Show me your fur baby pics

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Show me your fur baby pics

Two of mine are Gabe & Ben
Gabe is very energetic, while Ben prefers to just lie around. The hamburger toy behind Ben is his fav and goes everywhere with him.

I could fill up an entire thread with pics of all my fur-babies. This is Guinness, our 6 yo chocolate lab.

This is our 9 yo beagle, Bella. She just had knee surgery in this photo so she is a little groggy here.

My little Schipperke died about 8 years ago and not a day goes by that I don't still miss her. Anyway, no pic, but here is my favorite dog quote:

"Heaven goes by grace. If it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in." ~Mark Twain

Zac is about 15 years old and is my tattooed baby. He's the only cat that I know off with a tattoo in his ear.

Tina C. I want to see them all smiley
Tina A. I have no idea what a Schipperke looks like (will have to google) I also have many long lost babies and each one has a special story in my heart smiley

They are getting some cheese from my hubby here smiley

I don't know how you all picked one photo to share. I'm like, "I must post them all!" I'll try and reign it in but no promises.

We live with 3 of the craziest animals, but they keep us good company, so we love them.

We have Toby the dog who is very cute but mean to any and all strangers.

This is him playing with our evil cat Eo, who spends most of her time giving mean looks and lurking.

And this is our pretty kitty Val, short for Valerie. Toby actually rescued her from the yard when she was a teeny, tiny kitten. He loves kittens. Right now he's letting a bunch of street kittens live in the garden. We have to watch him so he doesn't try and rescue them too. 2 crazy cats is enough!

This is a photo of our precious baby boy, Murphy. We love him VERY much, so much that he sleeps on our bed with us at night.....

page 24 by magickflame, on Flickr

This is my hedgehog Fizgig he recently passed away and I miss him very much, but I wanted to share the cute with you.
We know have a cat we call Cat. Her owners abandoned her a year ago. One day i didn't have the door shut all the way and she let herself in. I fed her and she's been here ever since. She likes to sleep in boxes that are too small for her and she can be very demanding when she wants to go out and then come back in...constantly.

IMG_3994 by magickflame, on Flickr

IMAG2715 by magickflame, on Flickr

But she lets me pile stuff on top of her while she sleeps and although she acts very annoyed when you cuddle her she can barley contain herself with all the purring.

IMAG2205 by magickflame, on Flickr

IMAG3138 by magickflame, on Flickr

Everyone's babies are just so cute. Animals make life so much more enjoyable. Marisa Lerin your picture of Val is stunning.

@Sunny: Your Murphy looks like he's a good boy.

@Tiffany: I love the photos of your hedgehog. I've always wanted one. What kinds of things do hedgehogs do besides look cute? Val is such a poser that it's hard to take a bad picture of her.

Tiffany, I can't see your pics smiley

I have another 2 fur baby pics to come soon smiley

@Tiffany: Just so you know, I edited your post. Jordan changed some things in the forum, and HTML no longer shows up. So from flickr you need to post BB Code. (Here's an image if you need help)

@Wilma: Unfortunately Image Shack is not letting your picture show up here smiley . I would recommend using or flickr for hosting images instead.

I can now see Fizgig smiley he is so adorable smiley

Here is my Lolo smiley Crazy hamster that loves to run free in the apartment smiley She even comes when i call her smiley

This is my furry GRANDbaby.. my husband doesn't like animals in the house so my kids got them as soon as they moved out on their own. I can't help but pick up this little guy to walk him a few times a week and bring him home with me to get my puppy fix.

7 month old Dexter

Hedgehogs don't do a whole lot. He was mostly my cuddle buddy at night when I'm home alone and working on projects. Although he loved to go outside and play in the grass. He would follow me around if we were outside. Hedgehogs bond really strong with one person, so he was really possessive of me and would get all cranky if my husband tried to get too close. They make good pets if you are looking for something that doesn't make a lot of noise, is easy to move with, apartments won't mind, and are SUPER cute smiley

@ Jessica Fors a hamster that comes when you call =awesome

All these pets are awesome! I want them all. Jessica, your hamster is so cute. And Dexter has such a sweet face. If he was my granddog, I would steal him smiley .

I love everyones pet photos! I would house any animal that my boys would bring home. At one time we had 2 dogs, 2 cats, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, water frogs, sharks and a turtle. It kept me busy! Now we are down to 2 dogs, 3 cats and a fish tank with 2 bala sharks. Thankfully my boys have outgrown the pet thing and no longer wish to bring home every little creature that looks at them.
This is my cat Sam. He was abandoned when he was about 6 months old and a friend rescued him and called me...of course I took him in. He's been my baby ever since.

Tina that catpicture is just adorable smiley

I LOVE these photos! Such wonderful pics of your furry friends. Thanks everyone for posting them - Made my day!

I kept noticing a dark shadow running under the deck every time I went outside after moving into our home a few years ago. The previous owners abandoned the lab, so we fed the dog and the kids started calling her Lady.... Taking her the vet was quite the experience. She wouldn't get in the van, out of the van, into the vet's office or want to leave when it was over!

So, here's my two babies here: Cocoa Kisses, she's a full blooded miniature poodle, stands 12 1/2" tall, weighs 9#'s... Mr Wiggles, he's a Malti-Poo, stands 9" tall, weighs 13#'s. They are the loves of my life... besides my hubby. They are spoiled rotten. Cocoa is very smart, but plays dumb so she can get "treats". Wiggles does what you ask most of the time just for the "praise". He knows 28 commands at last count, including the names of his different toys. Cocoa know about 10 but I'm pretty sure she just ignores the others, like I said to get treats, because when you grab the treat bag, all the sudden they come right back to her. smiley She doesn't know her toys the way Wiggles does, but he hates to swim and she loves the water. Although Wiggles LOVES bath time, especially when Mommy blows him dry and brushes him. He loves the affection so much. Cocoa knows a interesting command... "snuggles" It's the cutest thing ever and Daddy always laughs and gets happy when I make her do it to him. She burrows her little face into your chest and nuzzles in and stays that way until you say ok. smiley Oh yea and she's a ham for the camera, he acts like he thinks his soul will get snatched if he looks into the lens. LoL Can you tell I love them to death???

So without further ado, here's my two:

@ALL kitty owners: I'm jealous, love them but due to my allergic reaction to them had to give my three away. smiley

@Marisa: Toby looks just like my little sisters dog that unfortunately passed away last year, he was adorable.

@Tiffany: o.m.g. -- I love your hedgehog!!!

@Katie: I wanna steal your grandbaby, Dexter... smiley

@Tina: Your cat looks a little too comfortable, lol smiley

Tina, Sam reminds me of our dearly loved cat Pud. He was given to me by my DIL & son, who found him abandoned at the vet's in the town where my DIL went to uni.
Pud was quite a character. One of his most memorable times was when a neighbour (lived 2km's away) woke up one morning to find a cat asleep on the end of his bed. The next morning the same thing happened. By chance the neighbour came to see me about something else and he then mentioned the cat on the bed, after describing him I realised it was Pud. After that, Pud was a regular visitor to my neighbour's place.
Alas Pud is no longer with smiley

Ohmygoodness! All these pictures are so sweet! I want to cuddle them ALL!! @Wilma, what a brood you have!

We just have the one kitty, Louisa May (yes, named after Louisa May Alcott). She has a plethora of nicknames, most common being "SassyPants." Don't get me wrong, she's a complete lovebug and keeps us entertained. She thinks anyone who comes in the door is here to visit her. She has made friends with the GeekSquad guy, the electrician, the deck repair guy... all big fans of Louisa May! As our only baby currently, she is definitely the most photographed member of this family.

@Lady: Look at that nose! How sweet.

@Liz: I'm pretty sure our cats also have second families. They wander the neighborhood like they own it.

Wow! That is a beautiful family photo of all the cats and dogs wanting cheese. I was going to comment under the photos but my comment went to the bottom of the page! Suffice to say they are all gorgeous. Not sure how to add mine yet, stay tuned!!

I can't seem to add pictures - I need help!! This link is to my blog where I put the picture. "Insert Picture" asks for the URL, but isn't there a way of uploading from your PC?

As soon as I get my pictures transferred over to this pc I'll post pics of my fur babies... Right now I have 2 siameses - they're brothers, a blue point & a seal point. We rescued them from a home where little kids were terrorizing them & they were scared of people when we first brought them home. They're finally friendly & at home with us (thank goodness), though one is still a bit skittish - not sure if he'll ever get over the trauma - but he loves my hubby so that's good (chose him as his "person"). Up until 4 years ago I also had a yellow lab, who I brought up from 8 wks old. When she was 8 I had to give her up to another family because we were relocating to another state & dogs weren't allowed in the apartments. I was so bummed. I wanted to have someone foster her for us until our house sold & we had another one, but I got no takers. It was very hard for me to give her up... She's 12 now & I wonder what she looks like, how she's doing, if she's having hip problems (which labs are known for), etc. Even though I'm in a house again, I don't have the heart to get another dog... I think in the back of my mind I think it's because I'm concerned about the possibility of having to relocate again (if my husband got laid off again) & I'd have to give up another cherished pet. It's too hard...