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Download Credits simplified/lowered

In response to feedback, we've simplified (and lowered) the number of download credits required to download something.

All assets now require 1 DC for personal use, or 2 DC for commercial use.

All templates now require 2 DC for personal use, or 3 DC for commercial use.

Again, these numbers probably aren't final. We're going to have to see how things go. But we definitely want to allow people to download as much as possible.

EDIT: We have also decided to change the "price" of Templates with an attached PSD file to 3 DC for personal use and 5 DC for commercial use. This simply seemed to make sense, given the fact that templates with attached PSD files are generally much larger and more elaborate than PNG templates, and they consequently cost more to host and transfer.

For an up-to-date list of DC cost, please see the download credits support page.

thank you thank you thank you! smiley

yeah thank you!!! smiley

I noticed a few were lower when I logged in this morning. Thank you. That will make it easier to collect some additional pieces for a LO.
Thanks again.


Thank you!

It's nice to know that there are set numbers based on what it is because that way I can figure out what I will be allowed without clicking on each individual item to find out.

Thank you! This site is amazing! You are so generous!

Question for you.... When do the download credits re-set for you every day?
Is it 24 hours from your last visit? Or midnight of that day?

The reason I ask, is the site is saying I have '0' DC's tonight & I expected the DC's would be refreshed today (used up yesterdays DC's last night). Is this a glitch or what?

The Download Credits get reset between midnight - 5am GMT (starting about 9pm your time). They should always get reset within a 24 hour period. So if you use up all your credits, they should always be reset within 24 hours (or before).

I'm new. Can you save up your credits, or do you need to use them each day. Also, when I logged in today, it's showing four instances of me losing community points. What did I do to lose them? Thanks for your help. smiley

I'm a bit confused... I'm EST, not GMT... so does that mean 7pm EST?

There is a thread if you are losing community points (this shouldn't happen). Go HERE to report the issue. Marisa or Jordan will fix that for you. The download credits reset every night so they do not accumulate. So you will need to use them every day.

Lol...lizanne, I did the same thing. I am in EST also and my points reset sometime between 3-6 pm. I haven't pinpointed the exact time because I don't check until after work which is usually after 7 pm. On the weekend, it seems like I noticed they were reset earlier than 6 pm.

Thanks, Tina... smiley

@C Gervais: You shouldn't be getting minus community points, and when I checked your account you didn't seem to have on record. Remember that the DC will be subtracted when you download something (this shows up at the top of the site next to your profile picture) and your community points can be viewed on your profile page under your picture and accumulate and never go negative. I know it's a bit confusing to have two sets up numbers, but hopefully once you work with the system a little it will make sense.

For more info check out the support pages.


I have wondered if you might be being a bit generous with the credits. I understand the difference between personal and commercial use which seems fine to me but I did wonder if the following might reflect the work you have put in better.

Please remember I am saying this with very little experience but and I right in think the following:

PSD Template most work
Overlays very adaptable (can be used in a number of ways)
Assets - Add on extras

Would this be right - work/time taken to create?

If yes - then for personnel use I would have thought

PSD = 3
Overlay = 2
Assets = 1

Thank you

Thank you

Awesome!!! That means more goodies to download & play with. smiley

Thank this is awesome;)

I really appreciate that I can get CU papers here. I do not know how to make them myself, and the point system works well for me. I make paper scrapbooks, so these papers are great to fill in a missing page that I just don't have the right thing for! I also appreciate that many of the papers come with matching set titles, so it is easy to find other matching papers as they are released. THANK YOU SO MUCH for providing this site!

thank you, I think this is a very good way of working,

thank you !!! so excited to use my credits!

Thanks for your generosity. I think your system is amazing. It's like Christmas everytime those download credits refresh!

Great! Thank you!


Why did you change the amount of DC/download?

You mean for commercial use templates, I presume? That was an accident actually... they should be back to 3 DC.

Thank you! Love your site! How do I convert community points to DC?