. I am looking forward to exploring this site. It looks like there is a lot to see and learn form.

Hi! My name is Marcela. I love this site! Marisa, thank you so much!

Welcome everyone. Thank you for saying hello.

hi! my name is samantha.I'm from Indonesia. 19 years old girl.I love design, especially for digital Scrapbooking. I found This web about a year ago. I love Marisa Lerin's Design.She does a great job making beautiful things.

I became interested in digital scrapbooking about 1 and a half years ago.
all family and friends are very supportive of me to do it, because they like my design.
This makes me have a great spirit to work in digital Scrapbooking. and when I found this website, I got a lot of emblishment that really helped me in improving my digital scrapbooking.

Thank you Marisa,

#I'm sorry if My English is not good.

Hi! I'm Stephanie and I live in Southern California! I'm a mom to a crazy toddler boy and will soon have another boy to chase around! I'm brand new to digital scrapbooking but this site is amazing and super inspirational!!!! smiley

Welcome everyone! Glad you stopped by and I love to hear that you love the site!

Hello! I'm Wendy from Virginia but now live in Kansas. I'm an Army wife and mother of two. I work part time and in my free time I love to dabble in all types of arts and crafts. I love the website and look forward to all that is to come! Nice to meet you and God bless! smiley

Hi I'm Jessica. I stumbled upon this site by accident and have fallen in love. You guys have done a GREAT job!!! It's such a great concept and well executed. I've been a scrapper for years just recently turning to digital (not sure why it's taken me so long). I'm a photo hobbiest so it's nice to get the images off my computer and in print. I'm recently married and the mom to one severely spoiled pug (hard to say no to that face). I'm excited to explore more of the site.

Welcome everyone! Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!

Hi! I'm Brenda...and I just found pixel scrapper recently smiley ...Wished I had found it earlier...anyway, i love digital scrapbooking and I must say this is one of the best digi scrapbooking websites I have ever visited...

Hello My name is Stacey. I am 29 and I am from Wales! I am a first time mum to 9 month old Hunter! I have decided not to return to work so that I can be at home with him! I do have a blog but due to being kept mega busy with the baby it has not been updated since he was born! I am quite new to digital scrapbooking as I have mostly been a cardmaker with the occasional dip into working with polymer clay!!!! But both require mess so decided digi scrapping would be a great way to keep crafting mess free!!! I have a wonderful husband called Konrad and he works very hard to allow me to stay home and raise our son, I am very lucky! I think thats about it!!!

I've been digital scrapbooking for several years and I just now came across this site. I can't believe it took me so long. I love the tutorials. I've done a lot of tutorials on other sites, and these are some of the best I've come across. Thank you so much!

About me--I live in NC near Lake Norman. My hubby and I have been together 20 years and we have a son in elementary school. I used to work in marketing and have always liked desktop publishing and design. I also love taking pictures. So the transition to digital scrapbooking was a natural course for me! LOL

I'm looking forward to meeting everyone and exploring the site.

Hello everybody,

My English is not that very good, but I will try to introduce myself in a way that you all can understand...
Thank God for Yahoo! Babelfish (for the translations) and Google (for looking up how to exactly write a word), those two make it a lot easier for me, lol!

Well, I am Hetty... 35 Summers old.
I live in the Netherlands with my 11 year old cat.
Sadly I became quite ill, about 7 years ago.
So I'm not working at my previous boss (IKEA Sliedrecht) anymore.
But, to keep a bit busy, I do voluntary work at a place where mentaly ill ("crazy") people can come together for a cup of coffee, a chit-chat, and some fun activities.
What I do is: I give lessons in working with Word 2000 (yep, a very old program) and some support and help with going on the internet (I help people with looking up something, taking on an e-mail adress, learning them how the internet works, etc.)
That is a very rewording job, more so then working at IKEA.
Because I help people that really need the help, and get many thank you's and smile's back from them.

My biggest love and hobby is my cat (called Snoopy), but on the computer (my second love and hobby...) I love to create things with PSP9.
I make Digital Scraps with PTU Tubes, that are sometimes slightly erotic (you can think about the digital artworks of: Keith Garvey, Ismael Rac, Elias Chatzoudis, Barbera Jensen, etc, etc, etc.)
I do not make the Elements etc. for my Creations myself.
I am not THAT handy with PSP and drawing with (or without) the computer, lol!
And also the internet is a favorite thing of mine, love to surf, learn new things on the net, and keep in touch with my friends on Twitter.

My third hobby is: Nature!
I love walking through the woods, and other nature spots in the Netherlands.
And what I love the most when walking through the woods... is stumbeling on to toadstools...
I collect many things that have to do with toadstools (books, little figurines, monybanks, I even have a Amanita Muscaria - Fly Toadstool(?) lamp), and in the wild... the untamed ones.... I stand and admire them a long time from many angles and then photograph them, to look them up in my books at home.

My last hobby's are: Watching tv (what I watch? Crime channels, History Channel, Comedy series, Comedy- Sinterklaas (Dutch and Belgium Holiday for the children) - and Christmas movies).
And I do love to sleep, sleep, sleep and sleep some more!
A night always is to short for me, lol!

Weel, I think that is about it.
If anybody has a question for me, please do ask.
I will answer almost everything.
Except my shoesize! smiley

Greetz, Hetty

Hi, my name is Ann and I`m from Spain.
I discovered this page before it changed and I find very interesting.
thans u.

Hi, I`m asuka from spain.
I like this page.
Than u.

Welcome everyone! So many new faces. Glad you are all here!

@Ann C. and Ann H. - Please read our profile expectations before posting again.

Hi my name is Rita and I'm a newbie. I hope to get to share lots of digital scrapbooking in the future.

Hi Rita! Welcome! If you can, please post a picture so we can put a face on your name smiley You can read about it on our Profile expectations and in this topic where we discuss about them! your work. Seems like i'm gonna learn a lot from your compositing smiley)
I'm new in scrapbooking

Welcome everyone! Glad you stopped by!

Hi everyone I love scrapbooking, I like to do paper, hybrid and digi scraping.

I think I may have already introduced myself, but now I can't find it, so I better do it one more time (I'm all excited about uploading layouts!) - Anyhow, my life is pretty sweet and simple.... I've worked in retail and then I had my kiddos smiley Now they get all my time as I am a SAHM turned WAHM. I have a website and etsy shop that keeps me busy during the day while they are at school. I really love anything and everything creative. And even if it isn't my niche I still have an appreciation for everyone's art and work. Art is very therapeutic for me. Not that I have many problems, lol, but just the daily in's and out's of life and having kids and running a household, it's nice to have a little creative break smiley My kids are very artistic as well and I LOVE encouraging and nurturing that in both of them smiley

Hi! My name is Peggy Drechsler, but I am known as PeggyNC on every other scrapbook site I visit. I just found your site today while riding the Let the Season Shine blog train. I have been a paper scrapper since I was 14, 45 years (shhhh...don't tell, it has to be our secret lol)! But I discovered digiscrapping in 2004 while I was learning to use Photoshop. Every year I scrap with "real" paper less and do more with digiscrapping. I dream about becoming a designer, and hope that your site will help me change this from a dream to a reality.

Five adult children and 12 grandchildren keep me busy! I love spending time with them, and am trying to remember to carry my camera at all times. (Example, I have no 2012 Thanksgiving photos because I was so busy cooking that the camera was forgotten.) Other interests are baking, painting wildlife (especially birds), sewing, quilting and genealogy. My finished scrapbooks are one All About Me, and one about my birth family. I hope to finish a heritage album in January, then I have 2 other albums to finish: an album about my kids while growing up, and a second album about my birth family (to incorporate all of the "why didn't you scrap about this?" ideas lol).

Thanks Marisa for sharing your talents with us! I can't wait to explore your site more fully smiley

Hi, I'm fairly new to the internet scrapbooking sites. Even though I've been on computers since HS when I student graded our HS's first computer programming class. From there I married and started working for the Computer Services Department of the Seminary my hubby went to. Our first major purchase after he graduated was a computer, it cost twice as much as the car we drove. I purchased an airbrush just before I got pregnant with our first, and really didn't have time to complete anything between helping my husband maintain an office, and then homeschooling our children. My time is a little freeier now with one as a junior in HS and another a junior living on campus, but it's still hard to find time to do all I would like to do.
My parents had their 50th anniversary this summer and so to make myself accountable I enlisted my brother to build a frame for a painting that I would do for them this spring...the first "Real" painting/design that I've done in the last 25 years. With us scattered across the North American continent it was an undertaking, but we completed each part without major troubles, and my parents love their present and celebration.
Looking forward to visiting and getting to know folks here. Praying that it will help me actually complete some projects through accountability!

Welcome everyone! So glad you are here!

Very awesome stuff you have here!! Web set up is great!

Hi there everyone!

I have already introduced myself in the Chit Chat section, but now I see that it was at the wrong place.

I am at awe with all of the incredible people who share the same thing as I do. I just started scrapping last November, 2012. So I am a "newbie" at scrapbooking.

When I discovered that scrapbooking could be a viable business, I thought why not start a business where I can make people there scrapbook albums? Now one month later, I am asking myself, why not become a digital designer? So I am going to try and do both for businesses!

This site is excellent! I think that Marisa showed extraordinary vision when she started this site. I commend you and wish you all the success with your business, along with helping others be a success. Thank you, Marissa. 

Welcome smiley

Hello everyone..My name is MIchelle and I live in South Mississippi. I found pixel scrapper a few months ago by glad I did smiley I do hands on scrapbooking but am now trying to get into digital scrapbooking. I work full time out one of our local government offices and I am currently going to school full-time. I have 2 amazing and very active daughters 15 and 12. I am enjoying looking through the gallery to see all the amazing digital pages you all have created smiley

Hi everyone. My name is Lou Anne and I live in Southern California. I retired two years ago after being a public school teacher for over 20 years. I discovered so many generous people who were willing to share their digital images and expertise and I began learning to use Photoshop Elements. It was a very steep learning curve for me but I'm passionate about it. I've collected so many images that I've nearly overwhelmed myself. Still, I am eager to discover more. I have also wanted to give back and have begun sharing digital collage sheets via my blog. One thing I found I needed in retirement was a network of people who share my passion for digital designing. I recently joined Pixel Scrapper and am looking forward to meeting people and learning more about digital design.