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I love the site. It's really easy to use, and lots of fantastic content. Could spend literally hours here, but then hubby might not like it too much if the house was always a mess... hehehe!

I love this Thank you for sharing your talent with all of us smiley

Beautiful site.I'am liking it alot so far.



Wonderful place. I've been looking around and there's something for everyone and everything. You people are just totally amazing, the admins, the designers, the contributors, ... everyone! smiley I'm very happy I've found this place.

Hi, Marisa! smiley

I'm so happy to be here and want to thank you for your hard work and dedication. This place is amazing! smiley
I stumbled upon this wonderful place when visiting a Blog and so happy I did. xox
I have a lot to learn, and I desperately want to learn. smiley

( I love that Quote by Benjamin Franklin.. Thank you for sharing that. )

Hugs, Bee xox

I am so thrilled by all the freebies that have been so generously posted!! HUGE THANKS to all!!

Hey Marisa! I am new here, but the site looks great! Thank you for founding such an awesome place...and I agree some of the licensing rules just make my head spin.

Marisa, thank you so much for making this website, this is the best digiscrapbooking forum/website on the web!

I tried other forums before and some of them have some shady hierarchy system that is just unattainable, I left some messages around, I even did some deep research for a member who had a question and never got any reply from anybody smiley

I love what you and your husband are doing here, besides having a smart community points system and a website that works and is really well programmed, you make us feel welcomed and part of this talented bunch.

Thank you Marisa and thank you to all the designers for your generosity with the non brainer licensing rules.


Thanks Daniela!

Thank you for creating such an awesome community! I'm excited to dive in and participate smiley

This site is amazing!!! Greetings from Greece!

This site is fun and easy to navigate through... thanks! I do like the "heart" feature. It is easy to use and so nice to know I can easily find the things I love again when I am ready to shop. Searching is also easy! I am in heaven when browsing here!

Many thanks for making suck a great, user friendly, community oriented site. I am totally enjoying being just a small part of it.

"I rarely ended up purchasing anything, for fear that I might forget how I was allowed to use it! "
You said it so well, Marisa. For me even the freebie one find on the web.

Thank you for your site!

Hi Marisa, I am new to the digital scrapbook world and I look forward to seeing all of your designs I love your work.

I also spend hours on this site.

Welcome! Glad to know I'm not the only one who spends hours here smiley

I love this site and it is has been extremely helpful! I am curious why I need a certain number of points to upload a layout?

Katherine: We just want to be sure people are part of the community before they jump into uploading layouts. Welcome!

I just wanted to say, the idea of this site is fantastic!

Each day, you get a DC's (like you're playing a mini game) to use as prizes, cause sometimes you just want some "paper"! You can chat with others about scrapbook things (because your significant other is usually clueless about embellishments) as well as layout designs.

I can't tell you how many times, I've sat at the computer going "I should try to make something-- what about a paper or embellishment?" or "Should I put that on the left side or the right side?" Perfection seems to get the best of me! Often you get so frustrated, you just walk away from it all, only to keep thinking about for a day or two. So to have support and a few new embellishments to download, should help us all when the creative block hits us!

Thank you so much!!!

Thanks Katherine!

Nice look. Great job

thanks for this wonderful site! recently my hubby started to continue his studies and he also does a part time job so i was left lonely at home. i joined pixel scrapper and i m excited to be a part of it.....waiting to mix a little and then make new layouts and share them in my gallery smiley

this site is not just ur dream but ours too smiley

I have only just started on this website but like what I see so far and am very excited to see more. Thank you!

This is a really cool page and community. I am happy that i found it accidently smiley

I'm loving this site, it's great!