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hi, Marisa, i just found your site and i thought i'd let you know that i'm trying to find a post for beginners which explains how the site works so that i know how to participate.

Love your new site! Very unique! Thanks for your beautiful designs, inspiration, templates, and generosity!

@Peggy: You can try the Support pages, although I confess that they are a bit of a mess right now. We are working on that!

Love the new and improved site. Easy to navigate. Luv your designs Marisa and thank you so much for your generosity in freely sharing your creative talents with us. How does one make a donation?

Love the changes. Very unique idea with the Download Credits. Congrats on the new site.

@Steffie: I saw this post about donating from a few weeks ago, although I don't remember exactly what it said... I think it's still a work in progress, right now. smiley

Seems like every day this site gets BETTER and BETTER! Love all of the new stuff!

I glad I stumbled upon you site. I have it at the top of my Forum Bookmark list!

I love the concept of this site. It's a totally new idea, something I haven't seen before anyway, and I'm loving it. It's a pleasure to be a part of your "beta" testing. Keep it up girl. smiley smiley

love your page!! ... i previously donated to you via paypal before it all changed smiley
you have done a great job will recommend to everyone!!

This is really neat! I like what you've done, and look forward to using this site as a reference and building block for my digital scrap booking journey! Thanks!

Thanks everyone! I'm glad you're liking the new feel!

Hi Marisa smiley
Please guide me smiley
I'm little scrapper, 10 y.o
Female smiley
I want to learn with you!
Thx! smiley

Hi Nurul! You can start by introducing yourself here.

new to your site, love the look so far. still learning to navigate.

I was so excited for the girls to go to sleep tonight so I could cruise through the new site. So far I'm loving it! It's fantastic that you're going for a community feel vs. just a place where people can get freebies. Fantastic work! smiley

I am enjoying coming to this site. People are friendly and I find it very easy to move around the site! Thanks to everyone who does what it takes to keep this site running smoothly and making it a fun place to visit!!

I have never "joined" anything on the internet before. I really, really, really need the basic diamond template for a school project. When I Googled a quest for one your site came up and the template was perfect - exactly what I was looking for! But I don't know how to "get" it. I clicked on the download button but the rest that followed was so Greek to me I couldn't figure how to access it; in fact, I couldn't find the grid again - couldn't get back to the initial page. I don't do Facebook, Twitter or any of that stuff - I'm very simple and down home basic - just trying to get what I need. Please tell me how I can obtain a printed copy of your diamond grid template that first appeared on your site when I first opened your it. That's all I want - so close but unattainable...

Thanks - Kathy Van Deusen ([email protected])

Hi Kathy! I'm afraid I need a bit more information about what you're trying to do. If you could post the link of the item your trying to download that would be helpful. Also, you can try this page for info on opening downloaded files. If you need any further help, please post in the SUPPORT FORUM and be sure to read our FORUM GUIDELINES.

Fabulous job on the site, Marisa & Jordan. It's minimally lovely, very fast and so easy to use. What a great idea to have the smiley feature as well. Loved reading about your philosophy on terms of use too.

Congrats on living your 'dream'. I'm a newbie and hope to learn the best way to utilize this site.

Love this site!! Easily accessible/great organization + quick and free downloads = aMaZiNg!!

I just joined about two minutes ago. Looking forward to finding my way around and possibly uploading some of my layouts.

Love the site. Thanks so much for all of the beautiful options.

Just getting acquainted with the new format. Love it so far! Great work, thanks so much!

nice website! thanks!

I love it! Your kits and designs are amazing and the tutorials are fun and informational!!! I can't wait to get my first LO up on the Gallery!

Sounds good. I just found you a couple weeks ago now.
I like the site and the clean interface.
Seems like everyone here is nice and helpful too.
Thanks for having me.

Wow! Amazing! So many things here... I don't know where to start smiley Thanks.

I love your site, your designs and every thing going on!!! Thanks for your beautiful designs!


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