Organizing Your Digital Supplies

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On my last computer, I had a Pixel Scrapper folder with sub folders (papers, elements, ribbons, etc) and pieces I've thrown into titled folders for quicker layouts. On my new computer, I had to start fresh. For some reason my external hard drive kept shutting down, on the new pc, it better not be done for (everything is on it)!

The new folder is Pixel Scrapper and the sub folders are current kits I've downloaded. I've yet to work on the new titled folders and/or go back to the external drive. I've realized, I don't want to "build my own kit" for layouts. You know... that piece from Kit A, Kit B, Kit C and just use Kit A. Maybe one day, when I'm caught up, I'll add other pieces to my future layouts.

This is how I organize mine too. Folders and subfolders with categories by season/holiday ect. It helps to unzip and organize as you download them so u know what u have. I have almost 200GB of just scrap kits so I store them on an external hard drive.