Welcome to the new Pixel Scrapper!

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Welcome to the new Pixel Scrapper!

Welcome to the new and improved Pixel Scrapper! I can’t tell you how excited I am to finally invite you to join me in this new and improved space.

Ever since I switched from paper to digital scrapbooking, about 3 years ago, I’ve been dreaming about a site that combines a community experience with easy access to all the wonderful digital scrapbooking products and information out there, with simple and straightforward licensing. My background in web design gave me lots of ideas when I was browsing around in the early days trying to figure out what this thing called “digital scrapbooking” was. There were so many talented people trying to answer that question, but I was often frustrated by my inability to find them, with everyone seemingly lurking in their own special corner of the web, hoping that I might stumble upon them.

I was also intimidated when trying to navigate through all the different licenses and limitations imposed by various designers. Of course no one wants their work to be stolen, or abused, but reading through lists of complicated restrictions generally made me feel like I was already a guilty criminal, which meant that I rarely ended up purchasing anything, for fear that I might forget how I was allowed to use it! All this is to say that at Pixel Scrapper I am committed to keeping the licensing as simple and freeing as I possibly can. (I’ll have more to say on this subject in the future, and I’d love to hear your ideas, but I don’t want to hijack the welcome, so stay tuned.)

I’ve got big plans for Pixel Scrapper: what you’re seeing now is only the barest skeleton of my dream. If you used the old site a lot, this one probably won’t strike you as terribly different, but it’s been rebuilt under the hood, which will allow it to change and grow into the future. The main differences as of now are:

  1. A new look, designed to be very minimalistic, so all your attention can go to the designs and layouts themselves.
  2. A vastly improved search experience. Try it out, and see for yourself!
  3. A site that is hopefully faster loading and more responsive (there’s a new server in place making everything go).
  4. Site forums, where we can get to know each other!
  5. A site that is now membership-based, meaning that you need to create an account and log in to download things, or comment. This will allow you to have much more control over your experience here now and into the future. For instance, one feature that you’ll notice right away is the ability to “heart” things, which will add designs and layouts to a personal list of bookmarks that you can browse in your profile. In the future you’ll be able to do a whole lot more!

I don’t want this welcome to go too long, as I’ll stop there for now. I’ll be posting about my future plans for the site right here in these forums, so stay tuned. For now, set up a profile, download some designs, try out a tutorial, browse through the layout gallery, introduce yourself in these forums, and make yourself at home! If you have any feedback, please post it here.

That, as we enjoy great advantages from the inventions of others, we should be glad of an opportunity to serve others by any invention of ours; and this we should do freely and generously.” -- Benjamin Franklin

Hiya Marisa, so excited to be a part of this Beta Testing. Been a fan for a long while and happy to be a part. I love your designs and also love to help out. If you need help with anything, let me know. My email: sassygirlandi(at)gmail(dot)com

Off to a fabulous start! How exciting! I expected no less, and can't wait for you to see your dreams unfold smiley

Thanks everyone!

I am really enjoying the new look, it is already much simpler and easier smiley I am just starting going through it but am liking it alot so far smiley

This is such an amazing site, love the new look and much more efficient than the old one! so glad i'm part of the family here! i think it's gonna be great!!! smiley

Thanks everyone!

A few days ago I tried to visit the site (I use to come once a week) and what did I see? Oh no... is not working!... I felt like WHAT!!?? ... I'm so glad the site is ok now and even better in its new BETA version. Congrats...

Beautiful site. Thanks fot all the beautiful stuff.
Greets from Holland!

Love the new layout and the community ties! Such a great idea! smiley

The site is great... I love the new look and much more efficient than the old one!

I love this format. Awesome way to interact

Thanks everyone! I'm so glad everyone is loving it!

Love the new site and all of your designs thankyou for sharing

I like this site, looks great

I like the new site, too, though I'm just starting to learn my way around it. A creature of habit, I'm not always happy about change, but so far so good (huge compliment there).

I did notice that 'heart' thing you mentioned, but don't understand what it is quite yet. Is it something that I should do when I like something? Like I'm rating it? Or is it just something for me to keep track of what I like? Or what? I admit I'm a bit under the weather (battling pneumonia), so maybe I'm not grasping it because of that.

Keep up the good work!

I have just started looking around, but I am loving the site so far.

@Lizanne: I'm glad we didn't scare you off with the new design. I know pretty much no one likes change. My rule on the internet when a site changes is to use it for a week before I complain. We are such creatures of habit!

As for the hearts, I don't think we have a specific idea for how you can use them. You can see all the things you've "hearted" so it's a good way to keep track of things. It also affects the "popularity" of an item when it's ranked on the site. In the future we'll have a list function which will probably be an easier way for you to keep track of certain things, and I think we had it more in mind to be used as a "feel good" for the designer, an easy way for people to show their support.

I am fairly new here but the site seems very easy to use and navigate so I think the beta testing is going well.

It is really beautifull, it is really different from the old site, but here is so much more possible.

A wonderful concept...I love it! Different from any other experienced in the scrapping world. Thanks for such forward thinking.

Thanks guys!

Loving the new changes.

Great job on the new site! I especially love the new way to download..so much faster! Thanks for all your hard work!

I have had a chance to play around on the site, and my opinion hasn't changed. I love it. Great job Marisa and Jordan!

I love the new look it seems much more efficient than the old one!

Congratulations on the new site and taking the next step to fulfilling your dream of having a site that will combine community experience with easy access to all of the product and information out there. I hope everything comes together as you hope in the next stages. The beta seems cool so far. smiley

Thanks for the hard work you done with the Site much faster and easier to get around

This is my first day here so I can't compare it to anything but I think it looks great!

Your changes look great. I've been here before the changes awhile ago, but had forgotten how I got here. Then I found you again after changed to this beta testing. So far so good! smiley
I'm looking forward to exploring more and getting to know you. I'm ready to go to bed now so I'll have to start that another day, though. Just wanted to say hi and good job!

Thanks everyone!


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