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Angela I love them!!

This is my dog CJ, but everyone calls her "Yok," because of an old add for dog food in Australia. She's 12 now, had a birthday quite recently actually. She loves playing cricket and fetch. Unfortunately I don't see her much nowdays as I moved 2 hours away and our landlord doesn't allow pets. she lives with my parents and I miss her loads. She used to sleep in my bed

This is a photo of my two babies. They actually belong to two of my best friends but nevertheless they are my babies!
Little one is Lilly and big one is Cody.

@Lórien: I love love love that layout and the cats are stunning! What beautiful characters! You must love them to bits!

@Magdalena: I really do! Your doggies are really pretty, specially Cody smiley Here we and my friends also refer to each others pets as their own sometimes. Some friends use to come to my house to "smash kitties" lol.

@Jess: It should be really sad to be sepparated from your pet!

Sorry for the lousy quality. But Dewey was the only cat in the entire condominium compound who would dare lounge and pose in one of the statue fountains.

Hank, our black mix (he was a rescue and we're not really sure what he's mixed with because he HATES water and doesn't retrieve! LOL!):

Our stray cat who adopted us, Kitty (but technically has no name):

Love all these pics!

funny pictures ladies!

@Tina: He´s probably a Generic Shorthair, lol.
@Ad: LOL at Dewey´s pose!

He could win ANTM, Im sure of it. XP

@Lorien, yeah it's sad. I miss her every day and she's getting older now. I just landed a job near my old suburb so I might be able to visit her more often. Yay.

Yay! Sounds better, lol.

I love all your fur baby photos!! I have so many... hard to choose. (fur babies and photos) I will have to search and decide. Love them all, they are adorable.

i just got back from abroad and didn't have time to drop by while away. i'm glad to be back and delighted to see all the new cute fur baby pics!

I have three furbabies & 14 featherbabies. I love them all & can't imagine life without them.

LOL, great pic!

What a cute pets you all have! Currently we have one Irish Setter. Our Lab past away from cancer a couple of years ago. smiley
She was a rescue and we adopted her from the shelter. She would bring the newspaper in the morning and could do other things.
She was really smart and sweet. We also have two birds.

I have three spoilt furchildren. They're all Yorkies.

From left to right it's Mochaccino, Macchiata and Chocolatini. Macchiata is Chocolatini's offspring (not with Mocha, though it looks a bit like it) and she's full-grown as is, which is approximately 800 grams.

I'm a grandmother to 4 dogs and a cat, my kids are never going to have any human grandkids for me. I'd post a picture but I haven't got that far along learning this site.
Maybe later.
Love all your pictures

I have two little fur babies Cloe, and Whitey (my daughter named him her choices were tanny and whitey LOL)

Cute pics smiley

Our late orange tabby, Tigger. He developed renal failure like many older cats. He was 19 years old.I still miss him.

ok moving on no pic!!!

my girl Mia!!!

Oh there all so cute! I'll have to find some pic of my three babies to post.

Can´t wait to be able to post at the gallery here, because you can be sure to see many layouts of our fur babies. Here is my big macho boy Einstein

Maybe you wanna have a look on my pet-page @pinterest:

There are many layouts of pets we had and / or have!

There are so many cute and lovely furbabies in this thread. So I am adding a couple of layouts done of my furbaby as well. This is Bella, a little girl rescued, but not from a shelter. My daughter found her for me and she was my gift to myself for Christmas. These are the first photos my daughter took, she was quite skinny and still is scared of certain things now. Although we work slowly to try show her those things will not harm her now. She is also very good for me as well. I love her to pieces, even if she is a little scally wag that can get up to lots of naughty mischief.

Book Cover by Designs by Mozz, on Flickr
This is me and her opening her big christmas box of goodies from my daughter,son in law to be and grandchildren.

Opening Bells's Christmas present by Designs by Mozz, on Flickr

Here are my 3 Babies:)

My 10 year old mini dachshund is so cute and playful, I named her Naoko Mercury after two of my favorite singers, Naoko Yamano and Freddie Mercury smiley . She was my most loyal companion during chemotherapy (I had breast cancer in 2012), when I was feeling too sick to sleep lying down on my bed I would stay seated downstairs in the living room the whole night and she would stay awake with me smiley

Enjoying Autumn's golden mild sun.

In glorious chocolat and caramel colors.

Loyal companion smiley

We have three "kids", our pets are two domestic short haired cats, and one big, fluffy, shedding furball of a border Collie. The two cats are Moo and Tyrion, and the BC is Sophie.

Here's Sophie:

And Moo "Moocifer":

And Tyrion:

So many adorable furbabies! smiley

Here's one of the only good pictures I have of my furbaby, Sodapop. Like most cats, she enjoys being in places she shouldn't, getting fur all over everything, and annoying my mom's dog!

The dog, Winston (I call him Winnie), doesn't care about much of anything. As long as he's being petted, cuddled or allowed to sleep on you - not with you, not beside you, but on you.