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This site looks so much easier to use than the other place I was at. They had some very nice kits and bundles but they were very pricey so I had to wait for the sales. This place is easier to download kits for poor people - families on very limited incomes such as my family is on. Thank you for the direct credits and the community points!!

I plan on doing the 100 projects (in 100 days) for 2019 - starting in April - so I am busy downloading kits in preparation. I have mapped out more than half my pages already - basically doing each year of my life so far - plus my other interests, hobbies and favourites. That is what scrapbooking is all about, isn't it? Preserving the memories!! I cannot wait to get started. smiley

I have already discovered a favourite designer - her bundles match my likes very closely. Many of the kits I download have been from her bundles.

Thank you for creating this site. It is definitely different with gaining "points" for each activity. I can't wait to get started!

I think my most favorite thing here, when it comes to downloads, is the commercial use license. I make A LOT of things for the two schools I work for. I don't make any money off of the graphics, but I love not having to run around all over the place getting permission to use elements.

I'm so happy that I found this site again. The designs here are wonderful and I'm anxious to meet some more digital scrappers.

Welcome back! Grandchildren make a great subject to scrapbook, I bet.

Yes, they do - I rarely lack for pictures and I have a dog, too. LOL

I am so glad I stumbled across this site. I am having so much fun! Thank you all for the great stuff!

I am confused. You keep talking about a new site - I assume this is a different site from where I am typing this?

I am already a patron, paying for unlimited downloads.

So is there a link in those emails I am receiving that gets me to this new beta site or am I misreading it?



@Roynne: This post was first made 7 years ago, when we launched this site smiley I guess it's time to update this post.


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