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Missing Points

Not sure if this is the right place to post this but...

I have a total of 7 points to use each day.

Today I downloaded 2 templates = total of 4 points used. However, I went to download a third and I am told I only have one point left today - I don't think I have done anything wrong to cause this.

Hi Mary, sorry to hear about the problem. Are you sure your credits had replenished since the last day? You can see the number of download credits you have in the upper right-hand corner of the site, to the left of your profile picture when you log in. Please check the number of credits that you have, and check how the number changes with each download. If a download changes that number more than it should, please reply here linking to the item in question.

The problem has nothing to do with how many credits I held the day before. I do check how my points number as they are used. If I had pressed the download link twice I could understand it.

It is the first time I have had a problem with the system which is why I thought I should mention it. They worked alright today. If it happens again I will let you know.

Maybe it was just a serve blip.

I just discovered something... If I try to download something I already have (didn't remember downloading this paper), and then click 'Cancel' because my folder said I already have that filename, the DC's are still deducted. smiley

i thought the same think happened to me last night lizanne but i wasn't sure... but because i use Chrome... the download came up paperNoBlah(1).jpg so I knew right away i must have already hit download earlier. I hit cancel and though uhhmmm my points came off anyways, but since it was so late and i'm a little tired i thought maybe i'm wrong. hee, hee -- maybe the cancel can't register in the system since we already click ok, start download???

@Shawna - that's probably the case. But, yes, it did subtract the download credit for that one paper.

Heart the things you get, so you don't get them again.

i've actually started making sure i post a comment, a thanks and what i like most about it for Marisa's encouragement for her kindness to us and also... if i'm unsure at a future date because it's in my hearts (i don't have to [un]heart it later) but i'll know i got it because i commented on it. smiley

I'm hoping to implement a feature soon that will tell you if you have already downloaded something.

Regarding canceling your download, you can cancel when the Pixel Scrapper confirmation comes up:

Unfortunately, once you click "start download" the link is passed to your browser, and it is no longer possible to get your download credits back, even if you click your browser's "cancel" button:

Unfortunately I can't tell if I've downloaded something already until I click on 'Start Download.'
C'est la vie, I guess... Can't wait until you are able to implement that feature you were talking about - that will make things easier for sure. smiley

ditto to lizanne... i guess i really did lose 2 credits then, and wasn't just sleep deprived -- LoL
looking forward to everything your doing Jordan! Thanks for all your solutions you are tweaking.

What if my credits dont show up...at all? Typically they roll over at 6pm (for some reason), and I havent downloaded anything today and i have none! ;[

@Cipriana: the credits don't roll over exactly at the same time every day. Sometimes they might update an hour or two later than you would expect. Hoping to rectify this in the future. If your credits really don't update at all over a 26 hour + period, please let me know.

I didn't realize it wasn't every 24 hours exactly either... I missed my points the other day. I used to notice them around 6:30 my time zone, then one day (Saturday I think they were there at 8:30) I assumed that it was due to some coding prep for the time change on Saturday night and so Sunday I didn't go back until 8:00 I used my points that were there quickly thinking they were getting ready to expire in a few minutes around 8:30. Only to discover they must have been my points for the Sunday because I never saw them renew again until Monday night.

Yeah, sorry about the confusion... will try to improve the system soon...

Hi! I was reading through this thread earlier, and waited the 26+ hours since my last download, I downloaded yesterday at around 4, I have yet to receive my credits for today. Thanks!