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@Jessica Fors - I lovelovelove that brown pinwheel. Will you tell us how you made it?

Shuckclod! So many fun things in your kit! You inspire me to reach new goals.

well, here is a little peak of mine. i had to force myself not to keep making things lol

@Tina Anderson: I made it the old school way smiley With real paper and then scanned smiley

How you do a pinweel is: Cut out a squar of dubblesided paper and cut fron corner into almost the middle (leave as much as you like) and then take one edge to the middle, leave one, take the next and so on smiley Finish with a brad or a button or something smiley

Oh Shelly do i see white glittery snowflakes? smiley Looks really good smiley

I have a bit of a random question. I ran across some amazing artwork on the net that would lend itself perfectly to creating some amazing templates. The artwork is available for personal use only. I've emailed the artist to request that I be able to manipulate the art to make some elements and papers. I also asked if I would be able to use the creations on a site like this that allows commercial use. I'm guessing that he won't be keen on the idea. Is it possible to label those particular elements as personal use only and still have the rest of my kit be for commercial use?

Crossing my fingers that he'll be okay with using his stuff!!

I also have a question smiley How and when do we set up the bloglist? smiley Maybe start in your blog here Marisa? It's almost deadline smiley

good question jessica, i was thinking the same thing. this will be my first time doing anything like this so i may need some tips lol and yes, there are glittery snowflakes

Wow, everyone's kits look awesome! I am still working on my preview and hope to have it done before I go to bed tonight. smiley

Janet, if you are providing your kit on your blog and not here on the site, you should be able to label it anyway you like. It's best to keep it simple so I would offer the entire kit for personal use if you have elements that are not allowed for resale. Maybe you could offer a CU link to a file that excludes the items in question.

I'll be back to post a preview (I hope) smiley

I going to close this thread, to limit confusion.

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