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Our brand new guinea pigs, five weeks old! Still a little shy, the second one (Minnie) is hiding!

So cute! Has she climbed to the top yet?

@Maja, so cute! I had guinea pigs growing up as our first pets (Runt & Squeaker). We used our blocks, duplos, & fisher price playsets to make little mazes for them. I'm biased but I really think they are some of the best "first pets." hehe

No, they are pretty much hiding in the moment and haven't climbed anything so far. My daughter (10) spends her afternoon reading in front of them so that they get used to her. They are only five weeks old and haven't had much contact with humans so far, so I guess it will take some time until they fully trust us...

@ Lizanne: yes, we do think she's pretty, thanks!

There is a really great petstore by us that handles the animals alot. They always have guinea pigs I want one!

She is beautiful! I think tabby cats are my favorites. They have so much personality.

Lol, I could finally put pics of all my cats in a single image! I haven´t post they here yet, because, as I have 5, I´d flood you :

Wow! As I'm looking at all of these adorable guys & gals, I didn't even realize I'm thinking, "Gee, maybe I could get a hedgehog, he's so little, must be easy to care for", then I'm thinking, maybe it's time for another doggie, and then I came around! They are so darn cute, each and every one of them! I'll post a photo of my whining weiner dog one of these days, recently lost my pomeranian welsh corgi, she was 16 1/2 yrs. old. You never get over them. I lost a dachsie 16 1/2 yrs. ago, and there are times I still get upset about it!

You are so right, Cindy. We never do get over them. They bring such a special quality to our lives but they just don't live as long as we do.

The small one is Madeline and the larger one is her daughter, Isabella. They are my babies. smiley

@Jodi I am not a dog person but I adore your dogs. My sister has one just like it and she is a protector so I cannot even pet her! Their previous dog was named precious same type but "black" and she was a sweet as her name! If I ever had a dog it would be one like yours. My biggest problem was when I took Precious on a walk and boy did she take her time....Don't think I have the patience. Thanks so much for sharing your two beautiful babies! smiley

Aww Jodi, they are really cute smiley

Love all of the photos of everyone's sweet "Fur Babies". This is Mika when she was only a couple of months old. She is an Akita and belongs to our granddaughter. They lived with us for about 3 years and we miss them both terribly.


Awww, so sweet! I would miss her too!

I adore most animals so I love all these pictures! Jessica, we also had a hamster that came when we called and he would sit in my shirt pocket. Never had another like him though. The second one used to terrify the puppy by rolling at her in its plastic ball. SO funny.

Here is Lily our miniature schnauzer. She's 16 1/2 and had 2 strokes last year so she is not as sprightly as she used to be. Her tongue is out because she has lost teeth on that side. We adore her.

She's our only domestic pet but we have a lot of wild native hedgehogs, birds, squirrels, pond goldfish and frogs in the garden that we look after and feed.

What a sweet looking dog!

Love the pics of Lily and Mika!

I have the cutest little chihuahua mix. She's such a sweet little dog and so well behaved. We just love her to death. Here she is sitting on my lap while I was working on the computer.

I also have a cute little cat. She's a munchkin breed so she's tiny. Munchkin cats have the gene for dwarfism, so she has short little legs and a big head. My friend use to call her a "low rider". Here's a paper layout I made of her quite a while ago:

And lastly, my sweet little Kinko. I had to put her to sleep last year because she developed kidney trouble and she was old (16) and wouldn't have had very good quality of life if I let her linger on. It really make me sad. She was so pretty. Here a layout I did of her:

Cat, they are all adorable. I love that your dog is on your lap at the computer. After Lily had her stroke she would not be parted from me and she had a cushion next to the keyboard. Makes for some strange keystrokes at times but so sweet! I have never heard of a munchkin cat - off to google that! I see you lost Kinki almost a year ago - so sad. They give such sweet memories, our little furry ones.

this must be my favorite thread, with all the cute fur babies! so sad when they are gone. i dread it!

any more fur baby pics? here's one of my Instagram pics of Truffles, just so this thread get bumped up!

So cute!! We can never have too many cute photos.

I am so glad you said that Marisa, although I might have gone overboard. My first try at Scrapbooking was one with my dogs, unfortunately it got ruined when the fish tank leaked and I have not got round to making another one. Going through my photographs was lovely! These are my beautiful dogs. Currently we have four: Megan, now 16: Holly now 8; Jack, now 4; and Annie just over a year.

They are all so sweet! Thanks for sharing!

awwww, your dogs are so pretty Angela smiley

Thank you. I enjoyed creating these previews so much, remembering all my precious ones and celebrating my present much loved pets.

If you go to my gallery you'll see a LO where I have a couple pictures of our dog... I still haven't gotten around to scrapping our latest siameses - they're hard to get pictures of (they run fast!).