Polaroid Montage Template

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Polaroid Montage Template

I found this free Polaroid montage .psd file from Gavin Hoey, a well know Photoshop guru. I downloaded it and played around with it and incorporated different embellishments and papers from pixelscrapper and got some fun results. If you like that sort of look you might give it a try! smiley

Here's the link :http://www.gavtrain.com/?p=1710

Looks great, thank you

Thank you for sharing this link! I did not know about Gavin and now I have an amazing website to go to for photoshop training.

Thanks, Christina (you have the same name of my mother... smiley)!!! Thank you so much for sharing it!!!

Wow, I've never seen one pic incorporated into 10 frames - that's neat.

Thanks Christina

Cool! Thanks for sharing.

very cool! thanks for the great link.

Thanks for the link Christina - yet another site for learning! just what I need!!

Thank you very much for sharing smiley

awesome! i love polaroids!! thanks for sharing!!

thanks for sharing this link... I absolutely adore polaroids, i'm so a seventies child! smiley One of my first gifts from the hubby when we first dated was a polaroid camera and film for christmas. oppps i just gave away how OLD , uh'hem "experienced" i am. smiley

here's an example using pixelscrapper paper and elements:

@Christina: what a FANTASTIC photograph to start with... I love the little colorful squares along the bottom border of your layout!

Oh thank you for those kind words! Makes my day!

Fantastic page, Christina - everything just "pops"

Thanks for sharing Christina! Summer time fun!

Thanks for sharing. I didn't know about this site but there's a lot to discover.

Looking forward to trying this. Thanks for posting!

Thanks for sharing... I'm starting a new project this weekend... a Vacation Scrapbook for my mom for Christmas so I might be able to use this template for that book!!!

Love the picture, thanks