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I've read through the comments here and found some interesting tips. The way I have my scrapping stuff organized is
1) Store/website folder
2) Designer subfolder
3) Kit Name (subfolder)
4) loose elements
5) papers
6) embellishments

I use a little free program called IrfanView (windows only) and it is an excellent tool for viewing your images. I found that a lot of times, not all file thumbnail previews are available, but with this program you can install plugins that allow you to have previews for almost every file type out there. I also use .svg and .dxf files for my Craft Robo and couldn't get previews of these files and I also couldn't get previews of PaintShop Pro files, but can with this program. I'm also able to edit images, batch process (batch rename, resize, etc) with this program. But in my opinion, having a preview of all the different file types is a big help. Another thing I like is that I can create contact sheets of my folders and use that as the folder image if there isn't a kit preview. One more thing, IrfanView will also do face detection, but I haven't used it.

Many of you mention using separate programs for batch renaming. I'm pretty sure most of your typical graphics programs can do this already without using another program. I know for certain that Photoshop (through Bridge) and PaintShop Pro will do batch processing. I'm pretty sure that PSE did (when I was using ver 2.0) too.

ETA: I found this list that shows you all the file types IrfanView will show previews for. You can also edit a lot of the common image types with IrfanView. Here's the link:

Shawna, I so agree with you. It's so frustrating! Especially with collab. kits, you have designers simply writing "TOU" which means that the next designer who did this...her "TOU" replaces the first one...and so on...same with papers and elements, as you explained.

Sarah, your post is very helpful. I was experiencing the same problem with blog train kits. You know, for some, the colors match, but the theme is completely different. For those, I'm going with separating them by kit and filing with other kits. If the color scheme and theme is the same, then I am separating them as you said, by the different elements, then all papers are placed together. If they are commercial use, they go in folders on my "commercial use" drive. Personal Use kits go into appropriate categories under PU kits/elements on another drive.

I had so many personal use kits, I needed to use 2 harddrives to include them. I stopped downloading all pu kits/elements for at least a couple of years! Then, of course, I lost an entire harddrive. Ugh! Anyway, somehow I have given in to the temptation to dl every pu kit I like...and again, I'm running out of space! Scrapbooking can be sooo addicting! smiley

Thanks so much for the great link, Melouise! And yes, Shawna, you made perfect sense! smiley

Mac's don't have a folder preview, which is kind of annoying if you want to go through your folders quickly to find something. I used to put all the previews in a seperate folder marked "ALL PREVIEWS" and flip through those if I needed an idea on what kit to use. I've started working with Img2icns after a tip from Megan Turnidge on her blog ( It is super-easy: You find the kit-preview (which is almost always supplied with the download), drop it into Img2icns (which is a free download here: and then drop my folder on top of it. The image is 'transferred' onto the folder as an icon! Mac OS allows me to make all folder previews HUGE, so now it is soooo easy to look at my kits and choose one!

I do this for all new downloads, only problem is that huge stack of oldies I have yet to go through :S

Anyway, hopefully you Mac users can use this tip!

You're supposed to organize your digital items? Pictures? HAHA! I kid I kid! I don't really organize. I used to and it was awesome but then life got crazy and now it is all just random. I was think ing just hte other day I need to do something to organize before I get too many items.

Jessica, thank you for sharing your link. I store my files in a similar way. The place where I'm a bit "stuck" is the last part where you (and I) have different folders for "overlays", "textures", etc. Within those folders, I have other folders to describe the kind of overlay (i.e., grunge) or pattern (i.e., stripes), but I have TONS of files that I don't know how to categorize! Do you have any tips (or titles of YOUR folders) to help me with this? I have so many unused because there are too many to go through. If they were in specific folders, I could actually go through them when I need a certain kind of item. Thanks for your help!


here is how I filed all the products I download. Just one level of files under the main files, but I'm not sure it will be sufficient with stuff growing ....

for non-French speaking, here is the translation of french titles : calendriers = calendars ; logiciels =softwares/freewares ; masques = masks ; papiers = papers ; polices = fonts ; tampons = stamps.

the photos are in a separate securised by dear hubby file, filed by date and by event (year/month/day_event ; i.e. 20121208_spectacle_danse_ines).

As I 'm quite new to digiscrap, my creations, layouts are not files under my scrap files. My wedding album is filed under wedding photos file and the others with relevant event. But I will soon need to change this.

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Shawna wrote:
Bump to front page...

ditto. Maybe it´s a topic to stick, because newbies always need it?

I haven't finished organising my files yet but I am filing them into titles like Spring, Summer, Christmas, Children, etc. Then Vintage, Word Art, masks, etc. There are a lot of files that need storing in more than one folder of course. I wish I had understood the need to organise when I started out.

Thank you Lorien for directing me here! I was looking for this thread but I couldn't find it anywhere, I swear I'm going blind!

No, you´re not - I re-read the forum 3 or 4 times till find it - don´t worry smiley

I've wanted several times to make this one a sticky since it's such a constant question and very popular subject. Maybe we can get Marisa to sticky it at the top. Hint Hint {wink} smiley hee hee hee

I think it´s a fantastic idea Shawna smiley

Thanks Marisa!!! smiley

Great thread!!! I store mine by kit on 1 EHD, and by item type on a 2nd, but I have so much now, it's getting tedious with either one. I think I need to purge!

Great topic idea! So far I've just got all the original files as they come when downloaded, but i can already see it's going to be a massive challenge to sort, and it's already tedious to search each image when certain folders may only have 1 or 2 photos in it. Thanks for the tips and advice above, I might need to implement some of these ideas, as just having shortcuts to my favourites is not going to cut it! with my photos I use a combination of dates -when they were taken, and titles-what the pictures are mainly of.

Fantastic!!! I have a similar system, but have trouble when I want to work with one full kit! Thanks SO much for suggesting the naming system! I am going to start this tonight!!!

What is EHD? I have just started digital scrapbooking and have realized I NEED to organize. I've been reading through the thread and have found some good ideas but some of the things are a little "hunh" smiley

"Only bummer is when pieces aren't labeled well by designers like element 01, element 02, paper 01, paper 02, and so on... not very useful or helpful."

I totally agree! I'm still working on how I want to get all my stuff organized and don't have near as much as many of you probably do, so I have been renaming a lot of my files to describe the element, etc.

@Bonnie: When renaming, just be sure to include the designers name either in the item or at the very least the folder of theirs that the particular kit is kept in to be able to give credit when required as you use them. smiley

and on your previous post EHD - means External Hard Drive

@Shawna: I figured out the designer thing this morning when I went to upload some of my designs. Luckily, my collection is small enough it won't be "too" much hassle to fix any that I deleted the designer name from. smiley Thanks!!

I so need to organize my files better. They are a little organized but not enough. I find my self clicking through each kit to find what I want and this takes a lot of time. I started using PSE organizer but I guess I got a little intimated by how much time it will take me to organize everything.


now.... THAT's funnnnnny!!!! smiley

hehehe love that one smiley

Ghehehe, so very true...

Marisa, I like the way you want to name the files. What is the node #? I know what nodes are in a cutter file such as an SVG, but what does it mean in these cases? Thank you!

The node number refers to the item on the site. It's a quick way to find something specific on the site. If you type it into the search bar, you will only get that item. It's also an easy way to report something if it has a problem.