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I agree with the names and the real life faces being used as making the site site feel real and friendly. I love seeing people's faces and feeling connected to them. The smiles add to making the site feel friendly and inviting.
Thanks Marissa for the wonderful place to meet and share.

I think it's lovely to have our own photos and names, but I also like the alternatives that Marisa and Jordan have given of using stock photos and made-up names for people who are nervous of "hanging it all out" on the internet. That is a nice, kind and inclusive gesture which shows how deeply they have thought things through. I think the expectations are just fine as they are.

I've changed mine for the time being until I can get one of me not so close up! I was googling something and saw that one of the results was from here, looked familiar, and when I clicked on it, there I was in all my glory! lol Kinda shocked me, so I found this new (old) one to use for now.

ETA: The pic I have now is of my mother and me - I'm the little one! lol My precious mom passed away 7/14, and I've always loved this picture. smiley


My photo is really me and my last name is my maiden name. Real name is Judith but don't use it because when I got called that by my mom, I was usually in trouble. smiley If I can find other photos of me (that I can accept, I usually hate photos of me), I'll put up another since this one is about a year old.

As much as I love taking photos, I run away from cameras that are aiming at me.

Being able to put a face to a name is awesome and I love it.
My name is Devona but everyone calls me Dee. Now when I
hear my name it throws me and I'm like huh??? LOL

Nice to meet and see each of you smiley

I think it is nice to have a pic, so u have a face to go with a name. I personally do not have an issue with this rule at all smiley

I don't mind so much posting a real picture of myself, but I always worry about open forums and galleries. I love scrapping photos of my grandchildren, and loath seeing them show up on Pinterest and other places. I am sure people mean it as a compliment when they pin or copy a layout, but because of this I have become very reluctant to post layouts with children's photos.

We've had that brought up here before Maria. We are able to pin layouts to Pinterest and ScrapStacks. So, you may only want to put layouts here on PS that you are comfortable sharing with everyone. I understand wanting to keep stuff like that private, so I don't post anything anywhere on the internet that I wouldn't share openly. HTH you to know beforehand. smiley

That´s why, for example, I don´t post layouts made with pictures of my friend´s children unless they´re enough blurred on the faces that they can be any children of their age - and I would blurry their names and relatives´s names, and also names of my family members - so no one who track my layouts can call me somehow and see that my relatives who are named this and that are in pain and such. Oh, and I don´t post photos of the front of private places I go (like my house, my brother/mother/friends houses) also. I guess there´s no need to worry about people seeing that I go to events attended by thousands of people in my town, or to public parks anyone who lives here go. Not seeing pictures of my really ordinary cats. It´s just a matter of thinking what can be the most dangerous in the wrong hands and how to share it safely, if possible smiley

I've only been a member of digital scrapbooking communities for a short period of time now. However, out of all of the groups I have participated in, PS has been the friendliest, most user friendly, and most trust-able of the communities I have participated in.

The profile guidelines are some of the most acceptable that I have ever seen. I feel that on the internet the fact that we are all anonymous is a horrible thing. It is just as easy for someone to steal your information from a real life establishment just as it is on the internet. Think about all the people that walk away with your credit card. All of your information in contained within the magnetic strip on the card. (that is what I have always been told, which is why I think of credit cards as such). When I buy alcohol they scan the barcode on my ID. Think of the information contained on that barcode. With technology as it is today, it would be totally easy for a dishonest person to go through the methods and steal your information. Yet we still lazily sit down at restaurants and allow the waiters to take our cards away, and without a second thought hand over our ID Card to be scanned for age-restricted items. Why should be be afraid to use a photo and name on a forum. Is it truly fear of theft, or we that ashamed of who we are? I know malicious intent could be used with said information, but it can be everywhere else in real life! Should we act like less of a human on the internet? I very much enjoy how everyone here takes value and pride in acting on the internet as they would in real life situations. That also means a lot on a forum. When you put that much effort and care into your internet identity, you are more likely to be respected. You can tell that a great deal of care was put into this community.

I know there are a lot of individuals who would disagree with me, but I believe that if we want fun, friendly communities on the internet, we all have to take a chance and make an effort to make the internet a better place. I personally detest forums, and tend not participate most of the time because of the anonymity. I really am not trying to be a buzz kill, but I wanted to put my two cents in. I have nothing but good things to say about this community, and the members that I have had the chance to interact with so far.

I like being able to read so much about people here it makes it more personal coming here so I agree with you on that one as well! And thank you for all the links for me to be able to learn as I go and easily navigate they are a huge help! smiley

I think is nice to talk to real people and how active this forum is. I really like pixel scrapper community!

I am using my 1st name and my user name I use in other groups. I am hesitant to use my facial photo, as I have ex-foster parents I really don't want being able to search for me in any way, and they would recognise me. I will try to artistically change a photo of myself or maybe do one at a long distance away.

I changed mine to a face type shot, but its blurry and makes me look a bit different, so ill use it. I'm just so excited to be able to post my layouts in the gallery! I had one done 4 days ago LOL I am re-applying for the gallery now.
I wish no one outside of this group could see anything, that would be cool.

I know when I'm not logged in when I come to I only get the log in page and can't see anything else. I'm curious if maybe anyone who's not registered can see your photo? You might be lucky?

Melanie, the whole site is viewable even if you're not logged in. I often come to see if anyone has responded to a thread I'm in without logging in. The gallery is viewable as well. I don't know if you saw my post up there, but I did a google search for something and came upon my face for all to see when I was a new member here lol. Now that I'm a member of a couple of other places besides PS, I've used my facebook pic (without hubby) there. I'm trying to decide on a single pic to use everywhere because it is kind of cool to recognize each other outside of PS. Kind of lol! I still don't use my last name anywhere, just go by my first and middle name.


I'm using my real first name "Lani" and an alternative spelling of my middle name (I always had people pronouncing it knoll the other way lol). I use this name elsewhere on the Internet (blog) or laniparis (Paris is one of my nicknames).

The photo is me (I use it on my blog, Instagram, Twitter). I think I was 19-20 at the time of the photo and I'm 25 years old now (don't worry, I haven't changed in looks since I was about 15).

I like how on this site everyone is so friendly and welcoming. It definitely makes you want to return (and not just for the awesome graphics).

Not a problem! In this world of facades it is nice to just be real.

Your post, from waaay back, had me chuckling. Identity theft? The only thing anyone would get from stealing my identity is BILLS. If they want them... they can have them. My profile pic is an old one as well. I'm NEVER in front of the camera - always behind it. I've also never taken a selfie, don't have a cell phone, and have no desire to make duck lips!

When I joined, the "getting Started" paragraph suggested a real photo, but didn't require it. But I understand your thinking on a community feel to this site. So I have now "stepped in front of" my camera. LOL

Thanks for the photo Patacake!