Gallery Now Open to Limited # of Users

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Gallery Now Open to Limited # of Users

EDIT: Gallery submission is now open to everyone. See this post

Great news, we've got the gallery up and running and we're looking for a few people who would be willing to upload some layouts and help us work out the bugs. Once the system has been tested, we'll open the gallery to more people, but for now we just need to make sure it's working. Things may not go so smoothly at the beginning, so be prepared. We'll work on improving different aspects of the gallery once we know it's working.

If you'd like to apply, first make sure you fit the following criteria:

  1. Filled out profile, including first and last name, profile picture and about me (please read the exact requirements).
  2. Have a least 25 community points.

If those are both true for you, leave a comment here and we'll work on adding the feature to your account.

**Note: Uploading layouts to the gallery will give your more community points.

Hi Marisa, I´d like to take part. Well, to be perfectly honest, I´m nervous about sharing layouts as only my family and close friends have seen my creations but I figure I should bite the bullet at some point.

I'd like to participate. I enjoyed being a part of the beta team!

Add me as well please

I would love to participate.

Papers and assets must be yours or of our creation?

Can we post layouts with assets from other designers (e.g. layouts created as part of a CT)?

Yes, add me too please.

You can add any layouts you'd like, not necessarily just ones with Pixel Scrapper assets. Of course, I'd love to see how people have been using my designs, so don't be shy!

Just a note: we're working on a system that will make linking any Pixel Scrapper assets and templates that you use to your layout easy, but that's a little ways away at this point.

We'll send you a note once we get the new gallery feature added to your account.

I would like to help too!

Thanks everyone for your willingness to help us get the community gallery started! I have updated all of your accounts to allow you to upload layouts. Just go to your profile page and click on "Upload Layout" under the "Designer Tools" drop-down. Here's a screenshot: .

You'll notice that you also have a new link on your profile page for your gallery: all of your layouts will be displayed there, as well as in the site-wide gallery. (Note that it may take up to a few hours for uploaded layouts to show up in the galleries and in site search.)

Soon you'll have a couple more links available under designer tools, where you'll be able to get statistics on your layouts (how many views, hearts, etc.), and also see the most recent comments that people have left on your layouts. Stay tuned!

If you experience any trouble, or anything is unclear about the upload process, just let us know!

If you're still in need I can also help smiley

I uploaded a couple layouts, (I think) I filled in all of the required fields but when I go to my gallery to make sure I didn't miss anything this is what I get:
Check if your spelling is correct, or try removing filters.
Remove quotes around phrases to match each word individually: "blue drop" will match less than blue drop.
You can require or exclude terms using + and -: big +blue drop will require a match on blue while big blue -drop will exclude results that contain drop.
I also noticed when I hit preview (before I saved) I was given community points. Then when I saved it, the message appeared that I have ## community points....I just couldn't remember what I had before I saved so I don't know if it gave me more points or not. Just wanted to point that out.

Now I see the LO's on the home page but it shows I uploaded one of them do I remove one of them?

I uploaded 2 layouts and it seem to be working. Tomorrow I will try to post one that I made using a template. Like Tina, I can´t see my galery, but them seem to be uploaded well smiley

I'm not ready to join the gallery yet... Haven't moved all my files/programs over from my old pc yet, but once I do I might be interested also... Do you get your own personal gallery? And are your layouts linked to your username? (hope I'm not asking something you already provided info. for)

Great layouts everyone! Thanks for testing it out for us. I look forward to seeing more!

Great layouts! Thanks everyone!

Because of how indexing works, it may take a few hours before uploaded layouts show up in the site-wide gallery, and also in your personal galleries--I'm working on a fix that will let the designer see a real-time list of layouts they have uploaded.

@Renate: Please fill out your full name and the "about me" section of your profile if you would like to upload layouts. Check out the requirements here, and let us know if you disagree with them, or have any feedback.

@Lizanne: Yes, each designer gets their own personal gallery (eg you can see Tina's here). And yes, the layouts are linked to your profile. See one of Lórien's layouts here, for example.

I will do that, only I am leaving for a mini break. So this have to wait.

oooh sounds fun! Add me to the list, i'd love to share some layouts if you guys are still needing testers!!!

Mines are already appearing smiley ty

Thank you, Jordan! smiley

I think I have requirements wanted, can I have access to the galery? Thank you

Are you guys still looking for testers? I'd love to share some of my layouts in the gallery... I logged in again this evening to check but I don't see any new access privilege, unless i'm looking the wrong area...

@Jaclyn, Delphine: you can now upload layouts. Sorry I was a bit slow there...

I'd like to be a part of gallery too...

im pretty new to all of this but i would like to be part of it too

Awesome! Thank you so much Jordan! I'll upload some when I get off work today! smiley

I will help share some layouts too... if you still need testers, lmk! I will pull out my external hard drive where I keep mine if you say yes. Thanks for your consideration. smiley

I'd like to upload layouts please.

I've got a couple things to sort out for the layouts, so I'm not ignoring your requests, but just working on a few things. I'll let you know when I've added you.

I like to be added aswell smiley


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