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Thank you, Marisa!

I would love access to upload to the Gallery, please.

Thank you!


sounds great Marisa! thanks for the update smiley

I would love to be added too, although it seems like there's already a lot of testers available...

Hi Marisa and Jordan - I'd love to be added to upload to the gallery -- thanks!

I would like to be able to add layouts to the gallery.

I know you are busy, but since I can't upload to the gallery yet, I still wanted to share a couple of layouts where I've used the Bedouin Nights kit. I posted them on Pinterest here:
I'll say that most of my layouts are loaded with photos - and I usually design in spreads.

Wondering if it is ok to upload as spreads, or if they need to be single pages?
I'll try to add them to this post using image location from pinterest:

Great layout! Thanks for sharing.

I usually upload mine as spreads if they are (I tag them as "double layout" so people can search for that). Should we have some special handling of this in the gallery?

Thanks, Marisa! Maybe add "double layout" to the filters on the left side of the gallery? Here is another one I did late last night (double layout):

I uploaded a layout using one of the templates, to test how it goes. On the box to browse the templates I need to put the exact name of the file "layout template 178" for it to recognize. I think that, if its possible, should be nice if browsing just for the number, or the collection (Zagreb, in the case of the template I used) to link it should be better.

WOW! It's so exciting to be part of something that is just getting started. I'd very much like to join the new gallery when you get back to adding folks. Thank you!

Sorry if I'm out of place with this, but...

As I design more than I scrap at the moment, I don't need access to upload to the Gallery - yet! But if any of you would like to see some of my layouts, you are more than welcome to drop by "My Gallery" on my blog.

In the top menu of the blog you will also find a link to "Your Gallery", where I post my visitors' layout, and you are of course welcome to have your layouts posted as well, should you want to.


I Would love to share my layouts with you. May i join please?

Whenever you add new people to the gallery, I'd like to be included!!!

How are the Gallery approvals coming along? Anxious to participate in the challenges! LOL.

@Sunny: Haha! We haven't forgotten! It's on the todo, at the top. Hopefully soon we'll be ready to go!

@Kristi: I just need you to add a last name to your profile. If you want to move YaYa there, that's totally fine.

Everyone else, you now have gallery access, even Trine who didn't want it smiley I think it should be rather straight-forward, but if you need help, check out this quick tutorial.

The only thing that is different from the usual is the "template reference." In this space you may link to a layout template from Pixel Scrapper, just type in the title.

Also don't forget, you can tag it with the kit tag so it shows up with the kit (if applicable) (see the Kits pages for details).


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