Preference When Purchasing Kits

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Preference When Purchasing Kits

We're working on lots of new features for the site, one of which will be downloading a large group of things (ie: a kit). As we think through the organization of this, I was wondering how people preferred to buy them. Do you prefer everything to come in a big bundle, or do you like to purchase papers separate from elements? Any other thoughts on kit organization and purchasing are welcome.

I like having the option for both... sometimes I really just like the paper and don't need the elements, or vice versa. You could always have them separate and then offer a "bundle price" at a discounted rate. Thats what I've seen some stores do. Not sure how easy that is to manage though, I've never ran an online store before.

I like to buy them separately, because sometimes I just need the elements, or the papers. I almost never use alphas, so I could not buy this part of the kit and save space in my - small - harddrive, and pay only for what I will really use. However, Brazilian designers dont sell parts of the kit separately.

I think an option where you can buy it in pieces and then a bundle with everything with some discount is a good working system smiley

I think an option to either buy seperately or in a bundle would be nice. That way you can get what you really need. Maybe in a way that you could click on the items you want to be in your cart or click "bundle" or "kit" before checking out.

I like buying kits mostly, but sometimes I want to get just the papers or just the elements or just the alpha - it really depends on the style of the kit (I tend to steer away from things that have too much flowers or lace or girly-girl type stuff, if that helps). So it's nice if the designer allows you to purchase things both as a kit & as separates.

I like buying kits mostly. I CT for someone who does a kit and coordinating extras (e.g. templates, styles, word art, paper stacks), which she sells separately. She also offers a bundle of the kit and extras at a discount.

Thanks guys! That's really helpful.

I too prefer to buy individual pieces sometimes and other times I prefer the bundle. smiley Thank you for asking us our preferences. smiley

I pretty much ONLY buy kits, unless the coordinating elements and papers are only available separately. So, I prefer to buy kits, but if I really like something that's not packaged as a kit, I'll go ahead and buy it anyways. That said, I think having both choices would be awesome. smiley

I like the full kit, that way you don't have to worry about matching stuff.

Personally, I prepare to purchase papers separately. Mostly because I may not need/want all the elements. Another thought is to offer papers separately AND a full kit (just a thought). I think everyone has their favorite elements (I don't use frames, but like clusters and buttons ... and the grundge look).

I prefer buying kits.

Marisa you may want the option of bundling everything together and separately. That way you can add extra pieces to the kits at a later date.
eg Papers, Elements, Alphas are available now as a kit and sold separately
You then decide to make WordArt or Glitter at a later date to complement the kit, then these can be sold separately and also sold with a new updated full kit.

Please, whatever you do, keep in mind the download size of the kits, having them available in separate smaller files is ideal. I once had to download a bought kit that was 800MB in size, I never went back to that site again. :-|

I like to buy kits and clustered frames- because my time is so limited some designers put out gorgeous stuff you can just slip your fotos under and then get to the nitty gritty of journaling.... it is becoming popular to offer pick your own stuff at a cheaper price for a certain time and then they raise the price. So, I would say to offer elements, papers and then the whole salami, I mean kit. smiley

I agree that it is good to have the option to buy separately or everything in a kit. I do not tend to buy sets and find it more fun to mix and match various papers and elements from different collections.

I tend to like to buy them separately too... but the idea of saving a little when you're on the fence about the whole kit often influences me to just go for it and buy the whole shebang.

Great input everyone. Thanks for weighing in.

I agree with most people, I like having the option to buy separately or all together. I'm picky when it comes to elements, and often end up deleting many because I'm limited on space and know I'm not likely to use them.

@Melissa: Great point! I too, delete the elements I know I will never use.

@Marissa: Another side note; Ironically, sometimes when I buy a paper pack... I thought was going to be awesome it isn't as awesome when you see the full paper verses the little partial preview some people do, where you only see a tiny 1" sliver of each paper. The patterns can be tremendously different once you see the whole sheet. So I really like seeing a larger sampling of papers. smiley

@Shawna: Luckily since all the papers are up here singly, that shouldn't be too hard.

I prefer kits. I feel that it saves me time if everything is right there and I don't have to hunt for the perfect thing.