Add PowerPoint to available software on profile page [implemented]

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Add PowerPoint to available software on profile page [implemented]

Howdy! I was just updating my profile and when I approached the software part, the software I use was not mentioned. I use PowerPoint. Is that like really weird? Hehehe...I actually have Photoshop, but OMG! I tried using it a few times, but I couldn't even get a picture inserted! I also tried iscrap, but ugh...I took a course on PP at university ages ago and I'm just too comfy with it I guess. I'm no computer whiz and I just can't seem to discipline myself to teach myself a new program. I realize there are limitations with PP and I should grow out of it. I've only been digital scrapping a few months as well. Not only that, but my version is in Dutch and I have not exactly mastered this language yet so I don't even understand half of the stuff. Am I mess or what?! Hehehe....

Most programs allow you to preset your language as well as the language of your computer. Use the control panel to find the language icon.

If you purchase software online and download it. This will allow you to select the language, instead of settling for what is sold you your area.

Thanks Lisa for mentioning that. We'll add it to the list.

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Done: PowerPoint is now an option for software used.