Beginner 1: Photoshop Workspace

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thanks that was sorta helpful. my guardian confirmed i dont have a program for digital scrapbooking yet, but will help me find a free one if i can get recommend that bit more recent. (he's not always patient with my craft things) smiley i dont know computers and the links were 4 yrs old, what free programs are there now that are good but not too hard to learn? any help is very thanked for.

@Tamra: I've started a new thread for you just about free programs. You can also browse here, although this has has both free and paid software listed. Let us know what you end up using.

thank you, i will get back to you.

I decided since I was learning all kinds of things I would have liked to have known years ago from individual tutorials, that I would go through your beginner series. You never know what simple thing might save me tons of time. I've been using PS for at least 20 years-- for small home projects -- without classes and i learned this week that B and E would take me to brush and eraser. DOH! Thank you!

No matter how long I use Photoshop, there's always something I've missed!

I know Paint Shop Pro quite well and have used it for over 15 year. I'm really wanting to learn PS and have the program now so I'm VERY excited to see tutorials for very new beginners! TYVM for posting so much info for PS Marisa and any others I've forgotten.

That is very useful information!