Community Points Glitch???

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Community Points Glitch???


There seems to be a glitch somewhere here in the beginning. I believe I understand this correctly, but I could be wrong so I'll be probably overly detailed. smiley

Points (you can earn) -- Interaction -- Points (I actually earned)
10 -- Completely filling out your profile, including first and last name, about me, and uploading a profile picture. -- 9 ???
10 -- Linking to Pixel Scrapper from your blog or website. Just let us know after you create the link. -- 10
2 ea -- Every reply you post in the forums. (posted 3x NOT including this post see attached photo) -- 6

So if I understand right I should have 26 points before this post and I only have 25... I blurred my face and name since I uploaded to imgur. smiley

I'm am 95% positive it was the profile where it happened. Hope this was enough info for you to work on it. smiley Thanks!

Thank you Shawna for your helpful and detailed report smiley . You are correct, there was an error with the points regarding your profile: I incorrectly assigned one point to the "other software you use" category, even though someone might reasonably leave that field blank. I have now fixed the issue by assigning to points to the profile picture, so people will receive the correct 10 points in future.

Thanks for helping me fix this: I'm going to give you 5 community points as a bonus smiley

Thanks Jordan! My community points are right now... and thanks for the little bonus! smiley