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One more furbaby...Poppy. She is named for a basketball move, "pick and pop". She is now 6 years old and also does tricks.

The photo above was taken on the day I brought Poppy home. She was 5 weeks old.

This is a tribute layout I did about my kitty Louise. We just put her to sleep on the 9th. She was 18 years old.

Beautiful fur-pics!! I love seeing them all!

This is Moochie. We've had her since 2012. She found us and we decided she's a keeper. I like to say she adopted us.

Up until a few weeks ago there were 4. I first adopted Bubbles and Louie 6 years ago, and then shortly after I retired, I was asked to adopt Misty and Moe when their mom was losing her battle with cancer. I felt it an honor that she asked me to take over because she had been in Maltese Rescue for many years and fostered dozens of dogs through the years.


This is my parents pup, which I spoil rotten at lunchtime almost every day. I say puppy, but he's a 16 yo cocker spaniel.

@Angie: So sorry for your loss... We love our furbabies soooo much. We were never able to have children so they became surrogates. smiley One of ours is almost 10 and (morbid as it may be) every once in a while I think to myself... he most likely is past the 1/2 way point of his life with us. smiley

@Brenda: What kind of dog is the one in the far right of the picture? Maybe she/he looks different because of the side view? I have a Malti-Poo and a miniature poodle. (for allergies) smiley love hem sooooo much... The Maltese are very emotionally attached little buddies, aren't they. So much affection. smiley

@Jen: I can't see Moochie. smiley

@Anna: I still call ours pups all the time... and they are 7 and 9 but 9#'s and 12#'s respectively... so it probably stems from that for me.

I think I call him Pup because it goes well with his name (Petey). It just kinda rolls off my tongue (Petey Pup). I also call him other nicknames though like Peteypie/Pete-pie, or my sister's favorite nickname of him (PeteyPants).

Here are my little furbabies :)

We've taken in 2 more meezers (husband's co-worker's mom passed away & no one could take them in) so now we're up to 5!! Here's the new guys (Maui & Mischa):