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I adore this site. It is the first place that I have felt a sense of community. I also love the talent here. It is the first scrapbook site that I want to visit every day and read the forums! Thank you for making this such an amazing place.

I also love this site and I am a traditional scrapper. Is there anyone else that scraps traditionally all the time or mixes the two?

Hi I'm new to the site and hoping to figure out this digital thing! So far I'm totally overwhelmed, but I've got a nice collections of items if I ever do figure this out!

Welcome Karla! Let us know how we can help you!

Loving the site! Keep it up!

I agree. This may be my go to site everyday for inspiration, freebies, and chat. Loving it so far!

The site looks great although I am new here and this is the only format I have seen I have been to other forums and this one is super easy to navigate. Thanks

I agree, this is the only scrapping site I regularly come to. I do both traditional and didgi scrapping.

I'm new here and still finding my way around... I can't compare the old site with the new one, but so far what I see is super!

I am a traditional scrapper too, but am thinking of mixing things up a bit to speed things along smiley

This site is so very awesome - thanks for allowing me to join.


This site is AMAZING - thank you for following your dream and for creating such a fabulous site smiley

This web sight is easy to use and find what you are looking for. You can brows by color, bundles, kit, embellishments all in the same place.
No more searching for digital scrapbooks supplies. THIS IS THE ONE AND OLNY BEST WEB SIGHT FOR DIGITAL SCRAPBOOKING!!!

I really love this sight, Marisa I did not realise you were the founder and designer, clever girl, such beautiful work with such attention to detail. I love the fact that each come with a template so we can try our own had at design if we wish to. I have been designing papers to use with some of the montages I am working on, it is really fun.
Thank you for all your inspiration.

Thanks everyone!

I love the papers and the tutorials they really give you inspiration and make you want to try new things

i really love everything about this page, is very easy to use and find what im looking for.. it's hard not to stop by everyday smiley

I think that this is a great site. Very interactive and has an impressive layouts!

love this site, have been enjoying for a while now

I like the site.. easy to look around. Thanks. smiley

Interesting format...getting ready to look around!

I am new to PS so don't know what the old site was like but I love it the way it is now! It is very user friendly and really makes you feel part of something. I am looking forward to seeing how you develop in the future.

I am very happy to meet me to this group of scrapbooking, I hope to learn a lot here

I am very happy and excited to create things with the kits here I hope I can do many beautiful things

I have been into digital scrapping since about 2005, but I am new to this site. Interesting concept and I like it. I have been frustrated with the TOUs out there that are so confusing like "no credit required," then in the next paragraph it will say, "don't claim as your own." If you don't give the designer credit, then it appears that you are claiming it as your own. I am glad Pixel Scrapper has worked to make the TOU clearer. I have been browsing and have seen some very nice products. Thank you for this site.

I love this site, easy to navigate, everything is so super easy to find, I am quite impressed smiley

Hello Marisa, so lovely to meet you and I agree about all the licenses I am so happy on how clear you wording is and how laid back your TOU's are. I am so thrilled you made this group the first day I was leery about your group but I made myself come back today to explore and learn the layout so to speak and I spent the last few hours here LOL Thank you again for the lovely group I love it here!!

I also adore this site, I have been trying to get to grips with digital scrapping for about 6 month and all the TOUs were so confusing for me as I forget things easily so this site Is number 1 site to come to for both help and inspiration and to be truthful the education also. Thank you very much.

soexcited to be here, looking great so far

Welcome everyone! Thanks so much for saying hello!


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