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It is addicting, isn't it, Jessica? You've got me beat - I've got 12 papers and 12 elements.

I thought about this blog hop overnight, and wanted to bring up a point for discussion. We all want our downloads to be quick and easy for our visitors. When looking at the past blog hop downloads that I have on my computer, I see that most of them are relatively small - such as four or five papers, and a number of elements. So, my current thinking for my own blog-hop type downloads will be to limit their size to 4 or 5 papers and the same number of elements.

So my question to the group is, what do you like to see in a blog hop download?

IMHO whatever they are willing to offer is good enough for me, Sunny...

In my case, I'm hoping to contribute something. I've had a few physical setbacks since I said I'd like to join this so I'm hoping I can offer something - anything - even if it's just one thing (word art, paper, element or what not). I just feel like I download stuff & want to give back somehow. I'm not a designer (nor am I planning to be, but you never know - down the road I could get bitten by the bug, so to speak smiley ), so this is going to be real challenge for me & I just hope whatever I am able to make is worth someone downloading...

OMG, Jessica and Sunny, this is great! Do you believe I made only one element till now?

For me, very tiny portions on blog hops are frustrating - I prefer bigger ones. I also don´t like when there are lots of links from the same blog - larger downloads work better for me...

yeah i prefer larger downloads aswell smiley And jet i'm always greatful for every piece, someone made the time to do it smiley So no mather how small or big i'm happy to be able to enjoy it smiley

Now that I think about it, I guess I would rather have a kit that is smaller with beautifully coordinated components rather than a larger kit that has thrown in everything. Sometimes, I find that with the mega kits the previews have so much stuff that it is visually overwhelming and I tend to pass. But that's just me, I like to keep it simple.

I find that the beautie in a blogtrain is that you get a really big collab kit so you can choise, mix and match how you like it and it's almost always something you really like in it smiley

And you can also download the piece you like and skip the others smiley Or delite the things you don't like smiley Me tho i always download everything cause i find that sometimes i use things i maybe donät like from the begining but later find good use for smiley

Great idea!!! I'll try do something and put my part here, because I don't have a blot yet and I'm a little busy these day to build one.

I don't want to sound dumb,but what exactly is a blog train, and what exactly do you have to do to participate in this one? Thanks!

@Betsy: A blogtrain is people getting together to create and design pieces of a kit with the same palette or theme smiley And then share it with everybody in there blogs, making people go from blog to blog to pick up all the pieces and end up with a really nice kit smiley

Thanks Jessica, that sounds really fun!

OK, I'm a bit...of an overachiever. I'm total new to all of this digital stuff and really dig it, but my computer skills are somewhat lacking. To say the least! It can often be discouraging, but yet, I still just can't give up. I was playing with your pallet and made a bunch of embellishments. Square brads, round brads with border, circle and square frames and corners. I made one of each with all of the colours. Here's the deal. I did it all in PowerPoint. I do all of my digital layouts in PowerPoint. Am I just shooting myself in the foot here? Pleases, be brutally honest.

I love blog hops and all of their wonderful goodies. I like a little bit of everything, but I'm grateful for anything. I suppose if I could create my own blog train, I would try to see that there is a little bit of everything. Papers, word art, bellies and if I were super on the ball, maybe a few clusters, borders and perhaps a quick page or two. How awesome would that be? If everyone does a little bit of something, than it wouldn't be that much work!

I have never ever "made" anything for scrapping but I just might try. I have some CU stuff so I might try my hand. Kind of depends on the amount of time left since I just saw this today. Sounds like a lot of fun to try my hand! Will see......

I will do a mini. I just saw the post in the newsletter today. smiley

I am going to have a go to.

Here is a preview of my part smiley

oooh, Jessica, that looks lovely! Can't wait for december now!

Very professional looking, Jessica! Love your wonderful style of design.

Ooh, so excited about it now that I've seen a kit! Great job Jessica. smiley

So, I've started working on some papers. I'm making them 3oo ppi and 12x12. Is that standard? Also, do you save papers as JPGs or TIFF? I plan on saving any embellishments as PNGs. What size is standard? Sorry for all of the questions. I'm a newbie at all of this!

Janet - Save your papers as JPEG. And the resolution at 300 is excellent. Some people lower the resolution to make it a smaller download, but 300 is perfect. Have fun!

Here is my preview.........Marisa, I assume it''s okay to use your logo on these?

You may of course use the logo if you'd like.

@Janet: Papers are usually 12x12 inches at 300 dpi. Elements are usually .PNG, I have a new tutorial here about trimming them.

All the previews look great! I'm sure everyone is getting excited!

Okay @Jessica and @Sunny, after seeing your stuff, I'm going to rip mine up and hide it under a sofa cushion. Y'all have made gorgeous kits, just gorgeous.

Tina! Please participate! I'm just a newbie myself, so it's great to be in a scrapping community that understands that in a non-judgmental way - I believe that we are here for each other, to help each other learn and grow - AND everybody has their own design style, that's why a blog hop is so cool, because of the variety. Your contribution will be just as fun, and will have it's own artistic appeal.

@Sunny, oh I'm going to participate -- I set up a blog and everything just for the purpose! smiley And I'm having a ball making stuff. It's going to be fun to see everyone's interpretation of the palette.

Everyone seems to be getting so excited! I know I'm excited to see what everyone has made.

Here is mine...

Oh Shuckclod that penguin is just adoreble smiley

Tina i'm sure your part is just amazing aswell smiley

This is gonna be so fun smiley December were are you i need you, like now! smiley

oh my goodness! You all rock! I can´t wait till download your parts girls smiley I hope not to be a disappointment with mine, but it´s my first time designing!


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